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Are welcome to Russia for the 2012 cycling race TransRussia


Usually randonneurs do not admire beautiful sights around them. Runners and skiers even at a distance of 100 km go on the result and as a rule it does not matter whatever the surrounding landscape is. Cyclists in this sense is more fortunate, because their distances are much longer, sights around are so beautiful and the results are quite different in sportive and emotional aspect.  To experience this personally, we kindly invite you to participate in the marathon TransArkhangelsk-Dzhubga "Fortieth Meridian."  The route length of approximately 3,000 km running through all the climatic zones of Russia from the White Sea to the Black Sea, from the Pomeranian of the taiga to the subtropics, crossing the northern, central and southern parts of Russia in the immediate vicinity of the 40th meridians.  Challenging the space and yourself, you will be able to enjoy the boundless expanse of Russia and get a huge charge of vital energy, a lot of new experiences and great shape.  Style of movement can be individually selected by each party bearing the full responsibility for their own training, equipment and compliance with traffic regulations. It can be completely autonomous, and bound for days to any checkpoints. It should be understood that it is not just a cycling trip but overcoming distance in the best possible sport mode. This is to test yourself, your abilities, the nature and strength of mind, no matter how high it may sound. Even at a fixed time of the route, there can be a winner because the winner is anyone who has overcome this by way of his own physical power and will. And let the Black Sea will be the best award to winners.

Start = Archangelsk / 23 july Finish = Dzhubga / 5 August Distance = 3000 km Time Limit = 15 days / 360 hours


Regulations Provision of bicycle TransRussia 2012 1. Cycling can become a party to any member of over 18 years, having experience with the multi-day racing, cycling race, brevetov. This requires a period of up to _______________ to apply for containing the following information: - Full name - Year of Birth - City Living - Photo (preferably with a bicycle) - E-mail - Mobile phone - A little about yourself (experience of riding an approximate mileage from the beginning of the year, participation in activities, etc.) Place the proposed finish (with the mileage of the total start) 2. The participant agrees to: Have everything you need for an autonomous movement: serviceable bike remnabor, pump, lights (front and rear lights), clothing for any weather, money (cash, bank cards as may be adopted, not all hotel, catering and so etc.) - Make sure you have your passport (or identity document participant), insurance and mobile phone. - In full compliance with traffic rules and traffic rules in the group 3. Each of the participants in cycling is entitled to receive any assistance from third parties, except the use of any motor vehicle to facilitate the movement (towing, air barrier, etc.). Everything else is allowed - photo / video recording, supply food and water, with evacuation routes, provision of maintenance and etc. 4. Each of the participants after the passage of a distance - get a medal (specially made for this event), a document and gifts (discussed).

4 5. Each participant is personally responsible for their own health, machinery, equipment and gear. Organizers are not responsible for damages participant received during Cycling. 6. The fact of participation in cycling means you agree with the clauses of this provision. Conditions for 1. Long distance: 3,000 km. 2. Overcome the distance limit: 360 hours (15 days). 3. Start: 23.07.2012, the city of Arkhangelsk. Location and start time is discussed. 4. The minimum daily mileage - 200km, recommended - 230-250 km. 5. The daily start - individually. 6. Control points or assistance on the route is not provided, except for scheduled nights in hotels (a list of hotels will be posted on the forum). 8. Meals - on the move and at short stops at roadside cafes. Remember to have food stocks to 100 miles an autonomous movement - especially the evening and night navigation. 9. The daily finish line - to be determined individually. 10. Movement is permissible for an experienced and trained participants in sports and racing or marathon non-stop style. 11. Inform the organizers about their whereabouts for at least 1 time every 8 hours, as well as the gathering of the race or finish. SMS should contain: mileage traveled, or the name of the settlement, as well as the state party at the moment. Phone numbers, which will have to send the SMS will be issued at the start. 12. Car escort for transportation of personal effects and technical support ... discuss


Photos of the city of Arkhangelsk





Must to visit Malye Karely Located 25 km from Arkhangelsk




Hotels in Arkhangelsk 1 Euro = 40-43 rub. (exchange rate may change) ______________________________________

Living Room "Artelecom" Arkhangelsk, str. Shubin, 32 tel/ fax (8182) 65-27-17 Tel. (8182) 65-46-06 e-mail: Room category: lux - 82 Euro (3240 rub.) Junior – 62 Euro (2520 rub.) Single - 52 Euro (2,000 rubles.) Single – "standard" 45 Euro (1800 rub.) Double – 54 Euro (2160 rubles.) bed in a double – 26 Euro (1080 rub.) Breakfast "buffet" - 5 Euro (200 rubles.), Lunch - 5 Euro (200 rubles.), dinner - 8 Euro (400 rubles.) All the rooms have a refrigerator, television, telephone, shower and toilet. services: billiard room sauna barber cafe Free parking taxi free Wi-Fi ______________________________________

Hotel DVINA Website English ______________________________________

13 Belomorskaya Hotel Arkhangelsk, str. Timme, 3 Tel. (8182) 66-16-00 Fax: (8182) 66-14-39 E-mail: Rooms: Junior - 55 Euro (2200 rub. (1 person), 70 Euro (2800 rubles. (2 persons) Single - 43 Euro  (1700 (1 person), 58 Euro (2300 rubles. (2 persons) - Double - 25 Euro (1000 rub. (1 person), 50 Euro  (2000 rubles. (2 persons) The room (room) including breakfast ______________________________________

Next to the passenger pavilnom Airport "Arkhangelsk" in 1st, 3rd and 4t floors ofan office buildin locate airport hotel. The cost of the stay at the hotel "The airport Arkhangelsk" is 75 Euro (300 rubles) to 58 Euro (2,300 rubles), depending on room category. There are five suites, 14 singledeluxe suites and 7 double rooms in the same class. Other numbers two, three and four local. Total number of beds in the hotel: 110. Application for reservation is accepted from organizations by phone / fax: (8182) 63-15-27. ______________________________________

Meridian Hotel Arkhangelsk, ul. Sovetskaya, 5 Tel.: (8182) 223-317, 223-243

14 Rooms: two-room Comfort 110 Euro (4400 rub. (1 person), 118 Euro (4700 ruyu. (2 persons) standard two-room 83 Euro (3300 Rub. (1 person), 91 Euro (3600 rubles. (2 persons) 1-room Comfort 65 Euro  (2500 rubles. (1 person), 69 Euro  (2700 rubles. (2 persons) 1-room standard 55 Euro  (2200 rub. (1 person), 63 Euro (2500 rubles. (2 persons) 1-room Economy 33 Euro (1300 rub. (1 person) 2 Double Economy 25 Euro (1000 rubles.) Photos of rooms is available at ______________________________________


The route can be found at

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Will be awarded places on the route where you can relax in the hotels!



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