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Technical Test

IS THAT ABLE TO? Is this mag covering service able to put UNOUTLINED fonts and LINK to web page?


text:5pr model:5pr,EFLL

male tops-bottoms shoe hair-cap head-skin

: : : :

baraq Shinlei LeScandale Rainmind

female tops-bottoms : DutchDoll shoe : baraq necklaces : Dlussional interior room-sofa

: m1ho

ITS media on WEB network so we need “text data” and “link to web site” right? I think This magazine COVERING servide “Issuu” is new type media of human. it can make information media without PAPER. in the workd, it saves TREES. its resolves Probrems of this EARTH right? yes we are not always on PC. but there are many MOBILE tools around us. especialy this few years ( i think its after apple released iPhone 3D) so i try to make unoutlined texts and web link on this EFLL magazine. have a nice day and keep up your work thx.

EXAMPLE PRODUCT ADVERTISING so this page is tryal page to link the page and no outlined texts. please click them and see informations for products. i think this way is change the advertising way.

TEXT and LINK test  

unoutlined text and web link test

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