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5 Flags Speedway March 26, 2010 #2


Inside! Turbo Tom Reveale d

Super Stocks and Pro Late Models Back


he 2010 Season is underway, we have the first race in the books, and what a way to start the season! The TBARA Winged Sprints delivered the excitement that all fans expected from them. New track records and hair raising three wide racing that would make the weak of heart turn their head. See photos of last weeks action inside. Congratulations to all opening night winners and may your success continue throughout the season. Let’s turn our attention to the Pro Late Models as they will be the featured division tonite. Ronnie Smith will be aiming for a second consecutive championship, but it won’t come easy as several drivers are planning to dethrone him. Ronnie Smith

The Super Stocks will make their first appearance this year and the always exciting Sportsman and Bomber’s will complete the nights action. But Wait!! It just gets better, as track promoter Tim Bryant will showcase the Super Late Models on April 9th with the first of five Blizzard Series races for 2010. I would also like to remind all our fans that our TV show is now a one hour. Tim added the extra half hour to allow us to cover the things you just can’t squeeze into a 30 minute show. The first half Tim and I will bring you up to date on news from the speedway while the last half will feature a guest. It will be live, and you are welcome to call in. Watch Mondays from 8 - 9 pm on BLAB-TV every other Monday night Check our website for the dates. Until next time, Be Safe and we will see you at the races! -Steve Stokes is a former racer, a track official, and BLAB-TV host.

April 9 Pepsi 100 SLM, SS, SP, BMR April 16 PLM, MOD, SP, BMR April 30 PLM, SS, SP, BMR May 14 PLM, SS, SP, BMR May 28 Papa John’s 100 SLM, MOD, SP, BMR June 11 PLM, SS, SP, BMR Kids Bicycle Races June 25 USA Digital 100 SLM, SS, SP, BMR plus Fireworks July 16 PLM, SS, SP, BMR Celebrity Race for UCP July 30 PLM, MOD, SP, BMR Aug 13 Miller Lite 100 SLM, SS, SP, BMR Aug 27 Winged Sprints, MOD, SP, BMR Sept 10 PLM, SS, SP, BMR Sept 24 Carpenter’s Campers SLM, SS Championship,SP, BMR Oct 8 Nite of Champions

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Ricky Brooks

is a wanted man. Details next issue.

Meet the New Pace Car

It’s Hyundai Genesis 2 door from Allen Turner Hyundai in Car City. Wow Allen has given us a 210 hp rear wheel drive manual transmission sporty pace car for the year. Brian Absen reports that it has sudden accelration, but only when he tromps on the pedal. We have been asked, what happens to the pace car at the end of the season? It is put on the pre-owned lot at Allen Turner Hyundai in car city.

The last time you saw the Super Model Cars here was at the Snowball Derby. The first in a series of 5 Blizzard races will be April 9th. Track Champion Johanna Long will be the one to beat. Brandon Carlson takes the wheel of #21, Josh Hamner is driving a Kyle Busch SLM. Eddie Mercer the master of speed at 5 Flags will be back too. (Photos below) The Blizzard race weekend will be capped off with the Miller Lite 100 at Mobile International Speedway. The 5 pairs of races makes up the Gulf Coast Championship series. The last Blizzard race of 2010 will be September 24th.

The Real Turbo Tom Just who is the person behind the Turbo Tom character you see each PLM race here? Turbo represents the 120+ Tom Thumb convenience stores along the Gulf Coast. Turbo Tom is Todd Francis in real life, who is the district manager for the chain in this area. Todd loves to visit with race fans, and drivers. Many times he comes to the track with gifts for fans. One of his choice duties is the awarding of the winners trophies in the Tom Thumb Pro Late Model Series races.

Brandon Burks 1st win

McGuire’s Pipe Band

Sparks during Sprint race

Sprint Drivers autographs before 30 lap feature race

Mike Goraum wins twice

“Ace” Aguilar gets Sprint check from Chelesa Cooper, Miss Pensacola USA after feature win.

Ryan Redmon Mod win

Bobby Ingersoll beats brother Nathan, enjoys

Rep. Greg Evers visits in pits with drivers, and talks with Dave Pavlock

$4500 raised in memory of Jerrell Lynchard, dad of Daryl, by Will Goulet (right) 87 Bomber, in raffle of a custom stroller. Winner Is Mark Freznell of the Nathan Ingersoll crew. Cancer Soc. wins.

NAPA GO-15 guests enjoy party deck in turn 4

Sportsmen 1) 5 Mike Goraum 2) 87 Will Goulet 3) 68 Daryl Lynchard 4) 25 Eddie Hobbs 5) 12 Brandon Burks 6) 44 Bo Hancock 7) 52 Tony Boyd 8) 03 Michael Nelson 9) 97 Kenny Bullard 10) 52 Robert Balkum

1) 10 Johanna Long 2) 112 Augie Grill 3) 26 Bubba Pollard 4) 99 Casey Smith 5) 1 Eddie Mercer 6) 6 Hunter Robbins 7) 21 Scott Carlson 8) 11 David Rogers 9) 02 John Bolen 10) 10 Danny Bagwell

75 66 63 62 60 55 52 49 37 36

1) 51 Stevie Mercer 75 2) 12 Bubba Winslow 72 3) 33 Steve Buttrick 67 4) 42 Randy Thompson 62 5) 00 Brannon Fowler 59 6) 07 Jim Pokrant 58 7) 83 Bo Resmondo 49 8) 102 Marty White 45 9) 72 Tommy Warren Jr 42 10) 10 Peter Nelson 40

1) 27 Ronnie Smith 1) 36 Keith Thorpe 3) 40 Keith English 4) 81 Brandon Odom 5) 37 James Kimbrough 6) 64 David Jones 7) 7 Shain Cheney 8) 79 Kyle Bryant 9) 10 Johanna Long 10) 11 Jr. Niedecken

1) 94 2) 42 3) 53 4) 55 5) 11 6) 0 7) 17 8) 44 9) 0 10) 1

1) 66 Ryan Redmon 65 2) 145 Bill Melvin 59 3) 127Phillip Merryman 55 4) 54 Bobby Ingersoll 54 5) 17 Chris Cotto 49 6) 71 Josh Goodwin 43 7) 33 Nathan Ingersoll 42 8) 91 Ron Schneider 32 9) 9 Ricky Johnson 9 Note: Grey box indicates final 2009 ranking. .

Shannon Jackson Randy Thompson Earl Polk Mike Moore Tommy Rollins John Shuffler Chris Cotto Greg Young Scotty Anderson Howard Langham

Broadcast: BLAB-TV alternating Mondays at 8pm. Now 1 hour. Live call-in, available on web.

Photos Tom Wilsey

Tom Wilsey 251-406-0164

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5 Flags Speedway Newsletter 2  

News of racing at 5 Flags Speedway, Pensacola FL.

5 Flags Speedway Newsletter 2  

News of racing at 5 Flags Speedway, Pensacola FL.