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Our Big Ideas to save and maximize space at home.

Going beyond the boundary of space.

Challenged by space. Inspired by creativity and design. We – at 5Corners – continue to work hard to bring you better furnishing solutions for modern day living. Here, we share with you our unique selection of cleverly designed, space saving furniture – all with the main purpose of expanding and maximizing the potential of your space. MAXIMIZE space with our easy to extend tables that readily accommodate more guests. From dining to console, fold to compact size and stow away for next use. GO VERTICAL and put everything in its place with our FLEXI Shelf System – a modular shelving solution highly versatile to fit your space, budget and purpose. For everyday sitting and sleeping, our unique selection of quality sofa beds are easy to transform; all available using removable covers for easy update and upkeep. Feel free to browse through and imagine what these furniture can do for your space. Discover more at Be smart and creative with your space. Because SMALL SPACES need BIG IDEAS. Yours, “Flexible, multi-function, space saving. Solutions for modern day living. The way we select our products reflects the way you live everyday.”

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What you need:


Whether starting out or updating your dinnerware, go for good quality sets which will provide value for your money. Our stylish collections are great for everyday use, as well as special occasions.

QUIRKY Teapot. 23H x 19Dia. cm. Php 700.00.

Candy Jar 20-pc Dinnerware Set. Includes dinner plate, salad plate, low bowl, cup and saucer, 4 of each. Available in sunburst yellow and apple green. Set Price Php 2,500.00 MANOLO 3-pc Bone China Tea Set. Includes teapot, milk cup and sugar jar. Php 1,200.00

FOUNTAINE 20-pc Dinnerware Set. Includes dinner plate, salad plate, low bowl, cup and saucer, 4 of each. Set Price Php 2,700.00 RIPPLE 16-pc Dinnerware Set. Includes dinner plate, bowl, cup and saucer, 4 of each. Set Price Php 1,200.00


Few or Many?

anytime to accommodate more guests.

We like the flexibility of these dining tables - ready to extend

CHRYSA Extendable Dining Table.

Extend table size from 4 to 6 seating. 80W x 75H cm, 120L min. to 160L max. cm. Also available in Medium Brown finish. Php 14,800.00.

SERENA Dining Chair,

Red. 45W x 55D x 90H cm Seat height: 45 cm. Also available in Teal. Changeable fabric cover. Php 4,500.00

CHRYSA Extendable Dining Table. Extend table size from 4 to 6 seating. 80W x 75H cm, 120L min. to 160L max. cm. Also available in Medium Brown finish. Php 14,800.00.

BJURSTA Extendable Dining Table. Dining table with 2 pull out sleeves allows seating from 4 to 6. 129L x 90W x 74H cm, 90L min. to 168L max. cm. Php 16,500.00. 4

What you need: Console


Whether as console, dining or work table, these tables are so versatile, easy to transform to accommodate more. Fold and stow away for next use. SAVE SPACE with this slim, foldable console table. It easily slides and unfolds to a work or dining table for 2.

CHRYSA Extendable Console Table. Easily slides and unfolds to a dining or work table. 120W x 75H cm, 40L min. to 80L max. cm. Also available in Medium Brown finish. Php 8,500.00.

NORDEN Gateleg Table. Table with 2 drop leaves that seat 2-4 people. 6 drawers provided for storage. 89L x 80W x 74H cm, 26L min. to 152L max. cm. Php 15,900.00. 5

Relaxing Retreat. Clean lines define our

bedroom selection. Comfort and style merge seemlessly with storage solutions. SOMNI Bed with Headboard Storage. Bed has slide out headboard storage. In Light Oak finish. 169W x 251L x 78H cm, Mattress size 150W x 190cm. Php 28,800.00

Need more storage? Discover what our bedroom storage can do for you.

SOMNI Chest of 4 drawers. In duo-tone of black and oak veneer. 78L x 38D x 93.5H cm. Php 10,500.00

FIGGJO Mirror. 65cm Dia. Php 1,700.00

ANEBODA Chest of 3 drawers. 44W x 17H x 91L cm. Php 7,800.00

US Plate Photo Frame. 28 x 32.5 cm holds 5” x 7” photo and 26.5 x 30.5 cm holds 4” x 6” photo. Php 1,000.00 (4R) Php 1,200.00 (5R)


+ + VERSA Wardrobe System is a modular wardrobe system designed to optimize your available space and provide maximum clothes storage. Start with a single door unit and add multiple units according to need. Price available upon request.

TIDY Pinwheel Long Folder.

RAKKU Shoe Wheel. Revolutionary shoe storage system holds up to 30 pairs of shoes. 73 Dia x 32.5W x 74.5H cm. Php 3,600.00.

Also available in DVD boxes. Php 650.00


Sit, Lounge and Sleep.


or everyday seating and sleeping, we bring you a selection of sofa beds that are flexible and easy to transform. We keep it mind that it has be sturdy but comfortable, stylish and versatile, cleanable for easy upkeep. Sit down, stretch out and lie down. These sofa beds show us many ways to relax and lounge.


EVO SOFA BED. Sleek two seater sofa bed perfect for small spaces. From day to night, Levo provides double duty of seating and sleeping convenience. It features a simple pull out, unfold mechanism and adjustable backrest to suit sitting position. Sofa: 158L x 86D x 39H; Bed Size: 196L x 150W. Available in fuschia and Khaki Green. Other colors on indent. Php 26,000.00


ESSIO L SHAPE SOFA BED. Classic modern sectional sofabed, with hidden storage under the chaise lounge. Removable cover can be dry cleaned. 255L x 82D x 43H cm; Bed: 224L x 130W cm. Available in colors Beige, Gold Brown and Dark Gray . Other colors on indent. Php 57,000.00 No fuss, budget friendly sofa bed for easy seating and sleeping.


HELSI Two Seat Sofabed. Removable cover can be dry cleaned. Sofa: 120L x 95Dx 40H cm; Bed Size: 192L x120W cm. Available in colors Beige, Gold Brown and Red. Other colors on indent. Php 17,800.00.


MULTI-FUNCTION sofabed that easily converts to two chairs, a lounger and a bed, all in one package.


ORNERS Swivel Sofabed. Unique swivel and folding system, this sofabed can transition to two swivel chairs, lounger and bed. Removable cover can be dry cleaned. Sofa: 184L x 85D x 40H cm; Bed Size: 196L x 164W cm. Available in colors Dark Gray, Beige and Red. Other colors on indent. Php 37,500.00


ELO L Shape Sofa with Storage. Classic modern sectional sofa with hidden storage. Sofa: 213L x 79H cm; Seat Depth: 84 cm, Lounge Depth: 153 cm. Also available in Coffee Brown. Other colors on indent. Php 27,500.00


Flexibility is Key. Smart Shelving that is easy to assemble, highly versatile and conveniently adaptable to your needs.

Our FLEXI SHELF System is a modular shelving solution that can be customized to fit your budget, space and function. This free range system allows you to combine or interchange parts to come out with the combination that is perfect for your space. Entertainment shelving system, work station, buffet cabinet, bookcase, wardrobe, den or a combination, these are just some examples of what our FLEXI Shelf System can do for you. WORKROOM






What you need: More ways to organize. When space is a challenge,

you’ll need a shelving solution that can do so much - organize, stack and store. Our FLEXI SHELF System allows you to design it your way. Showcase your prized possesions and objet d’art. See everything in its place and access them easily.

A place for your TV Entertainment System.

Comfort at work.

Transform a hallway, a corner or an odd-sized empty space into a functional and organized storage area. 11



Furnishing your condo? Plan your space. Get expert advice from our Design Consultants on how you can maximize space in your home. Get valuable inputs, ideas and advice specific to your needs. Book your appointment now!

* FREE Space Planning Consultation * Interior Design Consultation Service * 3D design perspective * One on one personal discussion and advice * Ideal for condos & townhouses

Plan and maximize your space, maximize your investment! Schedule with us at A well planned space is a sure way to maximize your investment.

2-Bedroom, 46sqm (North Belton). The Challenge: Create an organized and open space using existing furniture. Create enough storage for prized collections.

1-Bedroom, 39 sqm (The Columns). The Challenge: To create an open, free flowing transition between the various living areas.

Studio unit, 26 sqm (Avida Makati West). The Challenge: How to fit in a queen size bed, his and hers wardrobe, work station and a dining area.


1-Bedroom, 54 sqm. The Challenge: Define living spaces and create an organize free flowing space. Create a more organized, open space around existing furniture

DESIGN YOUR OWN LAMP with MIXA Lighting System. Mix and match according to your personal style.




BESTSELLERS: Lighting Solutions 2



3 (1) MIXA Lighting System. Shade: 30 Dia x 20H cm; Tulip Base: 22 Dia x 33H cm; Kelly Base: 14D x 34H cm. Price depends on combination. (2) Corners Table Lamp with dimmer. Size: 10 Shade Dia x 30H cm. SALE PRICE: Php 350.00. (3) COTTON Pendant Lamp. Shade Dia: 33 cm . Php 990.00. (4) NOT Uplighter / Reading Lamp. 28 Shade Dia x 176H cm. Php 1,700.00. (5) LERSTA Reading Lamp. 16 Shade Dia x 131H cm. Php 1,300.00


All About Chairs

Carefully chosen foldable, stackable and light weight chairs designed for small spaces.

NICK Chair. Foldable to save space. 43W x 46D x 76H cm. Also available in Black. Php 850.00.

PELLO Armchair. 67W x 85D x 96H cm. Seat height 37 cm. Php 4,000.00

HERMAN Chair. Steel and plastic. Stackable. 45W x 50D x 78H cm. Seat height 44 cm. Php 1,500.00

POÄNG Rocking Chair. 68W x 94D x 95H cm. Seat height 45 cm. Available in Black, Red and Natural colors. Php 8,800.00.

SERENA Dining Chair, Teal. 45W x 55D x

SNILLE Swivel Chair. Height adjustable. 67W x 67D cm, height: 71 cm to 83 cm. Available in colors White, Light Blue, Black and Red. Php 2,000.00.

90H cm. Seat height: 45 cm. Also available in Red. Removable, washable fabric cover. Php 4,500.00





Delightfully pretty Quick ways to freshen up your home.


6 5 1. PAIR OF CHAIR Bookends, Set of 2. Beautifully crafted bookends made of Resin. 20.3H cm. Php 1,700.00. 2. Russian Doll Salt & Pepper Shaker. Made in fine porcelain. 11H cm. Php 360.00. 3. US License Plate Photo Frame. Inspired by old US license plates. Available in two sizes: 28w x 32.5 cm holds 5” x 7” photo and 26.5 x 30.5 cm holds 4” x 6” photo. 4R - Php 1,000.00 and 5R - Php 1,200.00. 4. NOTTING HILL 20-pc Dinnerware Set. Includes dinner plate, salad plate, dessert plate, cup and saucer, 4 of each. Php 2,500.00 5. Vintage / Parisian Cow Salt & Pepper Shaker. Made in fine porcelain. Each design come includes salt shaker, pepper shaker and holder. 8.5H cm. Php 360.00. 6. BELIEVE Boxes, Set of 3. Beautifully painted boxes to store your jewelry, accessories, cosmetics. Three retangular boxes are topped off with lids for proper safekeeping. Php 1,600.00.


Think Big: 5 Space Saving Tips


is a furniture retailer specializing in SPACE

SAVING, MULTI-FUNCTION, FLEXIBLE furnishing designed to maximize the

potential of small spaces. Our store showcases pieces for the living, dining, kitchen, bedroom and bath, the 5 important rooms in every home.

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1. Go “multi” and ‘flexi” in your furniture. Multi-functional and flexible furniture saves a lot of space. Extendable tables and sofa beds are the perfect example. Go further: coffee table with storage, customizable shelving, bed with storage for double or multiple functions. 2. Maximize storage on walls. By going vertical, walls are extra space that you can work on. Imagine floor to ceiling shelving or hanging shelves. There are great ways to maximize walls. This can work in all corners of your room. 3. Extra shelves and storage are always useful! Be creative in looking for secret spots to use as additional storage area. Under the stairs, bed, sink; inside your coffee table or even your closet. Those bins and boxes are always handy for these purposes. 4. Connect Living Spaces. Merge rooms and create one big open space. Try this out in your living, dining and kitchen areas. Double duty rooms also work like home office-guest room. 5. Save space with compact, foldable furniture. Choose compact, easy to move furnishing and all kinds of folding furniture that you can easily set aside when not in use for that much needed space.

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5Corners 2012 Catalog_v1  

Space Saving Inspiration Issue

5Corners 2012 Catalog_v1  

Space Saving Inspiration Issue