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劉 彥岑

H a n s Ye n - t s e n L i u

劉 彥 岑 Yen-Tsen Liu +886 912 223 271

2010 - 2014

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Department of Industrial and Commercial Design Bachelor of Industrial Design

2012 - Present

National Taiwan University Department of Sociology Bachelor of Sociology

My name is Yen-Tsen Liu. I was born in Keelung in 1992, and grew up in

My Dream is to Design for the Real World and

Taoyuan. I have loved reading and drawing since I was young. When I was

to Improve the Quality of People’s Life.

a high school student, I decided to take the path for becoming an excellent designer. I entered National Taiwan University of Science and Technology(NTUST) for majoring in industrial design in 2010, then received a series of

Problem Solving

Problem Investigating and Defining

User Experience Research

Method of Social Research

Product Design

Science, Technology and Society Studies

User Interface Design

Social Statistic

strict design training. I learned a lot, gaining a pretty good understanding of the methods and processes of design. I can achieve a high standard of design which is beautiful and user-oriented. When I was in the second year of university, I took an auditing course in department of Sociology of National Taiwan University(NTU). This course surprised me that how unlimited the potential is if we can fuse the knowledge and the craft of research of social science with design seamless. As a result, I took the entrance exam again and entered department of sociology of NTU. Now I am a student in both NTUST and NTU. I learn the ways of structured thinking, the skills of qualitative and quantitative research in NTU. I hope I can frame the problem accurately and solve it actually with a

Editorial Design

beautiful solution.

Took the Entrance Exam Again and was Accepted to Department of Sociology, NTU

Young Entrepreneur of Future Plan

Was Accepted to NTUST Industrial and Commercial Design Department.

Dream to Be an Industrial Designer

NCKU Industrial Design Camp

Dream to Be a Translator

National Wu-Ling Senior High School

S k i l l s

Industrial Design / UI Design / User Experience Research

Computer Skills : Pro/Engineer / Rhino / Keyshot / Photoshop / Illustrator / Indesign / Html / CSS / PHP / Stata Language : Mandarin Chinese, English


College of Design, NTUST

- Excellent Youth


- Student Representative


Department of Industrial and Commercial Design, NTUST

- Vice President of Student Association

Sep. 2012 - Jun. 2013

- Presidential Award

Sep. 2010 - Jun. 2011


Academia Sinica - Intern of Research Center for Internet Technology Innovation

Jul. 2013 - Jan. 2014

Took charge of the exhibition space design of the Creative Commons Taiwan plan in Taiwan Designer’s Week; aquired the experience of website construction with an engineerering team Franz Award - Visual Design and Marketing Intern

Mar. 2012 - Sep. 2012

Assisted in the preparation and marketing of an international design competition

Business Next Publishing - Visual Design Intern

Engaged in the editorial process of Business Next and Manager Today in a month

Aug. 2011 - Sep. 2011


Taiwan International Student Design Competition


Nominee (Product Design) Student Editorial Award 2012


Best Cover Open Competition for Logo of NTUST 36th Anniverary


First Prize



WING – Start-up Project - Co-founder

Jun. 2014 – Present

Initiate a start-up project of developing a hearing-aid product

Asian Barometer Survey - Research Interviewer

Jul. 2014 – Present

Conducted 12 times in-face survey in Taoyuan City and gained considerable practical experience of field research

IXDA Taiwan Interaction Conference - Assistant of Speaker

Oct. 2014 – Present

Helped Prof. Dong-Sheng Chen to prepare for his speech content and contact with the conference organizers

Square ( 廣場 ) Magazine of Dept. of Sociology, NTU - Editor and Visual Designer

Oct. 2012 - Jan. 2014

Took participation in writing critical articles and art design of an independent magazine

Taiwan Tech Design Week (TTDW), NTUST - Leader of Preparatory Group

Nov. 2012 - May 2013

Led the preparatory group of 60 people for the design exhibitions, DVJ performances,and speech series

Open HCI Taipei Workshop - Student Member

Jun. 2012

Conducted a human computer interface design project with the excellent students from design, psychology, and infomation backgrounds.

HDG (懷德居 ) Carpentry Experimental School - Student Member

Sep. 2011 - Feb. 2012

Learned the skills of fine woodworking; enhanced my aesthetic and model making ability

Young Designer’s Workshop and Exhibition,, IDA Congress 2011 - Student Member

Oct. 2011

Finished a design project for telemedicine in coordination with the students from all over the world

Young Entrepreneurs of the Future, YEF - Student Member & Alumni

Made friends with students from differnt disciplines and learned knowledge of how to start a startup

Mar. 2011 - Sep. 2011


Flexible Vegetable Package Solution

greena an easy way to decide the amount of vegetables to buy in supermarket.

May. 2013 See also:

Problem Frame Due to the rising employment rate of female and the coming of the industrial and commercial society, the lifestyle of urban resident has changed a lot in Taiwan. Although people tend to eat out rather than cook at home nowadays, still we often find many vegetables left to be rotten in our refrigerator. Why do we produce this kind of food waste? Is it a common situation for urban residents to go through?

Target Group Workers in City Offers Flexible and Customized Package Size Students Who Rent House In City Offers Flexible and Customized Package Size

Field Observation in Taiwan’s Market

Customer Amount of Traditional Market Customer Amount of SuperMarket

Traditional Market Offers Flexible and Customized Package Size

SuperMarket Standardized Package




Open Hours of Traditional Market Open Hours of SuperMarket

In general, the customers who buy vegetables in supermarket are younger than those who do so in traditional market. Most of them are workers working in tertiary industrial sectors. Cooking is usually not only a daily routine but also a cheerful enjoyment of life for them. In comparision with the lifestyle before, they cook at home less with a more flexible frequency in their daily life. On account of the standardized package size of vegetables in supermarket, people unconsciously produce more serious food waste nowadays.

Design Concept Greena is an packaging machine for the customers customize the package size of the vegetables they would like to buy. The customers could do package and weigh at the same time with Greena. Then Greena would quote the price and print the tape of barcode for the customers.


Flexible Vegetable Package Solution

The appearance of Greena looks like a electronic weigher with a monitor and a vegetable binder. It’s easy for the customers to guess how to use it, in other words, it will reduce the learning barriers for customers.

In consideration of the elder users, I reserved some skeuomorphic features in this UI (e.g., at the edge of the bottons, I used some light gradients and shadows to make the elders know what it is intuitively.).



How to Use


Pick up the vegetables you would like to buy

Take a plastic bag and put the vegetables in it

Put the bag on the plate of Greena

Change the language to English if you are not chinese user

Choose the consonant of the first word of the item you want to buy

Greena will display the possible results for you

Just simply choose what the item it is

Greena will weigh the vegetables and show the price

Check the price

Greena will print the barcode on the tape, display that it is ready for binding on it’s screen, and turn the guiding light green on binder.

Handle the opening of the plastic bag and make it slide along the path of the binder above the plate Greena will bind the bag

Take the vegetables to the check out counter

May. 2014 See also: Start-up Project : Will be available on crowd-funding platform FlyingV:

Problem Frame Threatened Food Security

The food security is usually under the threat from the climate disasters, overuse of chemical insecticide, excessive food processing, and genetic modification.

Unbalanced Food Produce and Distribution Due to the unbalanced food produce and distribution system, this situation is much more severe in urban area which food supply depends on countryside. If planting vegetable can be never a privilege for high-social class minority, it can contribute to forming a distributed and liberal productive network. Once if a food crisis happens, the network can balance the shortage and price fluctuation of food.

Target Group Urban Residents The urban residents who are interested in organic and healthy lifestyle.

We interviewed above 20 urban residents, and also brought our prototype to several public exhibitions of urban gardening and agriculture for gathering feedbacks.

We concluded that it is several common difficulties that urban residents would go through: Their living space is too narrow to grow vegetables. Their life is too busy to take care of vegetables. Their income is not enough for them to buy expensive gardening tools.

Design Concept

Miaomiao is a vertical hydroponic device which offers a solution that

Simple, Elegant, and Healthful

their houses greener. Moreover, they can produce healthy and fresh

makes the urban lifestyle more beautiful

vegetable for themselves, their family, friends and neighbourhood.

let the urban residents become the “green thumbs” easily and make

Flexible Installation Being Hung With a Stand Windows

Roof, Balcony

Every part of Miaomiao can be connected by their ends like a LEGO set. With this feature, the users can decide to support it with a stand or hang it up according to the changes of home environment and amount of vegetables they want to plant. What is better, Miaomiao is a non-electrical device, you don’t need to worry about the quantity of electric charge and where the electrical outlet is.

Easy Irrigating & Pleasure of Planting

Organic Liquid Compost

Water Balloon

Bottle With a manual water balloon, you can push the liquid compost from the bottle upward into the vessel inside the main stem of Miaomiao, and then to the top of it. Then, the compost will shed downward into all the containers.

Just fill the expanded clay and coco coir growing media in the pots, then plant the vegetable shoots. The vegetables will grow healthfully with less plant diseases and insect pests.

Absorbed by Roots


Modular Design We interviewed above 20 urban residents, and also brought our prototype to several public exhibitions of urban gardening and agriculture for gathering feedbacks. We concluded that it is a common situation that urban residents would go through: their... living space is too narrow to grow vegetables. life is too busy to take care of vegetables. income is not enough for them to buy expensive gardening tools.

How to Use?

Prototyping and Testing Hydroponic technical test

Install Find a shiny place, then decide if you’d like to install it with a stand or a hook, and the amount of vegetables.


Fill the expanded clay and coco coir growing media in the pots, then plant the vegetable shoots.

Irrigate The daily irrigations exercise your fingers! 3D-printing technology reduced our cost and time of mock-ups.

Grow With organic hydroponic technology, the vegetables grow healthfully with less plant diseases and insect pests.

Harvest Want to cook by yourself? The most fresh and beautiful vegetables in the world are just in front of you.

HANDY SHOT Jan. 2013 See also:

Problem Frame What makes bird watching so frustrated for people who would like to take photo simultaneously?

While people does bird watching with a telescope, it is difficult for them to enjoy the experience with photo taking at the same time.

DC with monocular is comparably cheap but also much more complex in assembling camera, adapt ring, and monocular for amateur users.

DSLR is too heavy, expensive, and also always with serious vibration if you would take a snapshot.

Target Group Ecological observation enthusiast who is also a shutterbug Persona Yang Lee Age: 25 President of an amatuer mountain climbing club/ Interested in ecological observation, especially bird watching

A Day of Mountain Climbing 06:30 wake up

13:45 watching the vocano far away

07:00 enjoy breakfast out

15:30 it rains

07:30 meet his friends at Train Station

16:30 hear the sound of the tree frogs

08:00 take a bus to Qi-Xing Mountain

16:40 try to find them, but fail

08:30 get off the bus

17:00 take a bus to Tien-Mu

09:00 arrive in the hiking gate

18:00 enjoy ramen as dinner

10:15 get the first viewing platform

18:45 take the MRT to Gong-Guan

10:20 take a rest

19:30 say goodbye to his friends

10:30 take some photos of flying birds

19:50 get home, take a shower

12:00 have lunch

20:30 share the photos on facebook

13:00 another viewing platform

21:15 go bed early

13:30 the bottom of Da-Tun Mountain

Design Concept Handyshot is a digital camera back which offer an adapt ring to install a DSLR lens or a monocular. It combines interactive GUI with optical view in its view finder. Handyshot offers an affordable option for shutterbug to shot animals in the fields.

Eye-Tracing View Finder

User Interface

With infrared eye tracing technology, the toolbar set at two sides will slide in if you are staring at the two sides of your view.

Electric Opitical

Power Button Shutter Release Button

Adapt Ring for Monocular and Lens Replacable and Flexible Support


Angle-Adjustable Ocular Lens User can change the angle of ocular lens while watching upward, reducing the burden the neck affords.

Brand Research

Product History Map an induction of the product identity of Sony

- focus on innovations of visual and audio interactional experience - expertise in technologys that make design lighter, thiner and smaller - simple and clear lines, succinct design language - leader of pushing professional optical technology to mass market

Brand Master Value Internal


- to create people’s demand, enter their life, and offer a dream


- to be a company that inspires and fulfills people’s curiosity


- being a pioneer, not following others. Original style, Functional beauty, Convenience.

Personality Promise External

- an innovative pioneer bringing people joy and hapiness - Make.Believe - Anything you can imagine, you can make it real

Sketch and Mock-up

Wing M a ke H e a r i n g I m p a i re d Pe o p l e F l y Nov. 2013 See also: Award Winning : Taiwan International Student Design Competition - Nominee (Product Design) Start-up Project : My friend and I are still working in progress to make it real.

The differences of earphone usage between normal people and hearing impaired people.

Problem Frame Hearing impaired people wearing ear-hooked hearing aids are not able to use normal earphones. As a hearing impaired person, I can not use normal earphone to hear audio. I know many hearing impaired people have the same condition like me, and I hope I can help.

Design Concept Wing offers hearing impaired people an convenient way to listen with a

How to Use?

mobile player or cellphone. Its streamline shape makes itself look harmonized with the hearing aids. With a simple, replaceable hook structure, it can be installed on different models of hearing aids just in one-step. With simple but efficient structure, Wing offers an immediate-tech, lowcost but innnovative solution for hearing impaired people to listen with their mobile players or phones.

Wing contains a fine cooper coil inside, transforming audio signal from electric current to changing magnetic field. If Wing is successful installed, telecoil in hearing aid can catch this magnetic signal and turn it into sound.

1. Turn on your mobile Player. 2. Cooper wire coil inside transforms audio signal from electric current to changing magnetic field. 3. Telecoil in hearing aid catches the magnetic signal and transform it to electric current. 4. Hearing aid transforms the electric current to sound, and amplify it to adequate volume for hearing impaired people. 5. Enjoy it!

Mock-up Technical

Working Model

Mumetal Shell Mumetal shell with high magnetic permeability can avoid interference by shielding against static or low-frequency magnetic fields.

Dummy Model

Telecoil Inside A telecoil is a fine strands of copper wire wound into a coil and integrated into the circuitry of a hearing aid. Most hearing aids sold today have telecoils. When telecoils are turned on, they sense the electromagnetic signal emitted by an induction loop and send it on to the circuitry of your hearing aids. The hearing aids then turn it into sound for hearing impaired people to enjoy.

Replaceable Hook Replaceable hook enables Wing to adapt different brands and models of hearing-aid.

Jan. 2013 See also:

Square Magazine

Jan. 2013 See also:

Primary Logo



Secondary Logo

minimum print size

minimum screen size

25mm wide

45pixel wide

Alternate Logo

Typography 讓 人 們 得 以 休 憩 、移 動 和 交 流 互 動 是 一 個 公 共 空 間 存 在 的 意 義 。廣 場 做 為 一 個 公 共 空 間 , 也 應 該 擁 有 突 破 既 有 設 計 和 疑 慮 ,重 新 被 增 添 色 彩 、注 入 人 情 的 可 能 。

A B C D E F G H I J K L N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 1










Hiragino Mincho Pro W3, width 90%

讓 人 們 得 以 休 憩 、移 動 和 交流互動是一個公共空間 存在的意義 Kozuka Mincho Pro H, width 115%

A B C D E F G H I J K L N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 1










Square Magazine is a quarterly publication of Department of Sociolo-

Award Winning :

gy of National Taiwan University. I took participation in writing critical

Student Editorial Award 2012 - Best Cover

articles and art design of an independent magazine during Oct. 2012

(This competition was held by The Big Issue Taiwan)

to Jan. 2014.

Color Palette 100% 80% 60% 40% 20%



C 65


C 17



M 56

M 44

M 12



Y 57

Y 64

Y 13

K 100


K 33


K0 100% 80%


60% 40% 20%

Covers Vol. 1~3

Jan. 2013 See also:

Taiwan Tech Design Week, TTDW Jan. 2013 See also:

Taiwan Tech Design Week, TTDW, is the most important student event which was held annually in Department of Industrial and Commercial Design in National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. It comprises an exhibtion of Achievement of the teaching, and some events decided to be held by the students of the preparing team spontaneously. In the year 2013, we decided to hold the events with a theme, which is called “誰管明天 ( Who cares tomorrow)“. The theme, “Who cares tomorrow”, means “we care. Only if we seize every moment and take care of our society, we would change our future what we care.”.

With the central thinking, we planed to hold a theme exhibtion which exhibits the designs which response or solve the existing problems of our society. And also, we organized 5 speeches and a design night with attractive dance performance and DVJ shows.

I was the president of those all events and led over 50 persons in preparing team in TTDW 2013. It a precious experience for learning leadership and service design for me.

Taiwan Tech Design Week 2013

Design Night

Taiwan Tech Design Week 2013


Taiwan Tech Design Week 2013

Design Forums

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