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Oct10 2016

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OFFICAL JOURNAL THE Appreciation of the world 's US cattle

04.健美冠军牛 第20届世界健美牛大赛冠军得主来自广西的飞飞 19





飞飞 漂泊中的健美牛



Throughout the past 33 years as a beef veterinarian, I’ve seen many examples of excellent management practices. While teaching at Purdue University, I often told students they would likely learn as much from their clients as they would from their professors. It is important to learn from progressive producers and share this knowledge with others who strive to do even better than they do today. Beef veterinarians spend a lot of time analyzing problems and providing recommendations for improvement. Successful producers prove that exceptional health, productivity and profitability are possible. So, when asked about how improvements can be made on a farm or ranch, I share success stories from those producers.


冠军 牛

Champion One key area that the most successful producers continuously focus on is keeping low-maintenance females. Beef cows should thrive in their environment, whether that is southern Texas or North Dakota. My veterinary school externships were in western Nebraska, where cows needed to be much more resilient than those in my family’s small Midwestern herd. The cowboys talked about their cows’ hardiness, foraging ability and ease of fleshing. Their cows calved in large pastures with little human assistance. I learned that whether a producer has 40 cows or 4,000,having low-maintenance cattle is an advantage.


世界第一 健美牛

Champion cow

O v er th e l a st f i f t y y e ar s , d air y f arming has b ecome mor e in t e n s iv e to in c r e ase t he a mount o f mi l k p r o d u c e d b y e a c h c ow. The H o lstein - Fr i e si a n , t h e ty p e o f d a iry c ow m o st co mmo n in t h e U K , E u r o p e and t he U SA has b e e n b r e d to p r o d u c e very high y iel ds o f mi l k . A r o u n d 2 2 lit r e s per d ay is t y p i ca l i n t h e UK . T h e av e r ag e y ield in t he US i s even h i g he r a t o v e r 3 0 lit r e s per d ay. M il k pr o duc t i on p e r c o w h as more t han d oubl ed i n t he p as t 4 0 y e ar s . I f t hey were pr oduc i ng j u st e n o u g h t o f e e d t heir c alv es, a s natu r e i nt e n d e d , th is w o u ld be about 3 o r 4 l i t r e s a da y .

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