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54th Engineer Battalion 4 t h

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HHC’s Wolfpack Howl Inside this issue:











Above: Soldiers from HHC verify their targets during the M16 qualification range. Below: SSG Jamie Wilson operates an M2 weapon system during weapons training at the Engagement Skills Trainer.

Greetings to all Wolfpack Family and Friends! It has been 13-14 a busy three months for the Wolfpack Soldiers. The quar541st ter kicked off with the completion of the testing of the medic’s annual certification as well as a continuation of Chaplain's corner 15 training in Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) and Soldier level tasks in the Low Density Training and Sergeant’s Time Training programs. In August, the company conducted a Mission Readiness Exercise (MRE) at the Hohenfels Training Area. After the MRE, the company jumped right into Installation Staging Area (ISA) operations. Soldiers, NCOs and Officers spent long hours in inventorying, cleaning and packing the property needed for the upcoming deployment. During the last month of the quarter, the focus was to continue to conduct training in areas the company was deficient in during the MRE as well as to continue to train in individual Soldier and MOS tasks. I would personally like to thank all of the spouses and children for allowing your significant other the time to complete the training and tasks that are necessary to be conducted prior to a major deployment.

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The month of July focused on company level Sergeant’s Time Training and Low Density Training. During this month, the Wolfpack Soldiers conducted training in significant administrative, communications, logistical and medical tasks that were to be used during the upcoming MRE. In addition to their MOS tasks, the Soldiers spent the days outdoors and conducted hands on realistic combat training that was planned, prepared and executed by the NCOs of the company in the Sergeant’s Time Training program. The two major tasks included both dismounted and mounted patrol operations. This training allowed the NCOs to teach and evaluate their Soldiers on necessary skills for the upcoming deployment. Using the virtual convoy simulator, the NCOs were able to ensure their Soldiers received realistic and high value training while they simulated a logistical patrol movement. This allowed the Soldiers to get a feel of what to expect during movements in a real convoy situation.

During late August, right after the company returned from the MRE, there were several days where the Wolfpack Soldiers conducted recovery operations in conjunction with ISA operations. This meant they had to quickly clean their equipment, conduct an inventory and pack the equipment that would be needed during the deployment. Soon, after ISA operations were complete, the next major operation which occurred in September was the property transfer to the Theater Logistics Support Center Europe team and enrollment into the Left Behind Equipment (LBE) program. The supply sergeant, company executive officer and property book officer spent numerous hours splitting the property book and conducting the joint inventories with the civilian LBE team.

CSM Charles Suber assumes responsibility of the 54th Engineer Battalion on 13 September 2010.

The month of August brought the company’s relocation to Hohenfels Training Area for the MRE. During this exercise, the Soldiers, NCOs and Officers were evaluated on all the tasks that they had been training during the previous quarters. The focus of this exercise was on ensuring the company and battalion staff were certified and ready to execute their combat mission within a deployed environment. This exercise served to validate the company’s ability to deploy to a theater of operations such as Afghanistan by exercising the staff on the military decision making process (MDMP), staff operation and maintaining equipment. Additionally, it tested and validated the staff’s ability to battle track and operate a Tactical Operation Center (TOC). Finally, it tested the company’s command post capabilities and ways they reacted to certain situations they will likely encounter in a theater of operations such as how to react to indirect fire, personnel accountability and medical tracking and evacuation procedures.

During the rest of September, the company continued to conduct MOS and Soldier level training focused on skills that were found to be deficient during the MRE. These tasks included classes on new systems such as Command Post of the Future (CPOF) classes, Combined Information Data Network Exchange (CIDNE) and many others. The company used the Sergeant’s Time Training program to reinforce tasks such as escalation of force procedures, weapons familiarization by using the Engagement Skill Trainer. Additionally, this month was used to conduct weapons requalification on the M16, M9, M249, and 50 Caliber weapon systems in order to ensure the Soldier’s individual weapons were ready for the deployment.

Left: The HHC FRG Leader, Michelle Roy, conducting an FRG bake sale in order to raise funds for the unit. Right: SSG Anthony Bruner gives SPC Alan Turner a block of instruction on how to properly operate the 1523D radio system.

HHC Football 3 Wins and 2 Losses Points Forward = 98 Points Against = 103

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FRG Calendar 

18 Oct. HHC Pre deployment Preparation 0900 to 1600 @ Preston Hall

9 Nov. Battalion Deployment Brief 1230 to 1800 @ Movie Theater

10 Nov. Auf Wiedersehen Dinner 1800 to 2300

Hails The company would like to recognize the arrival of three key personnel in the company that arrived this quarter. First, we would like to welcome Command Sergeant Major Charles Suber who took responsibility as the Command Sergeant Major of the 54th Engineer Battalion on 13 April 2010. CSM Suber comes to the Battalion after serving as the Senior Enlisted Combat Engineer Observer Controller trainer at the Joint Multinational Readiness Center Operation Group in Hohenfels, Germany. He brings a lot of experience with him; will be a valuable asset as he oversees the training, and leads the Battalion into the upcoming deployment. We would also like to welcome the company’s new First Sergeant, First Sergeant John Arellano. First Sergeant Arellano comes to the company from Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri where he served as the Installation Equal Opportunity Advisor. He comes to the company with a vast amount of experience in combat engineering as he has held positions ranging from team leader to Police Mentor Team NCOIC. He took over of the company a few days before the company departed to the MRE, this allowed him to be able to asses and observe the company’s strengths and weaknesses during the exercise. Last but not least, we would also like to welcome 1LT John Ellerbe, the new company executive officer. 1LT Ellerbe comes to us after being a sapper platoon leader in 541 st Sapper Company where he deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. He brings a good amount of tactical experience with him. The company is very excited to welcome Mrs. Michelle Roy, the new HHC Family Readiness Group (FRG) leader. She has quickly adapted to the new position and took the opportunity to hold a bake sale fundraiser event for the company in conjunction with LBE operations. We are very pleased to have her on the team and look forward to working with her as she assists us in taking care of the families and loved ones during the upcoming deployment. Michelle, we thank you in advance for your support and help with the FRG! During this quarter, due to the summer month moves, the Wolfpack family has grown through the arrival of several Soldiers, NCOs and Officers. The Wolfpack team welcomes MAJ Andrew Yoder and his wife Nikki and their children Dalton and Logan, CPT Brandon Drobenak and his wife Valerie, CW2 Taurean Washington and his wife Joangela, and his children Keyara and Cyren, SSG Christopher Barton, his wife Kellen and his three children Taylor, Nicholas and Tyson, SSG Jamie Wilson and his wife Kozue and their children Eimaj and Jamari, SSG Angelita Washington, SSG James Bradley, SSG Crispin Quintana, SGT Larisa Carter, SPC Rosalind Arroyo, SPC Ethan Bradley , SPC Brandon Hagen, SPC Corey Hanson, his wife Lee and children Christian, Sydney and Mason, SPC Scott Richardson and his wife Alicia and son James, SPC Nicole Skidmore, SPC Alan Turner, SPC William Wheeler, SPC Marc Laroche, PFC Robert Lubonovich, PV2 Christopher McKoy, PV2 Jesse Braden, his wife Sarah and daughter Isabella,. All of these Soldiers, NCOs and Officers are filling key positions within the company. Farewells The Wolfpack family wishes good luck and a farewell to the following Wolpack family members: CSM Eric Omundson, his wife Michelle and their children. CSM Omundson has decided to retire after a successful career in the military. The Dagger Battalion Soldiers, NCOs and Officers thank him and will miss him. The Rear Detachment has officially stood up and is being led by a great command team. We would like to farewell CPT Michael Frazier and his wife. CPT Frazier has assumed command of Golf Company. First Sergeant Shane Masters and his family. First Sergeant Masters has assumed First Sergeant duties as the Golf Company First Sergeant. The Golf company command team will stay in Bamberg to take care of the families while the Battalion is deployed. We would also like to farewell some great officers who will truly be missed in the S3 section, CPT Robert Etheridge, his wife Ria and their children, CPT Michael Trickey, CPT Christopher Raisl and his wife Melissa. All of these officers have moved on to attend the Captain’s Career Course. We would also like to farewell the Golf Company Soldiers and NCOs who will stay back to assist Golf Company with their daily activities. SGT Murray Milton, SPC John Chan, his wife Marlyn and children Kayla and Kaelyn, SSG Derrick Taylor and his daughter Angel, and SPC Lakesha Gilmore. Last but not least, there were a few moves of NCOs and Soldiers from the company to other companies in the Battalion. These personnel consist of SSG Chad Fitzpatrick, his wife Christy and their children Jacob, Jackson, Emma and Noah, SSG Darrel Hill and PFC James Cutler. These NCOs and Soldier have moved on to fill key positions within the other companies.

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FSC Spartan Shout Greetings to our Spartan family and friends. During this quarter the Forward Support Company (FSC) deployed to Hohenfels in support of the battalion’s Mission Readiness Exercise (MRE). The platoons and sections conducted outstanding training for our upcoming deployment. The distribution platoon focused their training on Recovery support, Convoy Logistics Patrols (CLPs) and Security Missions. Maintenance platoon’s focus was certification on STAMIS equipment and maintenance support while headquarters platoon trained on TOC operations. FSC also conducted split operations providing Class I, Class III and V support to the battalion at Grafenwohr training area (GTA) and conducted weapons qualifications on an array of weapon systems. After returning to Bamberg from the MRE, the Spartans immediately started packing up the company’s equipment for deployment. Each Soldier worked long hours to ensure the equipment was cleaned, inventoried and placed in containers for shipment to Afghanistan. After completion, FSC was tasked to conduct Railhead operations for over eighty containers, trailers, and generators. All this was accomplished through extended work days and would not have been possible if not for the unparalleled support of our spouses, children and loved ones. Once again, they showed how important they are to the Spartan family, and in large to the Dagger family, by standing side by side with their Soldiers and allowing them to do what was asked of them in order to get the mission accomplished.

Maintenance Platoon . The motor pool section completed over 25 scheduled services and numerous job orders. The recovery section trained alongside distribution platoon during the MRE to provide recovery support during Combat Logistic Patrol missions. Over the course of the field exercise they recovered various types of equipment ranging from the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles to the M998. CPT Pokhai firing a 240B

FRG Calendar 

19 Oct. Pre-deployment preparation

23 Oct to 7 Nov. Block Leave

9 Nov. Deployment Brief (very important to attend)

10 Nov. Auf Wiedersehen Dinner

FSC Football

12 Nov. Parent’s Night out

The FSC football team, “The Hit Squad”, is enjoying a great season so far. Under the leadership of 1SG Bell (quarterback), the team is having an impressive run. They have an impressive defense which is led by their sack master, SPC McMullen, “Slim Mac”. Their upcoming games are against 317th Maintenance Company and 535th Sapper Company.

18 Nov. Parent’s Night out

The Hit Squad Standing 4 Wins & 2 losses Points Forward = 120 Points Against = 104

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Field Feeding Section As usual, the field feeding section supported the entire battalion by providing outstanding meal support during the MRE. Their hard work and dedication to supporting this battalion is unwavering. Now that we are preparing to deploy, this section is taking on another challenge by augmenting the distribution platoon and headquarters platoon in support of their missions

SSG Dinuzzo & SPC Dean cooking during a field Exercise

SPC Lancaster cooking a steak dinner during a field exercise

Hails & Farewells Headquarters Soldiers bid farewell to SSG Edwards, Operation’s NCOIC. We wish him the best as he will be gainfully employed as an instructor at Fort Leonardwood. His leadership and dedication will be greatly missed. SSG Edward’s replacement is SSG Carter; she comes to us from the 240 th Quartermaster Company. HQ platoon also received SSG Horton and SSG Hurst, three competent and very capable NCO’s. SSG Carter is the Platoon Sergeant, while SSG Hurst took over as the training room NCOIC and SSG Hurton as the new PAC’s NCOIC. Maintenance Platoon this last quarter has welcomed several new Soldiers, and one Chief Warrant Officer to the maintenance platoon. We welcomed PV2 Williams a Track Vehicle Mechanic; PFC Willis a Track Vehicle Mechanic; PFC Starks a Construction Equipment Repair specialist; SPC Dennis a Power Generation Mechanic; SPC Manuel a Small Arms Repairman, and CW2 Mojica, a Construction Equipment Technical Officer.

Distribution Platoon During the MRE, the distribution platoon conducted a variety of missions ranging for QRF (Quick Reaction Force) to recovery missions. The Soldiers of the distribution platoon simultaneously provided ammo and fuel support to the companies as they rotated through gunnery at GTA. Between the two training areas, the platoon issued and turned in an incredible amount of ammo. The distribution platoon welcomes the field feeding section Soldiers as we prepare for deployment. With the new Soldiers, the distribution platoon has the manpower and flexibility needed to accomplish its mission down range.

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42nd Clearance Company

SGT Collier completes his 400 meter leg of the 3 -mile competition during the opening event at the 54th Engineer Battalion’s Organizational Day, held on 01 July 2010 at Warner Barracks in

To start the quarter, The 42nd Clearance Company held its change of responsibility ceremony on 1 July 2010 to welcome 1SG Richard Hinkle and mark his leadership of the company and its Soldiers. The ceremony was held at Summerall Field on Warner Barracks in Bamberg Germany. The ceremony recognized the efforts of SFC Ruiz who was the 1SG through the activation of the 42nd Clearance Company in February. On 2 July 2010, the 42nd participated in the 54 Engineer Battalion Organization Day. The day consisted of multiple sporting events to include basketball, flag football, volleyball, 5K Relay Race, and tug o’war. The past two years had been dominated by the 370 th Sapper Company, but the 42nd completed the day by winning the coveted Commander’s Cup, placing first place out of six companies within the Battalion.

On 8 and 9 July 2010, the 42nd conducted a company level range at Reese Range in Bamberg Germany. This training opportunity allowed newer Soldiers to qualifyon their assigned weapons and veteran Rock Soldier to hone their marksmanship skills. Specifically, the members of the 42nd fired the M16 and M249. The event ended in success with 40 additional Soldiers qualifying on their assigned weapon system. The month of August training was highlighted by 96 Soldiers and leaders attending R2C2, which is held at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. The two week long course is designed to teach individuals and units how to operate route clearance equipment, identify and dispose of IED’s and UXO’s, and lead platoon size route clearance missions. All 96 Soldiers graduated the course and the 42nd was commended by the R2C2 staff for their level of professionalism and motivation during the course. Although the quarter was packed with training events, the 42nd FRG hosted a Company BBQ that was held at Friendship Park on 20 August 2010. The BBQ was for the Soldier’s and families of the 42nd. Flag football, soccer, and basketball were among the sports held for the Soldiers. While the children enjoyed a water balloon toss, egg on a spoon race and a three legged race. It was a time for great food and to get to know the new families and Soldiers of the 42nd Clearance Company.

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The 42nd Clearance Company takes on the 535th ESC at flag football during the Battalion’s Organizational Day.

On 6-8 September 2010, 1st Platoon held a company range in Grafenwoehr Germany. The focus of this range was qualify and familiarize 42nd Soldiers to the M2, or 50 cal. Weapon system. Although the weather conditions were not favorable, all primary gunners were able to qualify on the .50cal machine gun. In September, the 42nd was given an opportunity to support the 40 th EN BN during their MRE (Mission Rehearsal Exercise) in October. To prepare for this challenge, the 42nd planned a Team Leader Evaluation in late September and early October. This evaluation was part physical and part tactical/technical in nature. The month of September was dedicated to platoons training at their level to prepare for this competition. Nearly every week, Leaders and Soldier deployed out to the Local Training Area to conduct small unit tactical training. Two 42nd Soldiers were given the opportunity to compete in the 18 th Engineer BDE Warrior of the Year competition. PV2 Chris Bidwell was the 42nd Soldier selected to compete against Soldiers across the Brigade in both physical challenges and tactical lanes that were two test both physical limits and tactical aptitude of Soldiers. CPL Chase Haag was selected as the 42 nd representative to compete against other 18th EN BDE Leaders in the Warrior Leader of the Year competition. Both competed and performed well in the completion and anxiously await the results as both are in the running to win their respective categories. The Engineer Castle Ball was held on 24 September 2010 in Wurzburg, Germany. 42 nd Clearance Company was well represented at the Ball by selecting differing ranks of single and married Soldiers to attend the ball. The Ball guest speaker was General Ham, the commanding General of USAREUR. Combat focused PT began in the month of September. Every Wednesday PT events were themed to prepare Soldiers for the rigors of combat. While wearing an IBA, eye protection and gloves; Soldier’s participated in football, soccer, log carry, sand bag carry, distance runs, load and fill a radio, and evacuate casualties. The Soldiers of the 42 nd really enjoyed these challenging sessions and now look forward to Wednesday PT.

Soldiers of the 42nd Clearance Company prepare for movement on a Route Clearance mission during the Route Reconnaissance and Clearance Course at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri on 12 August 2010.

SGT Steeve Bruny instructs Soldiers on the Vehicle Mounted Mine Detector (VMMD) during the 42nd Clearance Company’s Counter Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Situational Training Exercise, held from 28 June – 01 July 2010.

Hails 42nd added the following leaders to their ranks: 2LT Ober, 2LT Chicorz, SFC Medina, SFC Johnson, SFC Bowers, SSG Peters, SSG Kokes were all hailed as new members of the company. Also, 4 th quarter marked another quarter of growth to company in terms of Soldiers. The 42 nd received approximately 25 new Soldiers who will be joining 4 th Platoon. The newest Soldiers are as follows: SGT Williamson, PVT Alston, PVT Baker, PVT Barker, SPC Berg, SPC Briggs, SPC Bumpass, SPC Burd, PFC Bush, PV2 Case, PVT Conley, SPC Diercouff, SGT Hansen, PV2 Kirchhoff, PV2 Manchester, PV2 Palmer, PVT Potts, PFC Short, PVT Struve, SGT Vargas, SSG Vazquezmarquez, PV2 Wesley, PVT Whatley, PVT Wyatt, and PFC Zirkle. Page 7

Team leader evaluations began as September came to a close. These events consisted of an APFT, 12 mile-ruck march (35lb ruck) and pull-up/dip challenge. All Soldiers within in 42 nd completed the ruck-march within three hours, therefore adhering to the Sapper standard. As the physical completion came to close, some teams emerged as the leaders amongst their peers.

From Left to Right: SSG Michael Devlin, PV2 Drake Hoe, and PFC Jonathan Sapp take time to relax from the Route Reconnaissance and Clearance Course during a trip to the Six Flags St. Louis theme park on 07 August 2010.

CPT Stalker and 1SG Hinkle (Batman and Robin) immediately following a Command and Staff meeting.

SGT Jody Casey sporting his catch at a local pond at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri in August 2010. Soldiers in the 42nd Clearance Company enjoyed Morale, Welfare, and Recreation events, such as fishing and amusement parks (Six Flags), during their two weeks at the Route Reconnaissance and Clearance Course.

That’s a keeper!

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370th Apocalypse Now

1SG Barker and I would like to welcome all of the new additions to the 370 th Sapper family. The past three months have seen an intense amount of work from training prior to the field, Mission Readiness Exercise (MRE), Gunnery, and packing of our equipment to deploy. We appreciate the understandings of all the family members during these chaotic days. You can see below that we have had a surge in personnel to the 370th family. As you are all aware, the 54th Engineer Battalion conducted its Mission Readiness Exercise from the 30th of July to the 21st of August, 2010 in Grafenwoehr and Hohenfels Germany. During this training event the 370th was given a four day exercise to stress our company in preparation for our upcoming deployment. We spent the first 2 weeks in Hohenfels and the last week in Grafenwoehr. At Hohenfels one week was spent on specialty training on specific pieces of Army equipment and rules, techniques, and procedures relevant to our mission in Afghanistan. We learned how to give a proper interview with the media, the leadership learned how to use interpreters in a simulated Key Leader Engagement with a local village elder or Sheikh for a video on the training we went through), specialty equipment we will use while deployed including the RAVEN (a remotely operated unmanned aerial vehicle), the GIZMO mine detector, the HIIDE biometric data collecting device, and the CREW (counter-radio electronic warfare) system.

Check out for a video on the training we went through

Soldiers also trained on how to call for indirect fires (artillery), how to exit an overturned vehicle, how to find indicators of IED’s, and how to call for close air support. Once the specialty training was finished we transitioned in to a high intensity route clearance mission for four days. The two Sapper platoons spent four days in “the box” while headquarters was located in the Company TOC in Hohenfels providing command and control for the Sapper platoon’s. The box is the area in Hohenfels where training is conducted. The company was guided through difficult and complex scenarios involving: calling in actual MEDEVAC helicopters, recovering damaged vehicles, defeating complex attacks, and handling difficult local populations of Afghans. Each platoon was even assigned an interpreter in order to facilitate interactions with the local populace . Each platoon was stressed to the fullest possible extent during these 4 days as the pace of events and missions was intense, and the Soldiers only managed a few

Sappers conducting vehicle recovery on a HUSKY in Hohenfels.

hours of sleep each night. The conclusion of this exercise ensured that the 370th was fully prepared to deploy to Afghanistan. Soldiers also maintained all of their personal gear as well as several M2 .50 caliber weapons, MK-19 grenade launchers, and M240B crew serve weapons. Once this was complete, all 370th Sappers filled 16 containers for a total weight of 196,000 lbs and filling 8048 cubic feet worth of open space. Upon completion of the MRE, the company moved to Grafenwoehr in order to conduct qualification on assigned weapons systems and a convoy live-fire involving dismounted Sappers in support of convoys.

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Once gunnery was complete the company redeployed to Bamberg to work long hours and prepare our equipment to deploy. The company had eleven days to clean, inventory, and pack all items necessary to deploy to Afghanistan. This was no easy task to accomplish. During the process, over 15 vehicles were vigorously cleaned, inventoried, and signed over to a Rear Detachment representative. Soldiers also maintained all of their personal gear as well as several M2 .50 caliber weapons, MK-19 grenade launchers, and M240B crew serve weapons. All equipment was then braced with lumber to comply with shipping standards and to keep the equipment from breaking during movement. All 16 containers and equipment within those containers will be shipped to Afghanistan. All of the Soldiers in 370 th did an excellent job, especially when you take into consideration that they were working during the MRE for thirty days straight and then jumped into working late hours to prepare the company’s equipment to deploy. The Company would like to thank all families for their patience during this crucial time.

Route Clearance mission in Hohenfels (mounted and dismounted)

Left: Hands-on night time first aid training Below: Vehicle roll over training HAIL Soldiers: SPC Gibran Becerraguerrero, PV2 Tyler Logan, SPC Ali Baharanyi, PV2 Allen Santos, PV2 Timothy Bolton, PV2 Bradley Thompson, PFC Steven Marshall, PV1 Jose Castillowarner, PV1 Timothy Hall, PV2 Andrew Jacobs, SSG John Lewis, PFC Michael Mahr, PV2 Trevon Cheatham, PFC Jeffrey Bounmivlay, PV2 Richard Brown, PV2 David Mascho, PV2 Spencer Hier, PV2 Gabriel Powell, PV2 Mikhial Wilson, PV2 Justin Huggins, PV2 Shane Benham, PV2 Kirk Allen, PFC Alexandre Choiniere, PFC Daniel Humbles, PV2 Derrick Clemons, PV2 Tamarcus Miller, SFC Scott Smith, PFC Blas Garcia, SGT Jason Newman, PFC Aaron Eldridge, PV2 Lee Turner, PV2 Tyler Turner, PV2 Gerardo Montes, PV2 Raymond Ironcloud, PFC Michael Healey, PFC Robert Krogmeier, SFC Randall Scott, PV2 Alex Whims, PV2 Brandon Walczyk, PFC Justin Kennedy. Family Members:Savanna Allen, Mary Lewis, Melissa Hill, Sannaa Johnson, Celeste Kohn, Samantha Huggins, Rhonda Davis, Danielle Singelton, Tanya Clemons, and Temarra Newman.

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535th The Road Warriors From CPT Durbin: As usual, the Road Warriors have been extremely busy and productive. The Soldiers of this company continue to impress me with their ability to accomplish a myriad of tasks efficiently and to an extremely high standard. We have achieved a great deal these last few months such as a FOB Construction Mission in Hohenfels, Route Reconnaissance/Clearance Operations Course (R2C2), the Mission Readiness Exercise and Weapons Ranges in Grafenwoehr and Hohenfels, Equipment Turn In, Equipment Pack Out, Warrior of the Year Competition, Combat Lifesaver Training, and Driver’s Training. Be proud of your Soldier! There will be a new logo for the company out soon! Special thanks to SPC Wood and PFC Caldwell for all their hard work. Once we finalize the logo, we will be working on designing T-shirts. We’re on Facebook now! Please join our group so you can stay involved in the Company and keep informed. Just search for the 535 th ESC. Please remember Operational Security so we can keep our Soldiers safe.

Congratulations Congratulations to our Flag Football Team! They have done an excellent job of representing the Company. Current standings: 6 Wins & 1 Loss Points Forward = 120 Points Against = 104 Playoffs begin 11 October. Come out and support! Congratulations to the following Soldiers for their Promotions: SPC Bousfield, SPC Gerbe, SPC Hogan, SPC Kroner, SPC Roberts, SPC Sanders, SPC Taylor, SPC Weaver, SPC Williamson, PFC Fitzgerald, PFC MoranBaasch, PFC Raymond

Members of 1st platoon & maintenance work on replacing the red pack on the Husky in record time.

Hails and Farewells Farewell to SSG Quintana, SGT Asahan, SGT Bostic, SGT Hornsby, SGT Johnson, SGT Martin, SGT Maynard, SPC Larocque, SPC Redmond, and PFC Fitzgerald. You will all be greatly missed! Welcome to 2LT Harkess, SGT Berry, SGT Montanez, SPC Fultz, SPC Pessall, SPC Reiter, SPC Toston, PFC Karlberg, PFC Lusk, PFC Wessellhoff, SPC Wood, PV2 Smiley, and PV2 Rosebrook

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From 1SG Moore: Thank you to all, for the support and assistance you have given to the Solders of 535th ESC, as we prepare for the next big move. The Road Warriors have been very busy for the last three months and I’m very proud of all the things they have accomplished. Looking back at all that they have done starting with the training for the MRX at the squad level, working on individual tasks to improve the overall strength of the team and building a stronger team. Moving right into, getting all their Rapid Fielding Initiative (RFI) gear and at the same time packing up to go not to one training area, but two as well as working on taking care of what needs to be done back at Bamberg. Next was HTA, we got right to work getting sent to all parts of the training area to take classes on things that will help better prepare us for our own mission from the Commander to the newest member of our team. Completing our classroom training there, we moved to GTA to sharpen our battle drills and weapon handing skills. Completing the ranges there, we packed up quickly at night again and moved back to HTA where we were tested in the box against some very difficult and demanding situations. I would like to say thanks to the other companies of the Battalion for sharing some of the things they learned, but I must admit the Road Warriors did an outstanding job doing something the other companies did not get a chance to do, like stay on the road for four straight days, living in their trucks and working with the Georgian Army. We learned the Warriors of 535 knew more than some people thought as we went though the MRX. The OC commented on how well our Soldiers were at a job they did not know much about just six months earlier. Their stamina, perseverance, and motivation were inspiring to see despite the long and trying exercise. The Solders of 535 demonstrated that they have what it takes to do this job and can do it well with good planning, motivation, and leadership. This has really been a challenging and rewarding time for the Soldiers and families of the Rolling Hell Company.

CPL Price directs traffic during ISA.


FRG Calendar

2nd Platoon staying motivated in the motor pool.

Page 12

Halloween Party 20 October

Pre deployment Brief 9 Nov. 1230 in Movie Theater

Auf Wiedersehen Dinner 10 Nov. 1800

535th Dinner Date (more info to follow)

Parent’s night out 12 Nov. 1800-2300

Parent’s night out 18 Nov.

541st Outlaw Round up 1st Platoon, 541st Sapper Company, has been busy this past quarter getting ready for its upcoming deployment. In June and July many of our Soldiers attended the various R2C2 courses in Ft. Leonard Wood, MO, to include Sapper, Operator and Leaders courses. Sergeant Gire, Sergeant Wilson, and Specialist Marsden attended EOCA (Explosive Ordnance Clearance Agent) School, also at Ft. Leonard Wood.

FRG Calendar

New 541st mechanics, SGT Ehrichs and CPL Mason, fix the Buffalo arm during a MRX mission while another Outlaw Sapper pulls security.

FRG Meeting 21 October 1800 @ YRR

Pre deployment preparation 21 October @ Preston Hall

Halloween Party 30 October 1800 @ YRR

Pre deployment brief 9 November 1230 @ movie theater

Auf Wiedersehen Dinner 10 November 1800

The platoon’s main focus for the 4th quarter was the Battalion’s Mission Readiness Exercise (MRE), held in the Hohenfels Training Area (HTA) from 31 July to 21 August 2010. The MRE offered classes covering many areas to include: call for fire, key leader engagements, media interaction, and several others. This was followed by a week in Grafenwoehr Training Area to work on the platoon’s marksmanship on the M16/M4 range, M2/M240B/M249 range and the Mk 19 range. All Soldiers qualified on their primary weapons; many qualified expert. The week ended with the convoy live fire exercise in which Soldiers honed their skills before heading back to HTA to start our rotation there. Once back to Hohenfels, the platoon started its time going through the “box”. 1 st Platoon pushed through four days of intense training, performing commendably throughout all the missions. In the end, 1 st Platoon finished as one of the top platoons in the battalion. 1st Platoon would also like to welcome all its new Soldiers, to include 2LT Kalpokas’ new baby boy, Koen, that have joined the Outlaw family in the past few months. The platoon went from less than 15 Soldiers, to over 30. These Soldiers are all eager to work with the “Breach Hell” platoon and show the drive and initiative needed to excel as Combat Engineers. Hails and Farewells 541st Sapper Company have made many changes within our organization, starting with the Change of Responsibility ceremony on 30 August 2010 between 1SG Armando Cadena (outgoing) and 1SG Earl Worstell (incoming). 1LT John Ellerbe who served as 2 nd Platoon Leader move to HHC/54th to become the new Executive Officer. We are welcoming a new spouse to our formation, with CPT Brett Fuller (Executive Officer) marrying the former Ms. Michelle Blair. We also are welcoming 26 new Soldiers to our formation which include 2LT Idris Oladeinde who will take over 2nd Platoon. In addition to the new Soldiers, we added two new outlaws, PFC Shaughnessy, wife gave birth to twin girls Isabelle and Rebecca Shaughnessy.

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2nd Platoon, 541st Sapper Company (formerly 3rd Platoon) has been using the last several months to finalize preparations for the upcoming deployment to Afghanistan. 541st welcomes its new Soldiers from Fort Leonard Wood who will help make the company successful. The platoon, which now calls itself the Black Sheep, also gained a new Platoon Leader, 2LT Idris Oladeinde. 1LT Ellerbe now calls Headquarters and Headquarters Company his new home, where he will function as the Executive Officer. The Black Sheep have appreciated his time as Platoon Leader and hope he is a success in his new job as he was in 541st. The main effort this quarter was conducting the Battalion’s Mission Readiness Exercise in Hohenfels Training Area. The purpose of the rotation was to simulate as close as possible a deployed environment. Soldiers had to endure more than twenty days of training, including convoy live fire, a multitude of weapons ranges, and getting used to the somewhat dull life on a Forward Operating Base (FOB).

Above: An 541st Route Clearance Patrol (RCP) communicates with an attack helicopter to eliminate an enemy threat. Below: SGT Oler gives commands to his Soldiers from the track commander hatch in his Armored Personnel Carrier. The platoons first rehearsed their battle drills in their tracks at Grafenwohr before they were evaluated at Hohenfels with actual Route Clearance vehicles.

The exercise culminated in a 4-day set of route clearance missions where the Platoon achieved perhaps the greatest success among the entire Battalion. The missions were a superb way for the newly-arrived Soldiers to learn the intricacies of route clearance tactics, techniques, and procedures from the veterans of Operation Enduring Freedom 08-09. The Platoon qualified to deploy with no issues and feels extremely confident heading into the upcoming deployment. The Platoon’s Soldiers also faced a number of challenging Army schooling opportunities. Soldiers attended R2C2 Sapper, R2C2 Leader, and Explosive Ordinance Clearance Agent courses. They excelled at any challenges they faced and achieved a 100% “GO” on all assignments. Their success will be a significant boost to the Outlaw’s mission in Afghanistan.

Commander’s Corner The month of September has been extremely active with the unit preparing for an upcoming deployment to Afghanistan. 1LT Daniel Harder has done a fantastic job preparing the unit with packing up our containers during ISA operation (intermediate staging area) and coordinating with 240th Sustainment Company to ensure all of our equipment was in tolerance. Also we were fortunate to send five motivated Soldiers to EOCA (Explosive Ordnance Clearance Agent). 54th Engineer Battalion continues to utilize combat experience that 541st has by having us train HHC and FSC on Convoy Live Fire in preparation for deployment to Afghanistan. I would like to thank all of the Soldiers and their spouses for their dedication and hard work.

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Chaplain's Corner

54th En Bn UMT

CH Robinson PFC Vines 469-8467 469-7053

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. (John 14:27 — New International Version) One of the things we could use more of is real serenity. We need to be at peace - with our neighbors, our planet, our family and ourselves. But we have trouble finding it. We may find ourselves restless, irritable and discontent with the upcoming deployment. God does not want us to be afraid or worried. He wants us to have serenity. This is a real and lasting peace that surpasses what we humans think of as peace. Peace is not the absence of strife but knowing that we are right with God. There is a phrase that I find both profound and comforting: "No God, no peace. Know God, know peace.“ As we prepare for deployment make sure your loved ones are connected to our communities of faith in Bamberg. Our Rear Detachment Chaplain is Terri King who is located in the post chapel 469-8140.

Religious Education Sunday 0800 Catholic [High School] 1330 Gospel [Chapel] 1630 Protestant (AWANA) [Chapel and HS]

WORSHIP SERVICES Sunday Catholic Mass 0900 [Chapel] Lutheran 0900 [Family Life Center] Protestant 1100 [Chapel] Gospel 1500 [Chapel] Tuesday Catholic Mass 1130 [Chapel] Catholic Congregation Night 1800 [Chapel]

Friday Catholic Mass 1200 [Chapel]

Tuesday 0930 Catholic Women of the [Chapel]

Wednesday 0700 High School Bible Study (Breakfast Included) [Family Life Classroom] 0900 PWOC Protestant Women of the Chapel [Chapel] 0900 Spanish PWOC “The Power of a Positive Spouse” [Chapel Activity RM] 1500 Middle School Bible Study [Family Life Classroom] 1900 Protestant Bible Study [Chapel]

Thursday 1130 Protestant Men of the Chapel (Free Lunch Provided) [Chapel] 1500 Middle School Club Beyond [JFK Gym] 1730 High School Club Beyond [JFK Gym] 1800 Protestant Men’s Bible Study [Chapel] 1900 Gospel Bible Study Friday (1830 Dinner) 1945 Christian Bible Study [Bamberg Hospitality House]

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4th quarter battalion newsletter


4th quarter battalion newsletter