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July 13, 2012 # 9

Hamrac is the Hot Shoe in the Modifieds

od drivers such s you all know origipeople are very Stheome superstitious of Friday Anally we had the Mas points leader 13th and to others TBARA Winged Sprints Donnie Hamrac, Chris it’s just another day. Some people want to just stay home and not take any chances, while the “CRAZY and BRAVE” do things you would never imagine. Let’s take our General Manager Tim Bryant for example. Very down to earth and kinda laid back, most would say this guy is not the type to test the waters on Friday the 13th. If you feel this way then you don’t know him like I do. onight Friday, THE TBarred” 13TH, is the “No Holds open wheeled

Modifieds and Motorcycles. Now how CRAZY is that?? I always claimed to be the bravest because I got married on a Friday the 13th, but now I think he has me beat.

on the schedule, but an Cotto, Scooter Grice, agreement was made to Korey Ruble, and a host cancel due to a possible of others will be shootlow car count. It’s that ing for the “BIG MONEY” in the extra distance time of year when Modified feature. racer’s funds are a little low and torn up race cars he Bombers and are sitting in their Sportsman are shops. TBARA also competcould only guaring tonight. We antee us around return on July 12 cars so their Donnie Hamrac 27th with the President and Bryant Allen Turner Pro Late agreed it would be best Model Race #3 and just to reschedule at a later two weeks following that date. Both parties did not will be our Demo Derby, want to disappoint our along with Sportsman, fans. Modifieds and Bombers. This will also be United on’t feel short Cerebral Palsy night. changed because we promise to give you your or information on monies worth with the upcoming events join Modifieds and Motorcycles. Let’s see if anyone us on “In The Groove can beat Pensacola’s own TV”, every other Tuesday “Two Wheel Wonder”, Rob night on BLAB/TV at 8:00 McClendon. See page 2. pm, or EVERY Wednesday on our ESPN Radio show at 6:00 pm on 1450/AM.




National Anthem

By Chuck Corder Eglin AFB

Emily Albaugh, Navarre

July 27th PLM 100 #3, SS, SP, B Aug 10th UCP Nite, Sportsmen, Bombers,Mods Faster Pastor Race, DEMO DERBY Aug 24th PLM 100 #4, SP, B Sept 21st Blizzard Series #5, SS, SP, B Sept 29th PLM 100 #5, MODs, SP, B Rick Crawford in Victory Lane. Rick Nov 17th Snowball Derby Preview Nov 28th- Dec 2nd Snowball Derby

Terry Watson 1961-2012

Terry was a long time member of our technical team. Terry excelled in the inspection of engines and carburetors, and a fun guy to be around. He lost his battle with Cancer 2 weeks ago. Our sincere condolences to his wife Mary..

Rob McLendon loves seeing life play out before him. The 29-year-old wasn’t a glint in his parents eyes when his father, Robert McLendon Jr., and grandfather, Robert Sr., opened a motorcycle repair shop in West Pensacola. Now, as a main cog in the D&D Cycles operation, the “Magic Man” has already passed his passion on to his 2½-year-old son Hayden. “Whenever he’s around the house, he goes right to his little push bike,” McLendon said of his boy. “It’s the coolest thing. I smile every day. It truly is a family affair.” This is the second time in 3 months that the motorcycles have competed around the banked, half-mile track. The kneedragging daredevils were such a hit that Tim Bryant couldn’t wait to have them back. Motos used to be a regular feature some 25 years ago. After a long time away, they have regained steam of late. “They raced back in the day, but it kind of had a local-yokel, hee-haw feel to it,” McLendon admitted. “Now, it’s more professional. We want it to look like motorcycles of late model racing.” In recent years, when they raced at the track, the speedway was sectioned off with hay bales and chicanes. It was usually on a Sunday afternoon in front of very few fans. Now, this oval revival at Pensacola’s high banks has set off a trend at tracks around the southeast. “There’s no sweet talking involved,” McLendon said. “Show them the money and they’ll come out of the woodwork. That’s a motorcycle rider for you.” Read Chuck’s entire story on our web site

2012 Kid’s Bike Race Champions

Dylan Hamilton Under 5; Hayden Pursell; Spencer Brown; and William Huber

Tampa Bay Sprints

Cancel Pensacola Race

Want the same seat for the Snowball in 2012? Renew by Aug 1st. Remaining seats go on sale on August 15th, at no increase in prices.

The TBARA Winged Sprints group has notified us they would not be able to bring enough cars to make their event competitive, and cancelled their Penscola visit for this year. The Modifieds will run a 50 lap feature, paying $1500 to win; plus the motorcycles will bring back their thrill show. Winged Sprints will be back in 2013.

Car Photos


Ted Baber Tom Wilsie 251-597-4747 850-458-2501

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Brace Yourself, The Only Demolition Derby is Soon

Korey Ruble

17.445 (103.1 mph) 12/3/2010

Sportsmen Steve Buttrick 20.640 (87.2 mph) 12/1/2011 Bombers J J Day 21.804 (82.5 mph) 7/16/2010

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Bang, Thud, Crunch. Crank em up, and the last car running will win $1,500. Experience our Demolition Derby on Friday August 10th. Rules on our web site.

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