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Test Your Political Skills We are holding a contest here at the Bug to see who in Missouri has the best political mind. We selected 12 competitive races that will test your skills. We have both 4 statewide or congressional races, 4 State Senate races and 4 State House races. The winner will receive a very nice engraving print of the U.S. Capitol suitable for framing. As well as bragging rights!! Enter only once.

US Senate Brunner Steelman Akin

US Rep.

Clay Carnahan

Lt. Gov. Lager Kinder


Schohler Rupp Stoffer

1. Print off the form & Fill it out 2. Take a camera phone pic of it 3. tweet it to @mopoliticalbug 4. use hashtag #mobugpicks

State Senate SD 5 Nasheed Jones JMO

SD 7 Holsman Williams SD27 Brandom Wallingford SD31 Emery Largent

State House HD 87 Newman Carlson HD 37 Ruinions Moreno HD 62 Brundick Hurst Sassaman Combs Kelly Mertz Wieburg HD 158 Bennet Fitzpatrick Washburn

MO Political Bug Picks  

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