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Top 6: the best Fashionable designers.

As being a good friend


Do you want to look good?

Top 6: the best fashionable designers In the course of the time, there has been several designers. In this top we will know more. The best designers are:

Coco Chanel: At 2O she opened her first shop in Paris. In 1920 launched Chanel No.5 the first perfume to feature a designer’s name. In 1925, she introduces the now legendary collarless suit jacket and fitted skirt.

Tom Ford: He is American designer graduated from Parasons the new School for designers. He has gone on to work for Perry Ellis, completely transform the Gucci brand, and become Creative Director for Yves Saint Laurent. In 2005 he announced the creation of the TOM FORD brand and its firs flagship store opened two years later on Madison Avenue in NYC.

Stella McCartney: Precise tailoring encompassed McCartney´s first runway collection and soon became her signature style. After producing only two collections, she was name is the Creation Director of Chloe in Paris. In 2001, she launched her own fashion house with the Gucci Group.

PHOEBE PHILO: She is born in Paris and educated in London, fashion designer Phoebe Philo has a been adding clean and chic silhouettes to the French luxury brand, Celine for years now. Creating her minimalist mark at the fashion house, Philo´s collection for Celine are modern, sophisticate, and most importantly wearable. Designing signature and instantly recognizable color blocked coats and bags have won Philo incredibly dedicated fan following.

Marc Jacobs : Marc Jacobs is influential is an understatement. He is a driving force whose designs set a distinct mood and define the top trends each season. Jacob, who spends much of his time in Paris, launched his signature collection in 1986 and his secondary line, Marc by Marc Jacobs, in 2001. He also serves as creative director of Louis Vuitton.

Rebecca Minkoff: In 2005, New York designer Rebecca introduced her first handbag. After four years spent designing covetable accessories in her trademark leathers, studs, and edgy hardware, Minkoff launched her first ready to wear collection in 2009, riffing off a “downtown romantic “theme. The brand, which has become a favorite of celebrities like Eva Mendes, Kristen Stewart, and Jessica Alba, now encompasses accessories, footwear, apparel, handbags, and jewelry.


By: Ana Cristina Cabrera Escobar

Do you want to look good? Do you want to be fashion? Do you know how to mix colors? Don´t worry because Maci is here. Maci is a company of the most famous designers. We will help you to look good. Maci new collections of clothes, in this collection they use mix colors very well. The name of this collection is Happy Works. They use very happy colors; yellow, blue, pink, purple and others. This collection is a base of the people don´t spends very much. This collection is comfortable and does not need many time, because is a creasy it not necessary that mix. These collections catch the idea of the very busy women’s because is elegant but coloring for her works.

This collection has other part for the girl´s are informal and the girl’s don´t works, but this collection is different than the other because these use more accessories .The name of this collection is forever young Girl. This collection is of the girls at the age of 14...21.Is inspired of the happy moments in the life. The clothes are simple but are creasy. It not necessaries look perfect because the imperfection is the key. Use that wants you like.

Never forgets the happy colors are

fashionable in this year. It is not important what you use, because you are special.

As being a good friend Do you think are a good friend? In this magazine we will show you all the tips in to be an incredible friend :         

Speak with them when they are sad. Tell them jokes. Speak to them about topics that they like. Help them in hers homework. Help them feel well. Give them advices. Give your opinion nicely. Ask him like feel. Help your friends when they to need you or when they have problems. These are the some examples of so many people that exist in all the word. Don’t worry if you don’t help them in these problems because they love you as you are. You can change your attitude. Only say to him all that you it wants and that you aren’t a good friend. You can use these advises to put them in practice. A lot of research has been done looking into the benefits of friendship, and the research has found what you might expect. It turns out that better quality relationships you have, the more likely you are to be happy. .

The friends are incurable, they help you, and they do pretty things for you. Remember they are your friends they love you though aren’t been a good friend. You can be a good friend.

Ana cabrera revista  
Ana cabrera revista  

maci is beautiful Do you want to look god? As being a good friend top 6 of fashonibles and more........