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August 16, 2019

Teenage Drivers Vie for Allen Turner PLM Track Title By Chuck Corder There’s no denying it: A changing of the guard is flying down the back straightaway at Five Flags Speedway.

3 Joseph Meyer 9 Logan Boyett 12 Tony Dalton 12 Brandon Burks 18 Jesse Salazar 18 Jessie Reid 29 Shanna Ard 38 Chopper Stagner 40 Kody Brusso 51 Trevor Dalton 54 Grant Thompson 56 Darryl Rudd 56 Josh Hicks 64 Cale Gale 96 John Heil 97 Hunter Lambert

That’s not to take anything away from Bubba Pollard, Casey Roderick, and Augie Grill – stalwarts of the late model world who remain pre-race favorites at any track where they unload. Heck, Pollard – the short-track giant himself – has won the last two Deep South Crane Rentals Blizzard Series races for Super Late Models staged at the half-mile asphalt oval this season. But a cursory glance at the Allen Turner Hyundai Pro Late Model season standings, and you’ll find a top-three dominated by teenagers.

00 Brandon Curren 01 Michael House 1 Josh Adkins 4 Kyle Plott 4 Elliott Massey 4 Kyle McCallum 6 Cole Daffron 08 Memphis Villarreal 7 Jackson Boone 9 Jeff Noland 11 Jo Jo Wilkenson 14 Conner Okrzesik 14 Chris Davidson 18 Ryan Paul 18 Casey Roderick 21 Brandon Johnson 21 Ryan Herbert 22 Brandon Herbert 23 Josh Hollis 24 Christopher Tullis 26 Bubba Pollard 27 Austin Wood 30 Bobby Knox 30 Rusty Sanford 35 Jake Garcia 41 Troy Grasiffi 43 Justin South 46 Cole Williams 46 Jarrett Parker 50 Ty Roberts 51 Perry Patino 62 William Hale 66 Korey Ruble 77 Greg Fore 79 Michael Villarreal 81 Colby Howard 89 Dylan Fetcho 95 Derrick Griffin 112 Augie Grill 116 Zach Johnson

Welcome Military, active 1 Donald Crocker 2 Scott WIcker 4 Bill Tutchtone 6 Jody Henderson 8 Jacob Bensock 12 Justin Beck 15 Perry Patino 15 Kevin Chase 21 Jason Furrow 21 Jason Welch 21 Michael Fisher 22 Jeremy Pate 26 Corbitt Moseley 32 Stuart Dutton 33 Joe Bathea, Jr 40 Todd Jones 41 Troy Grisaffi 51 Derrick Griffin 54 Conner Sutton 57 Charlie Skipper 64 Jonathan Langham 81 Chris Cotto 84 Doug Thorpe 92 Bubba Winslow 94 Jason Johnson 95 Phillip Crownover 96 Fisher Smith 96 Rick Pollaro 97 Hunter Lambert

We welcome employees of Skanska, builders of the new 3 mile bridge linking Pensacola with Gulf Breeze.

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Seventeen-year-old Connor Okrzesik currently leads the points chase by a slim four points over 18-year-old Colby Howard and just six points over 14-year-old Jake Garcia. “It’s certainly not what you expect at an historic track like Five Flags,” Howard said. “You’ve got Augie, Casey, got Bubba and all the vets around you, and you look up and see the top three are teenagers. It’s special just to be a part of it, and winning has made it unbelievable.”

Of the three wunderkinds, Howard is the only driver to win a race this season here when he drove to Victory Lane at the PLM opener in April. Pollard won the second PLM race in June. But both Okrzesik and Garcia, both of whom have have been relentless in their pursuit to etch their name in Five Flags lore as a champion, have been ever so close. In each of the first two races staged this season at Pensacola’s high banks, Okrzesik finished runner-up both times and Garcia came home with a pair of thirds.

It’s all setting up for plenty of jostling and paint swapping when the three young guns and the nation’s elite late model drivers descend night for the third “Connor is pretty tough,” of four Allen Turner Hyun- Howard said. “I seems dai PLM 100 races. like he’s second in every race. He’s definitely one The young trio will not to watch out for.” (Con’t only vie for the top spot on our web site.) in the PLM standings with only the annual Allen Turner Tune Up 100 remaining in September, while aiming to pad some distance between themselves and the likes of Casey Roderick who sits just 21 points behind.

National Anthem Laci Loftin 2 2 11 11 12 12 15 16 16 17 19 21 22 22 24 27 29 30 34 42 49 51 52 80 86 95 97

Tony Boyd, Pensacola, Chance Imel, Irvington, AL Johnathan Day, Mobile Cameron Leytham, Mobile Michael Moody, Mobile T J Thompson, Mobile Robert Loper, Theadore, Brad Mosley; 8 Mile Rocky Boyd; Pensacola Lee Williams, Theadore, Daryl McDonald, Theadore, Butch Harvell, Pensacola Dylan Courtney, Citronelle, John K Merritt, Pensacola. Caleb Burkett, Pensacola Jimmy Hollingsworth, Mobile Matt Thompson, Wilmer, AL Bobby Suarez, Pensacola Cory Pittman, Cantonment Brandin Sidner, Pensacola Jay Whalen, Pensacola Randall Moye, Robertsdale Robert Balkum, Pensacola Zack Jordan, Pensacola Jonathan Smith, Theadore Robert Riley, Gulfbreeze David Johnson, Irvington

2019 Schedule Aug 31 * Big Rig Trucks Sep 14 * O, PT, SP, PS, Championships Sep 21 * Blizzard, ATPLM Championships Nov 23 * SBD Preview Dec 4-8 Snowball Derby

Pit Gate Opens 2:00 ATPLM Drivers Meeting 3:00 ATPLM Practice 4:00-5:00 ATPLM Qualifying Tech 5:30 5:15 O,PT,PS Round 1 6:00 O,PT,PS Round 2 This is qualifying for Outlaws & Pro Trucks

6:45 Pure Stock Qualifying 7:00 ATPLM Qualifying 7:30 Local Drivers Meeting 7:45 Pre Race Ceremonies 8:00 Green Flag Pro Trucks 30 Laps Pure Stocks 20 Laps

Allen Turner Pro Late Model 100 Outlaws 30 Laps

Michael Moody Robert Balkum Corey Pitman Caleb Burkett Randall Moye

Joshua Hicks Grant Thompson Logan Boyett Brandon Burks Hunter Lambert

Mark Barnhill Tommie Blocker Dayton Sidner Jim Pokrant Shanna Ard

Lucas Jones Lucas Jones Anthony Sergi Logan Boyett Casey Roderick

Chris Cotto Bill Tutchtone Jason Furrow Bubba WInslow Jody Hende rson

Connor Okrzesik Colby Howard Jake Garcia Casey Roderick William Hale

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Po Late Model 100, plus Out laws, Trucks & Pure Stocks  

Final Friday Night Race of 2019

Po Late Model 100, plus Out laws, Trucks & Pure Stocks  

Final Friday Night Race of 2019

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