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April 3rd

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Brannum Files for City Council

Staff Reports

Running on a platform of lower utility rates

POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. - Johnny Brannum has filed for election to the city council in the Ward 4 which encompasses north Poplar Bluff. Brannum is running to see some of the recent utility rate increases scrutinized and to see increased funding for the police and fire departments. “I, like many of my neighbors in the 4th Ward, am very concerned about the skyrocketing increases in our utility bills. At a time when gas is above $3.50 a gallon, we have to be certain that every penny is used most efficently before we squeeze more out of our citizens,” said Brannum. Many citizens have been questioning several recent actions by Municipal Utilites which is administered by the city council. From rate in-

“I, like many of my neighbors in the 4th ward, am very concerned about the skyrocketing increases in our utility bills. At a time when gas is above $3.50 a gallon we have to be certain that every penny is used most efficently before we squeeze more out of our citizens.” - Johnny Brannum Candidate for the 4th Ward creases to the ignoring the over 900 signatures of citizens from Ward 4 who were demanding open access for Internet services. Many residents are looking for a change in leadership at city hall “There are just some things people are questining. As I visit the different neighborhoods of the 4th Ward, people are simply not in favor of the way the utility company is being ran. I will not only listen to the resdients of the 4th Ward, but I will be their voice on the city council,” said Brannum. Brannum is also running to be an advocate for the police and fire departments. “The men and women of the police and fire departments will have an advocate and supporter in me. They give their all to keep us safe and protected. I believe the least we can do as a city council is support them,” he concluded.

Johnny his wife Lee Ann and their German Shephard Alex.

Brannum and his wife Lee Ann live on Whispering Oaks Place in Poplar Bluff.

Johnny Brannum of Whispering Oaks Place is seeking to serve as councilman for Ward 4.

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Vote April 3rd

Brannum Seeks to Roll Back Skyrocketing Utility Bills Sees Waste and Opportunites to Reduce Costs to Customers

Staff Reports POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. - Seeking to see Municipal Utilities use their resources more efficiently so that some of the recent rate increases can be rolled back is a top priority of 4th Ward candidate Johnny Brannum. “I simply believe that there are ways we can more efficiently use the resources of Municipal Utilities, and I - like several of my friends and neighbors - simply have questions about the huge rate increases. I believe we need a fresh perspective to review and deal with the challenges facing Municipal Utilities,” said Brannum. Another issue concerning many residents of the 4th Ward is the Open Access issue. Over 900

residents signed a see more community input about petition and it ap- the channels available on city peared to me and cable. “It’s just one of the things I many others that feel we need to review,” said BranMunicipal Utilinum. ties and the City Council “I simply believe that there didn’t seri- are ways we can more efously con- fiently use the resources of Municipal Utilities, and sider their I - like several of my friends views. It’s and neighbors - simply have time for a new perspec- questions about the huge tive on the rate increases. I believe we city council need a fresh perspective to review and deal with the and a new representa- challenges facing Municipal Utilities.” tive of the - Johnny Brannum people on the Municipal Utilities advisory board”, said Brannum. Over a decade ago Municipal Utilities spent millions of the taxpayers dollars to build a power plant to help keep utility rates low. To date, the plant has failed to turn a profit, and utility rates have continued to go up. “The generating plant has been here since 2003 and has never made a dime and all the while our rates have gone up. I will be straight forward with the people of my ward about issues such as these,” said Brannum.

What Others are Saying “I know Johnny personally and I know he will do a tremendous job for the people of Poplar Bluff”. - Dr. Ken McVey “There are many issues facing the city, and I feel Johnny will be a great city

councilman.” - Max Clodfelter “Johnny has my vote because I am sick of the electric bill going up. When I signed the petition for open access, my voice was ignored.” - Steve Danner

Lastly, Brannum wants to

Vote April 3rd “Johnny will be a tremendous city councilStaff Reports man. I am proud POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. - Candidate to support his campaign.” for the 4th Ward, Johnny Brannum running on a platform of in- Dr Carrie Carda iscreased support for city police and

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Brannum Looks to Support Police and Fire Departments

“I am excited about our commuinty growing, but we need leaders who will ask the tough questions. Johnny will.” - Joe Dicken “I plan on raising my family in Poplar Bluff, and I trust with Johnny leading the city, we are in good hands.” - Ashley Lewis

What Others are Saying

fire departments.

“I am a passionate advocate of making sure we are doing all we can for our police and fire departments. If I am honored with my friends and neighbors’ votes, I will

promise to be the biggest supporter of them as they are on the front line

for the people of Poplar Bluff,” Brannum said.

If elected Brannum has promised to personally meet with every police office and firefighter to garner their input on how the city council can make their jobs easier. “I want to hear from everyone, and learn any way I can to help them. My door will always be open and they will have my cell number so we can keep in touch,” said Brannum.

Lee Ann Brannum Allow Me to Tell You a Little About My Hussband

Thank you for this opportunity for me to tell you about my husband Johnny. He is a tremendous husband, a dedicated employee of Missouri Natural Gas, and someone who cares deeply about our community. I see him every day, and I can personally attest that he has a servant’s heart. I will be enthusiastically voting for my husband on Election Day, and I want to ask you to join me. If you value honesty, integrity, and someone who will listen to your concerns and do his best everyday to represent you, then you can feel safe voting for my husband. If anyone in our neighborhood has questions or concerns about city government our door will always be open. I have gotten to meet many of you this spring, and have known most of our neighbors for years. Please know our family looks forward to serving you. See you at the polls April 3rd!

Lee Ann Brannum

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Vote April 3rd

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