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Welcoming The Hooker Hood Memorial/National Sprint Car HOF Racers Reunion March 22, 2013 #1

Let’s Get This Party Started

Track Speed Record In Jeopardy e welcome the men he “TRUFUEL” Must odd Fayard was on T See Racing Xtreme Thand in his black Wand machines that Sprint Cars will open its #13 Sprint car, and we made the sport of open 2013 season tonight with a power house line up of drivers from around the USA and Canada. Stated MSR President Jim Hanks, “There is no doubt this is going to be one of, if not the best field of winged pavement Sprint Cars ever put on a racetrack. The fans here at Five Flags can look forward to a healthy car count tonight due to this being the opening race and it being a MSR point’s race.” rivers such as Aaron D Pierce, Dave Steele, Brian Olson, Jimmy

McCune, Dude Teate and Scotty Orr, along with several more of the nation’s best Sprint Car drivers will be on hand to tackle “America’s Favorite Home Track”. he track record is 13.78 T seconds and I will bet money that record will fall.

First, a $500 bonus goes to the new record holder. The reason I feel so strong is what I witnessed a few weeks ago at practice.

got him with some laps that threaten the track record. I don’t know how much of the speed is due to the grinding and patching of the racing surface by contractor Richard Goss over the winter, but it has to factor it to it.

wheel winged racing gain such popularity. Some of thse legends are here with us this evening. More inside on page 2.

nother reason we his track’s key event A have a strong field Tthe Snowball Derby is because this is a has again been named double header weekend. They will move to Mobile International Speedway for another points race tomorrow night. Although Dave Pavlock stated on our website that there is no truth in the rumor that all fans will need seatbelts, I tend to think it might not be a bad idea. If these cars don’t blow you out of your seats you might have a tendency to jump out of your seats from the excitement they will bring to the track and fans. lso on tonight’s A schedule are the always exciting Sportsman and Bombers, and a few surprises.

the top short track event in America by Speed 51. And our web site was cited as the best web site on the internet for a local race track. Congrats to Tim Bryant and his team. e will return next W Friday night with the Modifieds, Super Stocks, Sportsman, Bombers and the new Pro Trucks. Save tonite’s ticket, you will get in for $5.00

Fastest Ever

Jason Cox of Park City, Ill. holds the track record 13.783 secs or 131.6 mph set last time the Winged Sprints were here.

National Anthem


Richards Former Driver & World Record Holder

Super Modified Legends Bring Memories and Cars This is why 5 Flags fans packed the stands a half century ago. The Super Mods, a set of wheels with a hot motor and a wing on top.

3/29 Mods, Trucks, S Stocks, Sportsmen, Bombers 4/12 Super Stocks, Sportsmen, Bombers 4/13 NAPA 150 NASCAR K&N Series & Motorcycles

4/26 PLM 50, Mods, Sportsmen, Bombers 5/24 Blizzard, Mods, Sportsmen, Bombers 6/7 PLM 50, Mods, Sportsmen, Bombers 6/21 Blizzard, Motorcycles, Sportsmen, Bombers 7/12 Mods, Super Stocks, Sportsmen, Bombers 7/26 Blizzard, Trucks, Sportsmen, Bombers 8/9 DEMO DERBY, Mods, Sportsmen, Bombers 8/23 PLM 50, Trucks, Sportsmen, Bombers 9/6 Mods, Super Stocks, Sportsmen, Bombers 9/20 Blizzard, Super Stocks, Sportsmen, Bombers 9/28 NITE OF CHAMPIONS; PLM 100; Mods, SP, Bom 11/23 Snowball Derby (c) Preview 12/4-8 Snowball Derby

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We welcome the Hooker Hood Memorial/National Sprint Car Hall of Fame Southern Super Modified Racer’s Reunion, featuring several pioneers of the sport and their open-wheeled race cars which ran during the 1960s and ‘70s. The super modified regularly driven by Ival Cooper will take to the high banks for a passing glimpse of history with Ival’s son, Gary at the wheel. This car was driven to a ½ mile speed record of 16.79 at the Jackson (Ms) Speedway in 1970 by the car’s mechanic, Bobby Harrell. Andy Anderson, who built the car along with many other front-running machines in the 1960s, are part of the reunion group. Another Mississippi legend, Ellis Palasini, has his big-block powered “Black Widow”, number V8 here. Mobile’s Johnny Ardis, who has owned race cars since 1947 and has fielded entries in five Little 500s, is here. Introductions are being conducted by Dave Argabright, featured on Speed TV, CBS Sports, and Comcast Sports. Welcome to all, and thanks to Tony Martin for arranging all these legends to be here.

By Chuck Corder

Goodwin & Burks Bolt Bombers Two drivers separated by nearly two decades have spent the last two seasons chasing each other. Deuces seem wild for Gary Goodwin and Brandon Burks. No surprise that the pair, which dominated the Butler U-Pull-It Bombers class, wants to take a stab at the pot this upcoming season with a bold move to the Sportsmen. Both Goodwin, 38, and Burks, 20, have already secured Sportsmen rides and have high expectations heading into relatively uncharted waters. Both will have to deal with the fearsome twosome of 3 time Sportsmen Snowball Derby king Steve Buttrick and two-time defending track champ Brannon Fowler.

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“I know the (No.) 33 (Buttrick), and the (No.) 00 (Fowler) have been battling for the points lead, swapping it back and forth,” Goodwin said, “but there’s gonna be a new car in the mix that they’ll have to worry about. Goodwin capped a historic 2 year run last fall with his second consecutive track title, which included 6 wins. Burks, a multi-feature winner the last two seasons, hopes to follow a similar line. He’ll be driving a Sportsman car owned by Curtis Faircloth, who had helped young Burks with his Bombers setup the last few years. “It’s crazy. I keep asking why they would want me to drive the car,” Burks said. “I feel really appreciative. It makes me want to go out and drive better because I’ve been given everything now. It’s up to me to win races.”

2012 Final Points Standings

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“The Locksmith Leader”

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 9t

23 12 10 33 52 03 6 52 1 27

  Gary Goodwin    Brandon Burks    Leonard Craig    Kenny Williams    Robert Balkum Michael Nelson    Tracy Soles    John K Merritt    Hunter Ward    Thomas Lowery

26 112 71 1 11 11 82 84 2 41

738 674 597 560 552 538 491 430 336 332

Bubba Pollard   Augie Grill    Kyle Benjamin    Mike Garvey    Logan Boyett David Rogers    Clay Alexander    Chris Davidson    Donnie Wilson    Jeremy Pate

Morning host

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

00 33 29 95 102 42 81 27 11 10 12

287 224 194 188 166 165 145 137 133 133

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

  Brannon Fowler 732 Steve Buttrick 726 Shanna Ard 479

  Ethan Hardin    Marty White

467 453 Randy Thompson 450   Calvin Cook 441    Michael Couture 366    James Patrick 363    Thomas Faddis 341

42 44 57 2 60 14 55 84 0 11

  Randy Thompson 227    Bubba Winslow 225    Charlie Skipper 207    Darin Matthews 187    Brandon Harris 179 Okie Mason 170    Mike Moore 163    Joe Mahuron 120    John Shuffler 105    Courtney Rodrigues 81

1 1 2 41 3 45 4 18 5 29 6 12 7 99 8 99 9 79 10 112

  Mike Garvey 310    Chris Davidson 212    Dwayne Buggay 207    Hunter Robbins 196    Spencer Davis 172 DJ VanderLey 150   Wayne Niedecken 145    Zak Hausler 136    Kyle Bryant 130    Augie Grill 120

1 8   Donnie Hamrac 2 17    Chris Cotto 3 7    Scooter Grice 4 66    Korey Ruble 5 10    Nathan Ingersoll 6 99 Brandon Howell 7 117    Mike Swilley 8 13    David Beale 9 14    Mike Maddox 10 15    Kevin Chase

289 266 244 179 173 123 158 134 106 76

Charlie & Waynetta The Rex Brooks Ironman Award went to the Heads. Waynetta in the pit ticket booth, is first to greet drivers and crews with a smile. Charlie is in the pits, either in the tire impound area, or with paddle in hand at stop and go.Thanks and congrats to both!

Points here are combined with Mobile after each regular race for the Gulf Coast Championship in all 7 divisions. In the past few years, it was just the Super Late Models, now 6 more divisions are added.


Winged Sprints, Sportsmen, Bombers