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Who is the faster pastor? Aug 10, 2012 # 11

Dash and Win; vs Crash and Win ith only four weeks can guarantee you a stel$5.00 night at any A race track is always Wof racing left in the Ilar field of the finest Super a big hit with the fans, regular 2012 season, Lates in the country that May 13, 2011 #4

but when you throw in a Demolition Derby to the already exciting schedule the fans should all go home happy tonight. Demo Derby rules are on the back page. long with tonight’s A Demo Derby will be some good ole down home racing with a 50 lap West Florida Coatings Sportsman feature, Modifieds and Butler U-Pull-It Bombers. How about all that for just $5.00? Oh, but wait, let’s throw in a Faster Pastor race. The pastors racing tonight are listed on page 3. e thank our long W time track chaplain Wayne Butts from

Liberty Church North for putting out the call to the pastors, and thanks to the drivers for donating the use of their race cars to a stranger tonight. Aug. 24th Pro Late Bombers Sportsmen

things are really starting to heat up. After tonight we return with the Allen Turner Hyundai 100 for the Pro Late Models.

night. Expect drivers from all directions plus Canada We will also crown the 2012 Super Stock Champ on the same night.

s you noticed in our ho wants to put a A last Pro Late Model Wwager on ex Pro race the car count was Late Model driver Ronnie

pretty healthy and we Smith on making two in expect that to continue a row in the Demo Derby? for the next two races Before you bet against for the Pro’s on August him, let me remind you 24th and September he’s had a lot of expe29th. September 29th rience in tearing is a Saturday race as things up. Read that will be our Night Chuck Corder’s of Champions for story on Ronnie PLM, Modifieds, on page 2. “Go Sportsman and Ronnie Smith”!! Bombers. Ronnie Smith Tonight is also United Cerebral Palsy night, on’t think I skipped so please be generous. over September 21st because I just want to inally, Tuesday is elecsingle it out. This will be tion day in Florida. We the final Buddy’s Home are delighted to have the Furnishings Blizzard candidates from Santa Series race for the Super Rosa and Escambia who Late Models and a cham- are on the ballot as our pion will be crowned. It guests. Hope you have a will also be the final shake chance to say hi and meet down race for these cars them. Until next time, bring as they prepare for the a friend and enjoy the 45th Annual Snowball races. Derby©. Derby tickets go on sale Wednesday the 15th, same price as last year. Get yours soon to reserve your seat.



Ronnie Smith

National Anthem-

Tiffany Harvey

Can He Smoke Em Again ?

Teacher, Sherwood Elementary

Welcome Candidates

Our pleasure to have you here tonight. Shake hands and answer questions. Be sure to vote on Tuesday.

Aug 24th Allen Turner PLM 100 #4, SP, B Sept 21st Blizzard Series #5, SS, SP, B Sept 29th Night of Champions Rick Crawford in 100 Victory PLM #5, Lane. MODs,Rick SP, B Nov 17th Snowball Derby Preview Nov 28th- Dec 2nd Snowball Derby

Video Ted Baber Tom Wilsie 251-597-4747 850-458-2501 Car Photos

Ronnie Smith knows he has the perfect car to defend his Demolition Derby title. How is the 40 year old so sure? Because it’s the same Crown Victoria LTD that won the heavy metal-crunching championship last year. “It has been sitting in a lot all year,” Smith said. “We brought it to the shop the other day. We had to put a tire and wheel on it. Some new spark plugs and we changed the gas. It doesn’t look like a ‘Demo’ Derby car.” Smith hopes to be the last man standing once again. Despite what the constant kidder might have you believe. “It’s an honor to have that title. I’d rather it be the Snowball Derby than a Demo Derby, but I guess you take whatever you can get,” Smith joked. “I told my wife earlier, it must be pretty bad if I’m getting recognition for crashin’ up cars.” The one-time Allen Turner Pro Late Model track champion recalled some fond memories when the old beat-up Crown Vic plopped down at the shop earlier this week.

“We got the cobwebs out of it and the bugs. Literally, bugs,” Smith said. “There’s no telling what has been living in there for the year. I said we should set some of those fumigate bombs just to be on the safe side.” Otherwise the car looks prime with few signs of its abusive history. “We did a lotta hittin’ last year. Hopefully, I don’t get teamed up on. A couple people have been saying I have a bull’s eye on my back and they’re going to try and knock me out quick.” Don’t bet on that. Champions, whether they’re from Snowball Derby or Demolition Derby lore, have an instinct to reign supreme. Ronnie Smith is a former Marine who came out of the stands to pursue his racing dreams. (This is a condensed version of Chuck’s story appearing on our web site. Read more by clicking

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Demolition Derby Rules Summary

Cars and station wagons only; no trucks or SUV’s.

Brakes must work. Helmet, seat belts, eye protection, and fire extinguisher required.

Remove glass, anything loose, moulding, & exterior lights.

No hitting drivers door. Automatic DQ if fire or a door opens.

5 gallons of gas maximum.

Doors chained or welded shut, trunk empty.

Must keep moving, and hit someone every 60 secs or less.

This is a summary, See the full set of rules on our web site.

No reinforcement of front or rear. Additional side panels not allowed.

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Demo Derby News  

Faster Pastor, UCP, News

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