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april 13, 2012 # 3


e’ve done some wild things in the past at Five Flags Speedway, but tonight we are going to take it to “X-treme” measures. We’re calling it Open Wheel Mania with Motorcycles racing, a 50 lap Open Wheel Modified feature and we are topping it off with a first time appearance of the X-treme Sprint Cars. Your first reaction may be “Oh I’ve seen Sprints here before and yes, they are lighting fast”. Let me say; YOU AIN’T SEEN THESE CARS BEFORE.


et’s not forget congratulations to our feature winners back on March 30th. In the Allen Turner Hyundai 100 for the Pro Late Models, Mike Garvey, now living in Pensacola, came from the rear to claim the victory. Shanna Ard won the Sportsmen feature, while last year’s track champion Gary Goodwin won the Bomber event.


e’re back on April 27th with the second round for the Super Late Models plus Sportsmen and Bombers. Let me also remind you about “IN THE GROVE” or the first time ever the Must See on BLAB-TV. It’s a live call in show and Racing X-treme Sprint Cars will invade Tim and I will keep you up to date on all our super-fast little half mile oval. These upcoming events. Watch Tuesday night Winged Sprints are based in the Mid-West at 8:00pm to 9:00 pm. Give us a call with and run 410 c.i. engines. You may ask your questions. We now have a much what is the difference with these and the larger viewing area allowing us TBARA Sprints. The engines. The Tampa to reach over 500,000 houseBay cars run a 360 c.i. engine and have holds. You can also pick it up at roughly 100 less horsepower. As of now See ya the track record is 13.885 seconds. Look in the pits! for that to fall tonight. We had two X-treme sprints practice a couple weeks ago, and both were under the record.


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April 27th Buddy’s Blizzard Series #2;SP, B April 28th Electrathon, Students drive electric cars they built. (Free) May 11th SPORTSMAN, Mod, SS, B May 25th Blizzard Series #3, SS, SP, B June 5th Kids Day, Day Care Visits. June 8th PLM 100 #2, SP, B;Bike Race June 22 Blizzard Series #4,Mod,SP, B July 13th TBARA Winged Sprint Cars, Mod, SP, B July 27th PLM 100 #3, SS, SP, B Aug 10th UCP Nite, SPORTSMAN, Mod, B, DEMO DERBY Aug 24th PLM 100 #4, SP, B Sept 21st Blizzard Series #5, SS, SP, B Sept 29th PLM 100 #5, MOD, SP, B Nov 17th Snowball Derby Preview (Open Test Day) Nov 28th- Dec 2nd Snowball Derby

EKS is the Official Payment Processor of Five Flags Speedway & the Snowball Derby We offer a FREE 3 Page Website for your business when you process payments with us. Services Include: Merchant Processing, Website Design and e-commerce, Electronic Donations Custom Online Payments & Web based POS. 55 South “A” Street, Pensacola Phone: 850-677-1949

What makes the Sprints go so fast? They took all the unnecessary parts off. Things that add weight like starters, transmissions, and heavy frames. What they kept to go fast include 410 cubic inch engine producing 800 plus horsepower, wings to force the rear tires into the pavement, wider tires, the rear is 22 inches wide. Even with this, they weigh only1600 pounds. And there is the Methanol fuel. They gotta go fast, we’re on TV! Sat, April 28th, at 11am college and high school students drive their home built electric cars in the annual Electrathon 120. It is free to watch. This is the kind of smoke we like to see here.

Wild Kat Photo

Meet Track Chaplain Wayne Butts Faithful Servant to Pensacola’s High Banks

By Chuck Corder

Fate always finds fans at Five Flags Speedway.About five years ago, Liberty Church Associate Pastor Wayne Butts made a date night with his wife Sue, encouraging her to see some races. It was a special pastime Sue enjoyed as child with her father, who she had lost a few years back. So the couple went that evening and a day later Wayne ran into Fred Zobel, who had given the race invocation. As a man of the ministry himself, Butts will tell you that that night wasn’t so much fate as faith. For the next year, Butts would occasionally fill in on race nights for the often-traveling Zobel until Zobel finally said, “You just go ahead and do it.” Butts knew the marriage of two of his favorite things was a no-brainer. “I’ve been a longtime race fan, and I’m a longtime people fan,” said Butts, a Mobile native who worked an ambulance for Mobile International Speedway in the 1970s. “Putting the two together, it gives me a place to hang out and do things for others.” And here’s what Butts wants others to know. His blessings don’t just begin and end with the pre-ceremony prayer. “I really want people to know Five Flags has a chaplain available,” he said. “The Bible tells us rejoice with those that rejoice, mourn with those that mourn.

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1 00   Brannon Fowler 2 27    Michael Couture 3 102    Marty White 4t 81    Calvin Cook 4t 29    Shanna Ard 6 99 Billy Hoover 7 11    James Patrick 8 13 Paul Mathis 9 44 Bubba Winslow 10 95/33 E.Hardin/Ken King

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  Bubba Winslow Scotty Anderson    Okie Mason Darin Matthews    John Shuffler Randy Thompson    Charlie Skipper    Brandon Harris    Mike Moore    Jeremy Tassin


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  Mike Garvey    D J VanderLey    T J Reaid    Dwayne Buggay    Johanna Long Kyle Benjamin    Bubba Pollard    Chris Davidson    Mason Massey    Korey Ruble

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Kat Wilson

Wayne Niedecken Sr, an open wheel pioneer


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