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Reinvent how you manufacture with RenAM 500Q

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RenAM 500Q is Renishaw’s new quad laser AM system. It features four high-powered 500 W lasers, each able to access the whole powder bed surface simultaneously. RenAM 500Q achieves significantly higher build rates without compromising quality, vastly improving productivity and lowering cost per part. • Full field of view for all lasers for optimum production efficiency • Enhanced gas flow to provide consistent high quality processing • Faster turn-around between builds with improved automated powder and waste handling systems

For more information visit www.renishaw.com/renam500q

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3D metaalprinten zonder supportmateriaal Met de unieke DMT® 3D metaalprinttechnologie van InssTek biedt Dormac een Additive Manufacturing technologie waarmee metaalpoeders zowel op een bestaand werkstuk kunnen worden aangebracht, als nieuwe werkstukken compleet kunnen worden opgebouwd. Breeuwhamer 25, 1648 HG De Goorn tel. 0229 54 24 85 - info@dormac.nl - www.dormac.nl


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3D print magazine  

Informerend en inspirerend over 3D in de industrie

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