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Sensory Guide In & Out bucket Ultimate bottle Triangle tissue holer Square Pipes Belongs to u & me


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Readymade Mings Design Interbship PPsoap Internship

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EXPERIENCE & AWARDS EXPERIENCE 2012 - participated in the MOE Scholarship Program for overseas study in Art and Design 2011 - JENSIN International Technology Corporation. Internship. 2011 - 3+2 Design Studio Internship 2011 - Chan Gung University Industrial Design Exhibition of Yodex. Public Relation Practitioner 2010 - 出清/初青 Furniture Design Exhibition. Public Relation Practitione 2010 - Ming’s Design Studio Internship. 2009 - PPsoap Handmade Soap. Internship

AWARDS 2012 - YSED 9th - Nominated 2012 - Gigabyte Great Design - Gigabyte Outstanding Prize 2011 - Taiwan In ternational Student Design Competition - Nominated 2011 - Taiwan Yodex - Nominated 2011 - Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs Qulia Award - Nominated 2011 - Taiwan Designer’s Week Rising Star - Exhibition 2010 - Uneec Applied Design Award 4th - Nominated 2010 - Chang Gung University 出清/初青 Furniture Exhibition 2010 - National Chiao Tung University 璃饗生活 - Nominated


劉倪鳳 Liu, Ni - Feng TAIPEI, TAIWAN 1988.10.22

Education 2012, Sep. ~ now National Chiao Tung University Institute of Applied Art 2007, Sep. ~ 2011, Jun. Chang Gung University Industrial Design 2004, Sep. ~ 2007, Jun. The Affiliated Senior High School of National Taiwan University 2001, Sep. ~ 2004, Jun. New Taipei Municipal HaiShann High School

I am so lucky that what I have chosen to study in college is Industrial Design. Design gave me a stage to show myself in a free way. When doing the project, although it won’t be so easy at all, I enjoy the process. No matter how hard the process is, when see the perfect result, it always give me more confidece in the end. In the process, we always have trouble of the project, in the same time, we doubt ourself as well. But in the end, when seeing the final and best solution of product, we finally can get a perfect result and the best defination of ourself. I think it’s what the design give me.

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PRODUCT DESIGN Sensory Guide In & Out Bucket Ultimate bottle Triangle tissue holder Square pipes Belongs to U & me

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Sensory Guide Designer : Ni -Feng Liu , Ju-Ming Huang Sensory Guide is a steering wheel which could navigate drivers the right direction with vibration intuitively. With it, the driver could safely on the right direction and avoid dangers arise from distraction of looking at the navigator or mistook in left and right. Sensory Guide uses the positioning technology of gyroscope. It could properly navigate the direction with vibration before drivers make a turn, even if the steering wheel is rotated at any angle. 2012 - YSED 9th - Nominated



Increase the danger arise from distraction of looking on the navigator.

Using vibration to navigate, the driver can concentrate on the road directly without looking at the navigator.





People who can’t distinguish left and right would increase the danger even you have the navigator.


It could also let the people who cannot 09 distinguish between left and right, know which direction is correct.

Complicated delivering way of traditional navigation The delivering way of the traditional navigation is too comlicated for the driver. The driver would consume more his concentration to understand the complicated information.

Combine the PND and steering wheel Combine the PND and steering wheel. Reduce more information to let driver could use a easier way to understand the information and concentrate on the road.

A more clear navigation replace the traditional navigation The traditional navigation was popular. But it was discovered some defects. The Sensory Guide would develop a new navigation system to replace the traditional navigation.

Somatosensory-guide steering wheel By using vibration, the driver could concentrate on the road without staring at the navigator and also let people who can’t distinguish left and right follow the instruction of the navigator.

Touch screen& car horn Touch screen could remind drivers the destination, journey time, the name of destination and steering wheel remains the original function of car horn.

Built-in gyroscopes Ensure the steering wheel could properly navigate the driver with vibration when it was rotated.

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Process First of all, we using the electronic component of vibration to creat the vibrate feeling. Trying the position of the vibrate component when user can touch it accurately. Using the bearing to rotate the steering wheel soomthly. In the end, combine all the component together. 12 13

In & Out bucket Designer : Ni-Feng Liu,Tun-Wei Liang







2011 - Taiwan Yodex - Nominated 2011 - Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs Qulia Award - Nominated 2011 - Taiwan Designer’s Week Rising Star - Exhibition 2010 - Uneec Applied Design Award 4th - Nominated


Buckets usually have bigger calibers than waste bins, which results in dumping the waste out of the bin. In & out bucket is designed to overcome this problem. The buttom of the bucket becomes to the trapezoidal shape.Using the larger opening to sweep in the waste, then the smaller one behind it to dump. By this, you can collect and dump the waste easily.






The dust is collected from forward and dump to back. By this, you can collect and dump the waste easily. 14 15

Ultimate bottle Designer : Ni-Feng Liu,Tun-Wei Liang It differs from other bottles on its bottom. By changing the bottom from flat to a shape of funnel, shampoo could be easily gathered and totally used up. Without putting the bottle upside down, the last drop of the shampoo could be used. 2011 - Taiwan Yodex - Nominated

Triangle tissue holder Designer : Ni-Feng Liu,Tun-Wei Liang The shape of the holder is Triangle; solve the problem that people waste tissue without Conscious. Reverse the direct of tearing the tissue. The Serrated side between horizon is 29ยบ. It is more convenient to tear the tissue. 2011 - Taiwan Yodex - Nominated

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How to use


Become a disc

Hold more tightly

Square pipes Designer : Ni-Feng Liu,Tun-Wei Liang This is an improvement of the traditional round water pipe for better function of storage and usage. The square pipe is easier to hold and wouldn’t be tangled like the round pipe. There are two grooves on one side, and two convex lines on the other side. Through fixing the grooves with convex lines, the pipe would become a disc. The storage would become convenient and it would not take much space. 2011 - Taiwan In ternational Student Design Competition - Nominated 20 21

Belongs to u & me Designer : Ni-Feng Liu,Hui-Chun "Belongs to u & me" is a light that presents the desire between strangers and creates romantic feelings in lounge bars. It turns the interaction between people into changes of light effect.There are sensors in the three parts of this light to turn on the lights when people come. Finally when they all sit down, and turn on all the lights, they could share the lovely light.

Scenario First of all, there are little light when on one come to the bar. Then when a person come to the bar, a half of this light would turn on slowly.And the other person who pass by would receive the lonely messages delivered by the light. At the same time, when he sits down, the other half of this light would turn on slowly ,too. Finally, they sit together and share the lovely lig ht. 22 23

sensor LED 1. in general

turn on

2. one person,

would sensor,

3. two person,

would sensor,

trun on trun on

Structure There are two sensors on the lights, which are placed on two sides. When people come by, it would senor people and the light would turn on slowly. There are two people and the two lights would turn on together.

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FREEHAND SKETCHES Free hand sketches of products

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OTHERS Readymade Mings Design Studio Internship PPsoap Internship

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Readymade What would you like to fish ? A fish ? Or shoes ? The readymade project is to use the ready material to finish a stuff.The material are angel, fishing line, fishing pole and my shoes.

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Mings Design Studio internship 2010 summer the Mings Design Studio internship Making the product to exhibit on the 2011 designers week.

PPsoap Internship 2009 summer the PPsop internship My primary jog is DM design, Commercial Photography, and silicon mold making.

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Ni-Feng Liu in Hsingchu