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Industrial Design Portfolio 2013-2017

Orbit Pen




Creative stationery

Functional apparel

Kids kitchenware

Water equipment

Kickstarter project

Kickstarter project

Team project

Team project

The pen compatible with multiple refills ORBIT is the rotating pen with minimalist design that provides the best writing experience with the best weight balance and proportion. The mechanical design makes ORBIT compatible with 60+ multiple popular refills.

Kickstarter project Intern project at Tronnovate Design Role in project: Lead designer

Extend the life of a pen It is a problem that people have bad writing experience with different kinds of pens and usually throw them away after pens run out of ink. Therefore, ORBIT was designed as a sustainable pen body compatible with 60+ multiple popular refills and also provides proper weight and elegant writing.

Multiple Refills

Sustainable Pen body

These are some of the design details as the inspiration to me while I was ideating.

For creative thinkers ORBIT was designed for thinkers and creators, recording your ideas anytime just by rotating the end to let the refill come out. ORBIT is perfect for thinkers & creators since it works well with different kinds of refills.

Best hold experience The pen pipe has to be 11mm in diameter for users holding.


Lathing & Tapping



M9.5xP0.5 牙深14.5mm 緊配 x3 pitch







R0 .1



9.5 M9.5xP0.5 牙深3.5mm 緊配



The biggest challenge was to adjust the dimensions of each components in order to make sure the function work. I had to take the variation in the lengths and diameters of different refills and the limitation of lathing and tapping in consideration simultaneously. Before design, I communicated with the manufacturer to understand the limitations of production. I also decided which model of the rotating mechanism worked ideally in advance. Then, I collected most of the popular refills and listed them in order of length. Therefore, I could work much more effeciently because I’d had enough information.

I built 3D model of each components by the steps and the way of the component being produced.

ng i l r knu

Min Variation: 20mm

Wide compatibility Collected most of the refills and listed them in order of length.

g n i t a Rot hanism c me

Tight fit Tight fit

Material: 6061 Aluminum

Learning My role as an intern in this startup required me to go through the whole process from multiple perspective on project. Additionally I worked on storyboard, video filming, and marketing strategy for some other crowdfunding projects.


Design Implementation

Kickstarter Marketing


3D modeling


personal management

mechanism design

product photography



graphic design


packaging design

video filming



Stylish for daily writing

Minimal for business style

Provide the maximum capacity to be compatible with most of refills.

Fit with hi-end refills such as Mont Blanc, Parker, Lamy, etc. Portable to insert into your pocket.

Length / 130 - 150mm Diameter / 11mm Weight (w/o refill) / 20 gram



Length / 127 - 133mm Diameter / 11mm Weight (w/o refill) / 19 gram

Refill compatibility Compatible with over 60 different kinds of popular refills in the market. Sort out 3 groups of lengths of popular refills (98.4mm, 112mm, 118mm) by signing the white dots on the internal tube to let you change the refill promptly.

Parker style refills Rollerball refills Max length refills

3 steps to replace the refill

Open the pen. Take out the refill and the spring inside.

Adjust the internal tube to the suitable location. Tighten the press part till it touches the internal tube.

Insert the new refill and spring. Tighten the pen’s head.

ORBIT pen with the refill replaced!

Minimalistic Each part is simple and assembled precisely to present functions for ORBIT.

Galaxy Silver


Titanium Gold


Space Gray


Meteor Black

Jacket & Bag Transformed in Seconds Duoket is a Jacket+Bag design which can be a carry-on bag but also transforms itself into a jacket and is a necessary addition for anyone traveling from cold to hot or vice versa. The pockets remain the same between the jacket and bag meaning if you put an item in your bag pocket, it will end up in that same pocket for your jacket.

Kickstarter project Collaborated with Mininch

No more carrying an extra jacket or bag Every time when we are going out, we would trouble what we need to wear, and how to carry all essentials (wallet, keys, mobile phone, iPad, pens, notebook, sunglasses, small electronics, cosmetics‌); we hurriedly grab a bag, move things from A to B to C. In addition, we may also consider taking a jacket or not, in case there's a sudden change in the weather or temperature drop. What a fuss!

The temperature varies much from day to night.

How will we simplify daily pack-and-prep?

When people move between outdoor/indoor environment.

Ideation & Prototypes I ideated different ways to transform jacket to bag and made rapid prototypes to test it. I studied how functional pockets be designed, and I did research on the pattern of jackets and bags,

Jacket mode

Bag mode

Challenge Designing an apparel was totally a new field to me, so it was not easy for me to make my idea into functional structures. Therefore, I discussed the know-how with dressmakers frequently during the process. Finally I built a well-functioning model.

Discussing Drawing


First version I finally built the first version of Duoket and it was designed for daily commuters. Fortunately, this design was picked by Mininich in the final presentation. After that, we started to develop Duoket together and I was responsible for design ideation and solution.

The journey of an idea getting onto Kickstarter Working with product designers and marketing person. 4 times prototying. Going through the implementation of bringing design into production.

-2016March - May Concept & Design Conceived

June - July Material, 1st Prototype

August - September Design Review, 2nd Prototype

October Deign Revised, 3rd Prototype

November Design Optimized, 4th Prototype

December Kickstarter Project Launched

Making Transformation of Jacket & Bag With only 3 steps in 30 seconds, swtich the function of jacket and bag. Simplify the daily pack-and-prep for carrying your essentials in every occasion.


Fold the sleeves.


Open the bag from the back, and pack the jacket part inside the bag.


Zip up and take out the embedded bag handle.

Hidden bag The structural design of transforming into bag is on the back which makes Duoket perform well on being both jacket and bag.

Bag zipper

Embedded bag handle

Surface of bag

Everything stays in original pockets

Everything you pocket will be stayed in the same position, no matter which one you put in jacket or bag, you don’t need to take out, move, or reorganize anything when making it transformed.

Multiple pockets It comes stocked with different functions of pockets for carrying daily essentials.

Versatile Simplify the daily pack-and-prep for carrying your essentials in the event of commutes, street walk, outdoor adventures and sport & exercise.

Kids’ kitchenware Cookit emphasizes on food education, and we believe in the importance of kids' cooking. We offer a new way and designed tools for kids to cook at home. To give them a chance to experience the joy of cooking, and to discover their own ability within. Team project Role in Project: Creative Lead Project Manager In charge of sourcing

Let kids cook! There are a lot of research and examples stating that it is beneficial for kids to start cooking at a young age, they can gain food knowledge, develop the five senses, train their hand-eye coordination, and learn a life skill. Kids’ food education continues to gain attention throughout the years, and countries such as England and Japan have even established regulations towards food education. They emphasize on the necessity of including learning to cook into child education, and they urge kids to learn more about food and to cherish food. However, this is not a common practice in Taiwan. Also, existing products cannot truly fit the needs for kids to cook. Hence, most of the kids in Taiwan rarely have the opportunity to try cooking.

How can kids learn cooking thoroughly?

Research Insights

Stand in kids’ shoes


We discovered the difficulties when kids were cooking with no suitable tools. We interviewed with some educators and experts to know the importance of learning in cooking for kids. We also collected the opinions from parents to understand what they cared.

n r e c n o c e w s e l o r 3 Kids



We generalized the thought from kids, parents and experts in cooking and child education. We considered these 3 roles in our design.

No stabilization

Wash - Prep - Clear - Cook - Clean

s s e c o r p e h t e n fi De

? measureme nt

Learning in cooking! 5 senses hand-eye coordination essential skills food knowledge good habit

How to build up the proper cognition of cooking?

Age 4-7 kids target users

(Consider that kids under age 3 have not enough cognition and coordination.)



Let the kids in Taiwan


s r o t c a f Human

Risk of slide


Parent-child interaction

Unsuitable gestures How to properly lead my child to cook?


Toolbox test

Inspired by tangram

Integrated drain disk Stabilize different food

Material test


Learning guideline

Suitable gesture

Kids human factors


Ideation Prototyping

We developed a rapid circle of brainstorming ideas and prototyping to make sure that the concepts had the potential of being actually used. These prototypes were tested in many scenarios with different kids and were refined constantly.

Gesture guide Color psychology The color plan considers the mental development of kids. Yellow means the highlight. Dark Gray keeps kids from touching. Blue and Orange brings happiness and energy.

Color planning Kids are sensitive to color, so we distinguished the cooking process with different colors, cool colors as the prep section, and warm colors as the cook section. Also, we used a bright yellow as the guide for the tools.

Guide kids to intuitively hold tools with the suitable gestures.

Drain disk / Tool box Kids can develop responsibility in the process of cleaning their tools. Cookit can be tranformed into a drain disk after kids clean the utensils and finally be integrated to the tool box.

Develop responsibility

Functional chopping boards Place the board that you want to use close to yourself, and the other one upside down at the further end, to make the kids more focused on the area in use.

Habit of order

Stabilize food

A place to temporarily place the tools, to minimize the chance of accidents.

The form stabilizes food and makes it easier for children to process food.


Suitable gesture Defining a safer, more stalblized gesture for kids to learn, to memory easily.

Motion guide line A guide line to help the kids learn the proper motion of using the knife.

Concentrate on Slicing guides The printed lines on the chopping board provides a guide to slice, also enhancing the training of hand-eye coordination.

Peeling and grating with horizontal motions reduce the danger that might be caused by the traditional multi-direction motions, and the corresponding chopping board offers more stability.


Grater Well-handled

Human factors

Stabilize grater Seperate peel

Cooking The cook section trains the kids’ ability to choose the more suitable tool to use. We summed up the cook section into four main tasks (to flip, to stir, to grasp, and to dish up), and most of the tasks can be done with either a spatula or a tong. The enough length of the handle prevents kids from touching the pan.




Dish up

The enough length of the handle prevents kids from touching the pan.



Stir intuitively The shape of the spatula is designed to create the special angle for kids to stir food easily.

Fine motor training To accomplish more detailed motions, and to grasp and stir in smaller area.

Silicone component The silicone component in the center creates a depth while dishing up, without interfering the other motions.


Dish up

This time, let kids be in charge!

A water-purifying bag PURE HIKE is an essential water equipment for hikers whick optimizes the water-use experience and simplfies the process by integrating the functions of filtering and drinking into one lightweight waterbag. Team project Role in Project: Creative Lead In charge of process

Background Water is the most essential element for hikers in the mountain that is highly related to hikers’ health condition. In the journey, hikers should often find the water source around, get the water and filter it. It is also important to manage drinking in every hiking day. According to the research, we found that many hikers commonly had problems about water use. Many hikers got heat stroke or dehydrated since they didn’t drink properly. Most of them had very bad experiences with the existing equipments.

How will we optimize the drinking experience?



Getting Water


Not portable

Not integrated

Hard to clean

It is too heavy and bulky to carry too many water equipments.

Hikers often overdrink with the straw with the water bag. And it is unconvenient to drink with water bottles when moving.

Time-consuming Complex steps It takes time and many steps to filter water at the water source.

It is hard to clean the inside of the water bag and connected components.

Requirements We collect the problems hikers suffer from. We define the requirements and paint points which have to be solved.

Adequate capacity

Save space for bags

Easy to clean

Aware of consumption

Fast filling

Share with others

Light weight

Regular drinking

Simple filtering

Inspired by behaviors

Drinking gestures analysis Drink with bottle

Wipe the sweat

Filtering process Hollow Fiber Membrane 99.9% clean

Filter technology research

Human factors

How to be easily assembled and seperated?

Buckles To lock with backpack

Drinking+Filtering+Controlling Combine the waterbag with the filter. Help hikers drink regularly in moderation. Simplify the filtering process.

Wider mouth for filling

Test weight and capacity

Filtering structure

3D printing prototype

TPE water bag

Gestures test

1000 ml For per half day 1 Day = 2000ml = 2 bags


Water control Easily control the consumption of water and have regular drinking.

200ml For per hour

Easily drink, easily check Hikers can handle it conveniently and easily see how much the water is in front of their body.

Filter anytime Combined with the filter, it makes hikers easily get clean water by pressing the water bag with only one hand.


Hollow Fiber Membrane It is an affordable technology that can make the filter lighter and more efficient. It can also filter 99.9% germs.


Wider inlet Through the wider slot-shaped bottle mouth of the water bag, hikers can fill with enough water much faster.

wider before


Easily clean, easily assemble Each component can be seperated and assembled easily. Hikers can conveniently clean the components.


ABOUT ME I am currently looking for a design job. Please feel free to contact me. - Strong passion and ability for finding insights from complex challenges, and transforming them into creative solutions. - Multiple experiences to work with designers, market people and manufacturers.

Industrial Design Graduate +886 936052705

EXPERIENCE Mininch Contract Designer Mar 2017 - Aug 2017 Taipei, Taiwan

HERS DESIGN Product Design Intern Aug 2016 - Sep 2016 Osaka, Japan

MINIWIZ ID Intern Jul 2016 - Aug 2016 Taipei, Taiwan

Tronnovate Design Laboratory Design Intern Jul 2015 - Jun 2016 Tainan, Taiwan

EDUCATION Be hired by Mininch as a part-time product designer after the collaboration on Kickstarter project, DUOKET. Worked on research, ideation and designed for projects going on Kickstarter.


National Cheng Kung University Industrial Design, B.S. 2013-2017 Tainan, Taiwan

SKILLS Worked on a solo project about Tokyo Olympics in 2020 to design systematically for the problems of local tourism. Designed products followed the principle of behavior design and presented to the professors from Kyoto University of Art and Design. Joined a team of product designers, mechanical engineers and product managers to design, prototype, and build 3D models. Worked on the furniture design projects with design engineers, using recycled plastic materials.

Responsible for the design of “ ORBIT pen”. Worked directly with engineering, metal manufacturing, marketing and graphic and product design. Additionally worked on product design, video filming, and marketing strategy for the crowdfunding projects.



Solidworks Keyshot Photoshop Illustrator Indesign Premiere

Sketching 3D modeling Research strategy Storytelling Ideation Rapid prototyping Video editing

LANGUAGE Chinese-Native


NCKU ID Department Student Association President

Sep 2015 - Jun 2016

Leaded a 27 memebers organization to connect students together and provide them learning resources. Held "Design Month", which included 2 workshops, 7 lectures and activities with totally 500+ participants, with dept. of Arch and dept. of UP to introduce "design" to every students at NCKU.

Designing Design Workshop Organizer

Apr 2016

Organized a workshop about speculative design and invited the specialized designers. Responsible for finding resources, planning the rundown and human resource arrangement.

NCKU ID Basketball Team


Vice Leader

Lexus Design Award

Active player for 11 years. Received several awards in College Sport League Design Cup.

Special Award


Braun Campus Prize Taiwan 2017 Finalist


Mar 2015 - Feb 2016

THANK YOU! Feel free to contact me.

Industrial Design Portfolio 2017  

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Industrial Design Portfolio 2017  

Welcome to my Industrial Design Portfolio! This is a collection completed during my time in college (2013-2017) Feel free to comment and sha...