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Jobs in Health Care


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I want to be a Vet in UK Pg 3

t is a radical new programme, I've heard great enthusiasm from thousands of people around the country. For the first time we're going to be using the future savings from people not being on benefits to spend on getting those people jobs.

Chris Grayling Education Minister


or too long millions of people have been written off with no real support to get back into sustained employment. The evidence shows that there are people out there who, with the right support, will be able to gain employment and say goodbye to a life on benefit.


Off to the Job Market


he government’s ambitious £5 billion back to work programme began this month. It is the largest and the most challenging government funded welfare to work programme which is based on ―payment by results‖ after 26 weeks of sustained job. 5E is delivering for 2 Primes - Ingeus and Maximus in Buzz & Bargains of Barnet, Enfield and Haringey. Brixton Market Pg 6 & 7 It will require utmost dedication and perseverance in convincing clients to develop skills and qualifications to help them find sustainable jobs. It’s also a financial risk for the company as our major payments come only after the client has been in employment for a long period of time (sometimes two Enjoying the Royal Wedding Fever Pg 8 & 9 years). According to the latest figures released by the ONS, there are almost four million workless households across the UK. All these people need our help. Finding sustainable employment for clients is not just about putting clients into jobs but also about changing mindEaster Egg Hunt Pg 10 sets. We need to convince clients that work pays and only then will Pg 4 & 5

Writing Good Cover Letters Pg 11

most clients be willing to break free of the barriers that make them dependent on the benefit cycle and get them into employment through encouragement and by providing support and guidance on an ongoing process. ―Team 5E‖ is ready to face this challenging programme after having a superlative track record of delivering quality services. 5E has been instrumental in securing jobs and work placements for hundreds of clients every year. I am confident our team of specialist advisers, tutors and trainers would help the people gain the necessary skills and qualifications that are required to be successful in the job market and be aware of the changing trends in the labour market. And our liaisons with local businesses will give people that much needed opportunity to find sustainable jobs. I understand that the task ahead is not easy and new programmes require new skills and training for the staff. Chancellor George Osborne in the budget mentioned that the UK was falling behind other developed countries in

terms of having a skilled and flexible workforce; something he said could potentially undermine future economic growth. However at 5E, we have one of the most diverse, experienced and skilled workforce and believe in their development through identifying training needs. Every year, we organise several training programmes, some in-house and some external, to give our staff the necessary qualifications and skills that are important for their continuous professional development. Even in these challenging times, we are committed to provide a high quality service to the economically disadvantaged in our community and endeavour to create a better society.

Finding sustainable employment for clients is not just about putting clients into jobs but also about changing mindsets. Raj Doshi, MD, 5E Ltd


5E L I F E & T I MES



5E’s alliance with Allied Health Care helps deserving clients secure training and job interviews in the Care Industry

E advisors Tuncer Yucekal and Meral Ahmet secured an alliance with Allied Health Care to help 5E clients find employment in care work. “We are always on a look out to build alliances with employers so that our clients are able to secure interviews with them,” says Tuncer. 5E provides training in soft skills like interview techniques, CV writing, motivation etc and also courses like First Aid, Health & Safety and Food & Hygiene that will give clients certificates that most employers look for when making a final selection. “Allied Health Care has been very happy with 5E and believes that the vast pool of candidates that 5E puts forth helps them pick the best of the best for their vacancies,” says Tuncer.

Picture for representational purposes only



shmahan Ahmadry came to 5E with no experience but a determination to 5E helped me find work. A young girl from Somato improve lia, Ishmahan lives with her parents my English and was looking for employment in and I got more training retail or as a cleaner like so many from 5E like First Aid, of her friends. But 5E advisor Meral Health & Safety and Food spotted a great deal of potential in her and put her through several Hygiene.” courses at 5E. ―5E helped me to improve my English and I got more training from 5E like First Aid, Health & Safety and Food & Ishmahan Hygiene,‖ says Ishmahan. Ahmadry Meral was convinced that even though Ismahan had no prior experience; with training and work experience she would be able to find employment in care. ―Ishmahan was very helpful, polite and always thought about others,‖ says Meral who advised Ismahan to interview with Allied Care. Ishmahan did training for a couple of weeks at Allied Health Care; shadowed some care workers and did some work experience. It was Ishmahan’s flexibility that made her a favourite with Allied Health Care. ―Ishmahan does not eat pork but she agreed to feed her clients pork; at first she was hesitant to care for men but then she told me that since they were really old and weak and needed help, she agreed to look after them,‖ says Meral. ―5E is a very helpful place. I am very happy to know people like the 5E staff,‖ says a grateful Ishmahan. ―They helped me to get my first job in the UK.‖


Eva was quite keen to find employment and willing to expand her search. I knew she would fit right in with care work.”

Meral Ahmet, 5E Advisor

like to go for an interview in care. ―When I said yes, Meral gave me a date to go to see the people. And that’s how I got the job,‖ said a happy Eva. ―Eva was quite keen to find employment and willing to expand her search. I knew she would fit right in with care work and I was right. She loves her new job,‖ said Meral.


smahan Osman is undergoing training at Allied Care and will start work soon. ―I wanted to be a nurse since I was eight years old. I used to play nurse and check my friends for any injuries. Working in care is like a dream come true for me. Thank you 5E,‖ says Ismahan Osman who is ecstatic to get the job.


va Hayford had qualifications and experience as a pharmacist, but is today working happily in the care sector. ―I sent so many applications to places looking for a job. I went for interviews but could not get through,‖ says Eva. Then one day Meral called her and asked her if she would

5E Adviser Tuncer Yucekal giving Ismahan Osman some important tips on how to be successful at her job.




Right now my biggest challenge is to improve my Literacy skills to put all my experience and knowledge as a veterinary surgeon into practise in the UK.”

Dr. Awat Khezri in action: As the only vet surgeon for three cities in north western Iran, Awat always hand his hands full providing medical relief to hundreds of animals.. (Pic Courtesy: Awat Khezri)

AWAT KHEZRI Literacy Level 2 Learndirect

I want to be a veterinary surgeon in UK too!


veterinary surgeon and lecturer in Iran, Awat Khezri had to move to London five months ago. But his journey here too has not been without trials and tribulations. He found that his doctorate in Veterinary Medicine turned into just a piece of paper and his years of experience just an entry on his CV only because his English language skills were weak. But a determined Awat promised to overcome his communication hurdles and find


Picture by: Ruhi Khan

Learning online has several benefits. You can skip over courses you already know and concentrate on the module you don’t know well.

Awat Khezri

himself employment in the field that he loves so much. In the five months he has been in London, he first joined 5E to learn ESOL at Entry 3 which he passed with flying colours; he then completed his Literacy Level 1 through online based learning at Learndirect at 5E and is now doing Literacy Level 2 at the Learndirect. He also completed Numeracy Level 2. ―Learning online has several benefits. You can skip over courses you already know and concentrate on the module you don’t know well. There is no fuss and the support you need to complete the courses is in-built online,‖ says Awat adding, ―And then I can always contact my tutor George, who is very helpful and gives one-on-one instruction on topics that are difficult to understand online. ―Awat showed immense dedication and worked hard everyday to complete his Literacy Level 1 in less than two weeks, a remarkable achievement. With every qualification he gets, he is motivated more to progress further,‖ said George Mathew, his tutor at Learndirect. Awat has his eye on his goal. He wants to be able to finish his Level 2 qualification which will help him score 7 at his IELTS, which is mandatory for him to pursue his veterinary practise in the UK. ―I loved my job. I have performed over 3000 successful operations and have a strong academic background in veterinary sciences,‖ says Awat who has put videos of some of his surgeries online for employers to see his skills first hand. Awat found the staff of 5E very friendly and knowledgeable with strong ideals. He fondly remembers the time a 5E tutor Krisztina tried to help him find a job in a veterinary surgery. ―She offered me some

information which was very beneficial to me to understand the process of finding employment in my field here,‖ says Awat. He is also grateful to the job search team that helped put his CV together and offered him advice on various soft skills. Awat’s hobbies include travelling and learning about different cultures. He is an outdoor person who enjoys sports, hiking and mountain climbing. ―I love a good challenge and right now my biggest challenge is to improve my Literacy skills so that I can tick all the boxes that will allow me to put all my experience and knowledge as a veterinary surgeon into practise,‖ says Awat. ―I am a veterinary surgeon and I want to be a veterinary surgeon here too!‖


Awat showed immense dedication and worked hard eve ryda y to complete his Literacy Level 1 in less than two weeks, a remarkable achievement.”

George Mathew, Learndirect tutor at 5E Picture by: Tito Mir


5E L I F E & T I MES

ilek Ozkan is a qualified nursery nurse with NVQ Level 2 and experience as a nursery nurse and teaching assistant. She came to 5E to improve her literacy skills at Level 1 and get help with job search. ―It was nice being at Watkins House for 3 months, I really enjoyed it,‖ says Dilek. Dilek enjoys new challenges and was keen to learn about the different areas of the Child Care Profession embarking upon new training to update her present skills and qualification. She finally found a job as a nursery assistant at Morning Star Nursery this April. ―5E gave me lots of support in finding a job and I really liked my teacher Graham and all my trainers,‖ said a happy Dilek.






an Dule is an enthusiastic, flexible and reliable fisherman who always strives to excel at any given task with the aim to produce high quality results. Van was keen to undertake further training in order to learn new skills. He joined 5E as a non-speaker and was in Entry 1. His teachers Shraddha and Rebecca put in a great deal to effort to help him understand basic English. Finally he succeeded in securing employment in a nail parlour. Today Van can confidently say, ―My name is Van Dule. 5E helped me to get a job. I am very happy.‖




To the JOB market...



atice Mehmet Ali joined an employment training course at 5E. She says, ―I was starting to think it was going to be impossible to get a job. But being on the course has been very helpful to me. ―My employment adviser Maria has been good and helped me a lot,‖ says Hatice, who could not finish her course as in the fifth week itself she found a job. ―I couldn’t be happier as it was exactly what I was looking for in retail. I got a part time job at Matalan,‖ screams a thrilled Hatice. ―Thank you to everyone at 5E, especially Maria.‖



aolo Lucardi came to 5E in a hope to find employment. He has 10 years experience in varied fields like delivery driver, cook, painter and decorator. ―I came to 5E with the hope of much needed help and support to find work,‖ said Paolo who has a valid HGV class 2 licence. ―Finally after a long road of not finding any successful job; with the dedicated help of my adviser Janice and everyone from 5E, today I have a very promising job with lots of potential,‖ said Paolo who now works as a delivery driver. ―Thank you everyone at 5E.‖ Pictures by Tito Mir



To the JOB market!



I’m like a flower so easy to play with I’m like a butterfly you can’t catch me I’m like hope you can lose me so easily I’m like wind you can’t stop me I’m like a raindrop that lives for the moment I’m like the sound of roaring laughter I’m like the night I announce the day I’m like a star making wishes come




I’m like a river I don’t run back SUSAN BARRATT

usan Barratt was unemployed for two years had no success of finding a job. After joining 5E in April Susan started doing job searches and also undertook a basic IT course. ―My advisers Meral and Maria said there was a job at Matalan if I was interested. I said I was, so Meral arranged an interview. I went for the interview and went away feeling confident. Next day, I went to 5E, I was told I got the job,‖ said an ecstatic Susan. Susan started the job in May. She works 16 hours a week on the fitting rooms. ―I’m really enjoying it. I would like to thank Maria, Meral and all the staff at 5E for their help‖.

I’m like fire destroying illusions I’m like a volcano erupting without warning I’m like a stream I can’t stop I’m like the sun a soft light I’m like a cloud obscuring the bad times I’m like the wind blowing away I’m like arose with spiky thorns I’m like a cat purring and I feel I’m like a knife I’m sharp and I’m hurting I’m like a little baby, I love cuddles


A Polish Poem translated into English by Sarah Wisniewska New Deal Entry 3



aul Willingham was out of work for two years and was very disappointed in not being able to find himself a suitable job. He then came 5E and within a few weeks found himself his dream job as he is a keen gardener and had almost given up looking for employment in that field. ―Through all the wonderful help I received from all the staff, especially Janice, helped me to secure a full time job. Thanks all,‖ said a beaming Paul who know works as a gardener at Enfield Crematorium.

Pictures by Tito Mir


5E L I F E & T I MES

Latife Isbitiren

Conceicao de Sa

the Buzz & Bargains



nconventional Feardush for some, but ordered not for the fish for students of 5E lunch. The to find an unlikely spot for a class picnic—Brixton Market. In the fish was bigger than quest to explore the unexplored the plate!” and get a taste of the other side of London, the New Deal Entry 3 students decided to spent a day at a street market indulging in some Afro-Caribbean culture.

Ivon & Conceicao at the music shop


“We went for a trip to Brixton Market in May. The weather was very nice and sunny. When we arrived at Brixton we went shopping. I bought a t-shirt, Sam bought sunglasses and Rek bought some clothes for his daughter,” said Sarah Wisniewska.

Parts of Brixton seemed like Convent Garden with technosavvy people in cafes playing with their latest gadgets.”

Although Sarah found the smell of the fish at some shops nasty, she was amazed at what she saw in a restaurant. “Feadush ordered fish for lunch. The fish was bigger than the plate. I loved it,” exclaimed Sarah.

Feardush Aktar

“There was also a record shop that boasted of the widest collection of Caribbean music and some of us really were

Sarah Wisniewska

amazed at the music they had,” said Ivon Codrington. Feardush Aktar found the market a merger of the old and new. “I was told that it’s a rough place but it was very safe. It seemed in some parts like Covent Garden with techno savvy people in cafes playing with their latest gadgets,” said Feardush.

Conceicao tucks into a hearty lunch at a Brixton café while Feardush is still negotiating the giant fish on her plate



Fadumo Sharif

Sarah Wisniewska

of Brixton Market “There were some people doing a project on tracing ancestry and Sarah gave them her family information. They then gave her a jar of salt representing the Salt Lake where they come from,” said Lisa Thomas. Latife Isbitiren could not stop talking about the many shops in Brixton market and their good. “I loved the shops and tried on so many things, like hats and sun glasses. It was really cool,” said Latife. Sarah giving information about her family roots

In the heart of Brixton’s street market: (L-R) Pamela Cole, Latife Isbitiren, Ivon Codrington, Lisa Thomas (tutor), Conceicao de Sa, Rekawat Abdullah, Feardush Aktar and Fadumo Sharif.

Pictures Courtesy: Rekawat Abdullah


I loved the shops and tried on so many things, like hats and sun glasses. It was really cool.”

Latife Isbitiren


5E L I F E & T I MES

Class trip to central London...


pril was a month of festivities first with the long Easter weekend and then with the famous Royal Wedding weekend. 5E’S Literacy Level 1 class decided to take a trip to central London on Thursday 28 April, to see how the city was preparing for the royal pomp and banter the next day. ―It was an exciting time. Everyone was coming to London from all over the world and we saw on TV that city was abuzz with

Some students rarely travel by the tube and truly enjoyed it

activity. So it was good that our teacher Graham decided to take us to Central London to give them a taste of the royal wedding fever,‖ said Fariya Malik from Pakistan. ―We used the tube for transport. I barely travel in the tube and found it very exciting and educating,‖ said Vidyawty Boodhun from Sri Lanka.

I barely travel in the tube and found it very exciting and


First stop was the Tate Modern, an art gallery where the student saw lots of paintings and sculptures of contemporary art. ―I only liked one–underwater lilies and the rest I thought were just paint thrown everywhere. Our teacher Graham explained some of them to us,‖ said Malinka Stoilva from Bulgaria, who was amazed at their exorbitant price tags. Shahyar Shakibanian agrees, ―An Hong Kong based artist made something like sunflower seeds from ceramic and there were thousands of them so it took him 30 years to do it. I think he is crazy but that’s what they say is modern art.‖


Gholam & Aynur resting it out at Tate Modern Art Gallery


I enjoyed the photographs from Ukraine and also the works of Andy Warhol.” Marta Kowalczyk

I only liked one– Underwater Lilies and the rest I thought were just paint thrown everywhere.”

Malinka Stoilva

Andy Warhol room at the Tate

But another student Marta Kowalczyk loved the gallery so much that she revisited the Tate Modern the following week to see the different artworks in detail. ―I enjoyed the photographs from Ukraine and also the works of Andy Warhol,‖ says Marta, from Poland.



To catch the Royal wedding fever Next stop was London Bridge, a perfect spot for many photo opportunities. At one o’clock the students had lunch together on the banks of the river. They then walked to Buckingham Palace. Enjoying a picnic lunch

Girls just wanna have some fun: (L-R) Fariya Malik, Marta Kowalczyk, Malinka Stoilva, Vidyawty Boodhun and Aynur Kayghiz

For Gholam Ali & Shahyar Shakibanian from Iran, it was their first visit to Buckingham Palace. ―The Palace is beautiful. I wish I could go inside and see it all,‖ said Gholam. ―We saw some celebrities too like an Australian comedian that the press was interviewing. It was exciting,‖ said Shahyar.


The Palace is beautiful. I wish I could go inside and see it all.”

Gholam Ali Behrami


We saw an Australian comedian that the press was interviewing. It was exciting.” Shahyar Shahibanian

Fariya particularly enjoyed meeting a ‘headless’ man at London Bridge was ecstatic with the crowd at Buckingham Palace. ―Thousands of people were already outside the palace gates because of the Royal Wedding the next day. It was a beautiful day and we all had a good time. Congratulations William & Kate!,‖ said Fariya.


Thousands of people were already outside the palace gates because of the Royal Wedding the next day. Congratulations William & Kate!”

Fariya enjoys meeting the ‘headless’ man

Fariya Malik

On the banks of the River Thames: (L-R) Front row: Mesfin Kassaye, Marta Kowalczyk, Graham Stubbs & Nickolay Lyutakov. Back Row: Aynur Kayghiz, Vidyawty Boodhun, Shahyar Shakibanian, Fariya Malik, Malinka Stoilva, Firat Karaboyun & Peter Speck.

Pictures Coutesy: Fariya Malik, Gholam Ali Behrami & Marta Kowalczyk


5E L I F E & T I MES

OFF HUNTING FOR EASTER EGGS Learners of ESOL Entry 2 at Edmonton Green centre celebrated Easter with a game of treasure hunt in class where the tutor Reuben created several clues that led them to find Easter eggs.

D Team A—Saro, Pika & Mehmet busy finding answers to Easter test

uring the Easter week, our teacher Reuben decided to teach us what Easter and God Friday are all about. Our teacher said that its important for us to know because everyone in England celebrates Easter. After explaining to us about Easter, our teacher decided to test our knowledge through a treasure hunt. He gave us questions and asked us to find Easter eggs cleverly hidden at the Edmonton Green centre. We formed teams of three and began our quest to find the eggs. Some teams found one egg and some found two. It wasn’t easy but we tried our best. We really enjoyed ourselves and also learned something new. Now we know the meaning of Easter and Good Friday. Thank you teacher for explaining it to us. The treasure hunt was a lot of fun. - Derya Ulger

Team B (front) Odete, Mariam and Adela and Team C (back) Lucie, Cengiz and Derya That’s my team—(L-R) Derya, Lucie and Cengiz holding our two eggs as trophies

Marian boasts of finding two! Pika triumphant with his first Easter Egg as Mehmet gazes on

Pictures by: Reuben Chelliah






he covering letter is vital to your CV. This is why it is the first page and not an addition. "Please find enclosed my CV" won't get you very far. Your covering letter demonstrates your writing style better than your CV (which is usually more brief and factual). The covering letter puts flesh on the bare bones of the CV. It points out to the employer the information showing that you have the qualities the job calls for, and makes a statement about yourself and your suitability for the job. It should give the personal touch that your CV will intrinsically lack. TIPS ON WRITING A COVER LETTER Plain white photocopier paper is fine. It's OK to print your letter on expensive cream or pale blue paper, but content and layout are far more important! Use the same colour for your CV. Don't use lined paper or paper with punched holes! If emailed put your covering letter in the body of the email. If you attach it with nothing in the email body it may be misidentified as spam. Don't make the employer work to read your letter! Keep it clear, concise and to the point. Try not to go over one side of A4: if it does, you are writing an essay instead! Use your own words not formal longwinded clichĂŠs. Action verbs can help to make it sound

rikant was very friendly and at the same instance provided us with a professional atmosphere. I found the two day workshop very helpful and exciting. I have learnt different ways of how to present myself.

better. Spell-check and then double-check your spelling and grammar. Spell checkers won't pick up form instead of from or sex instead of six! Answer the question "Why should I see you?" Make the person who reads it feel special: that it is addressed to them personally and not one of fifty identical letters you are sending out without thought or care, You might include your understanding of the work/knowledge of the company, and how you fit the criteria required. Relate your skills to the job. Show the employer that you have obtained the communicating, team working, problem solving and leadership or other skills that are appropriate for the job. Say when you're available to start work (and end, if it's a placement): be as flexible as possible. Try to find the name of the person to write to.

RESEARCH FINDINGS: Forum 3 Those who included a letter with their CV were 10% more likely to receive a reply Those who addressed the covering letter and envelope to the correct named person were 15% more likely to receive a reply and 5% more likely to gain an interview. 60% of CVs are mailed to the wrong person, often sent to the MD. Courtesy:

-Zohreh Korangi (Finding and getting a job)


ai was friendly, helpful and welcoming. I thoroughly enjoyed the course.

-Angela Brownlee (Finding and getting a Job)


haikiya was very helpful showing how to use a computer. She is always ready to lend a hand, very patient and approachable with a good voice tone. She does not talk down to you because you are unemployed.

-Eugene Terry (Job search support module)








Across: 6 2. If an item is on sale you get a _________.


4. Has lots of space.




6. Money that you carry on you.

ne day a farmer's donkey fell into a well. The farmer frantically thought what to do as the stricken animal cried out to be rescued. With no obvious solution, the farmer regretfully concluded that as the donkey was old, and as the well needed to be filled in anyway, he should give up the idea of rescuing the beast, and simply fill in the well. Hopefully the poor animal would not suffer too much, he tried to persuade himself. The farmer asked his neighbours help, and before long they all began to

shovel earth quickly into the well. When the donkey realised what was happening he wailed and struggled, but then, to everyone's relief, the noise stopped. After a while the farmer looked down into the well and was astonished by what he saw. The donkey was still alive, and progressing towards the top of the well. The donkey had discovered that by shaking off the dirt instead of letting it cover him, he could keep stepping on top of the earth as the level rose. Soon the donkey was able to step up over the edge of the well, and he happily trotted off.




15 16


8. It’s more affordable _____ the other one.

18 19

10. Cozy. 14. How ______ is it? 15. It’s ______ to install.

Down: 1. You said £43.99, _________?

16. The tie __________ your shirt.

3. The total _______ ______ £55.47.

18. Something you leave if your waiter was good.

5. I’ll _______ a check.

19. _______ that’s $25.00.


4. Not expensive and not cheap. 9. Would you like to ______ it on your credit card? 11. Here’s your ______ and your change. 12. The hamburger is not as healthy ____ the vegetarian sub. 13. I like your sweater. It ______ ______ on you. 17. Money that the government collects.



7. £700.00 ____ a pair of pants. That’s expensive!

5 7

Life tends to shovel dirt on top of each of us from time to time. The trick is to shake it off and take a step up. Courtesy:

Contributed by: Mrugesh Desai,

What’s a Shark’s favourite game?

Quality & Compliance Manager, 5E Ltd

Answer: Swallow the leader


“All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers.” -Orison Swett Marden

Creating a brighter future through training & learning





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