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Super Line Up for Southern Super Series he first six weeks onight is what I’ve

T of the 2013 racing Tbeen waiting for all schedule is already in year. For the first time the books and I don’t see “slowing down” in the vocabulary. It just seems to get better every time we race. Already we’ve seen it all. Well, maybe for some tracks but not here at America’s Favorite Home Track. You see; we wanted to start the year out by giving you fans the opportunity to see some great racing by bringing the ultra-fast Sprint Cars and Motorcycles. Then we spiced it up a little with some good ole NASCAR, not to mention the new Pro Trucks, Modifieds, Super Stocks, Sportsmen and Bombers.


he Allen Turner Hyundai Pro Late Models have, put on some great racing and are adapting to their new 50 lap format quite well. The new format seems to be the answer for a lot of drivers who are new to this series and trying to get more seat time and experience, but at the same time it gives some of the ole veterans that are not into the traveling and long distance racing a chance to race.

in 2013 the “Buddy’s Home Furnishings” Super Late Models return since last year’s Snowball Derby. It’s no secret that the Super Late’s are my favorite and boy am I ready to see them put on a s how. This will be race # 4 for the new Southern Super Series in a 16 race series at five different tracks; Nashville, Gresham in Jefferson, Ga., Montgomery, Mobile International Speedway, and here. ubba Pollard won B at Nashville and Gresham while Augie

Grill won at Montgomery. With the caliber of cars we have, it will look like the Snowball all over again. Some of the nation’s best will battle for 125 laps to prove why they are among the best. See story inside on Ross Kenseth. Good luck if you try to pick a winner. There are so many great drivers. See ya in the pits.

It All Started 60 Years Ago And No One Won Stock car racing opened here Memorial Day weekend 1953. There was no winner! But it was anything but a dull time. 25 drivers gave it the gas on the green flag, made it just into the 4th turn, and KLABLAM! A BIG crash took out 14 cars. Flagman Eddie Neidemeyer called the race, because of track conditions. A photo of the carnage is on the back page. 2 drivers went to the hospital. Lenny Boyett, (grandfather of Logan) with internal injuries, and Gene Tapia with a knee injury. So that”s how it all started, the track was still dirt, the stands were not completed. It was daytime racing back 60 years ago, no lights. See photos inside. The first track record was set at 25.6 seconds for modifieds (70.3 mph). We will be posting more on our web site during the year.

Thanks to all who served!

6/7 PLM 20+30, Mods, Sportsmen, Bombers 6/21 *Blizzard, Motorcycles, Sportsmen, Bombers 7/12 Mods, Super Stocks, Sportsmen, Bombers 7/26 *Blizzard 125, Trucks, Sportsmen, Bombers plus Fireworks sponsored by Navy Federal. 8/9 DEMO DERBY, Mods, Sportsmen, Bombers plus FASTER PASTOR racing 8/23 PLM 20+30, Trucks, Sportsmen, Bombers 9/6 Mods, Super Stocks, Sportsmen, Bombers 9/20 *Blizzard 125, Sup Stocks, Sportsmen, Bomb 9/28 WHATABURGER NITE OF CHAMPIONS; PLM 100; Mods, Sportsmen, Bombers 11/23 Snowball Derby (c) Preview 12/4-8 Snowball Derby Note: *Buddy’s Blizzard events listed here are part of the Southern Super Series

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Why We Still Call Them Stock Cars

These are photos of real pioneers of motor sports here at 5 Flags. The photos are from the 1950’s. Many drivers of that era actually drove their race car to the track. Thus they were stock cars, and still are today. Follow the race action on your i-Phone with the Race Monitor App.

Car Photos


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By Chuck Corder

Ross Kenseth’s life is a buffet. An all-you-can eat restaurant would be smart to slap a sticker somewhere on Kenseth’s No. 25 Super Late Model. From the Southern Series to PASS South to several other regional circuits, racing would be enough to fill the soon-to-be 20-year-old’s heaping plate. Ross is wrapping up his sophomore year in mechanical engineering at Clemson University, plus he is a diehard Indiana Pacers’ fan.

Kenseth got his first win of the season earlier this month in South Boston, Va., a 150-lap PASS South event that was cut eight laps short because of rain. He earlier had turned heads in his Snowball Derby debut in 2009, serving notice that the Kenseth name would be a force in racing for another generation. He qualified on the outside of Row 1, an eye-popping accomplishment, before finishing a respectable 12th.

“It’s a little tough,” said Ross Kenseth, son of 2003 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion Matt Kenseth. The busy Kenseth hopes to follow in his beloved Pacers’ footsteps and close out a win tonight. He finished 11th at Gresham, in his lone appearance. “It was frustrating; we struggled most of the day in practice,” he said. “I had to miss the first test day because of classes up at Clemson. In the race, we over adjusted and almost got a lap down. At the (competition yellow) break, we got too tight. It was disappointing.”

In his four Derby appearances, he has yet to finish lower than 19th, a feat dad can’t boast. Matt competed twice in the Snowball, coming home 40th and 16th in 1995 and 1996. The younger Kenseth’s best showing was a third in 2011. He had a front row seat to eventual winner Chase Elliott and runner-up D.J. VanderLey’s epic duel. -Read all of Chuck Corder’s story on our web site.

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