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SOUL WORK#1 Let’s face the RAIN together I was walking back home from the restaurant nearby when it suddenly rained …. I had no umbrella or raincoat, so I just ran inside the shelter nearby …. 10 minutes passed the rain became heavier …. 20 minutes ….. more …. I wanted to reach home fast but I was standing there in that shelter totally convinced that I was helpless …. 40 minutes passed it was still raining heavily …. Then some time I decided I am going to step down from this shelter …. No more waiting …. I am done with it … I stepped down and suddenly my friends vehicle stopped nearby … I got home safe and fast :-) This event left in me a great insight …. How fast are we choosing to leave those shelters we run into saving ourselves from those rains which says us we are helpless, that fast we are going to reach our home … is there some change you want in your life so badly but its just not happening …. I suggest you to think once again … are there any shelters which you run into …. Identify them…. Those repeated excuses … blames …. Habits …. Etc. etc …. and make a decision that you are going to stay away from them … commit to it for the next few weeks … and welcome that change into your lives …… Let’s face the rain together :-) Love

Geo P George ROUTINE  What is that change which you want to happen in your life so badly?  What are those shelters: excuses, blames, habits etc which is prev ent you from owning that change?  Make a never again list.  Keep it for the next 21 days See the MAGIC



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