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Trilogy Trusts Identified to Source for Tough-to-Fill Roles THE CHALLENGE


Trilogy Health Services operates 75 senior-living campuses across the US. Their team of nine recruiters is tasked with hiring a myriad of toughto-fill roles ranging from registered nurses to medical administrators and business leaders across all locations. With such a heavy workload, Trilogy was looking for ways to improve their current recruiting practices and work more efficiently.

The first step for Trilogy to improve their hiring efficiency was to narrow their focus to the locations that were struggling the most. So they turned their attention to the poorest performing locations and enlisted Identified to help turn them around.

Due to the lack of qualified candidates for locations based in rural parts of the US and competitive pressures born from other healthcare organizations fishing from the same limited pool of talent. In an effort to stay competitive, Trilogy resorted to traditional recruiting practices such as posting ads on job boards, cold calling, campus hiring, and attending regional job fairs with mixed results. “In order to hit our fill rate goals and build a healthy pipeline of candidates, we needed a way to tap into a larger pool of candidates,” said Debbie Eberenz a lead recruiter at Trilogy Health Systems. “And we just didn’t have the means to do that with our current processes and limited bandwidth.”

Identified Recruit is a cloud-based recruiting tool designed to help recruiters quickly search, qualify and message quality candidates from across the social web. What got Debbie and team excited was the fact that Identified Recruit gives them access to over 1.3 billion candidates across the social web. The ability to source highly specialized candidates in tough-to-hire locations is what has really made the difference in turning around struggling facilities. They’ve used other tools, but have found that Identified Recruit works best. “LinkedIn is great, but it doesn’t help me find specialized roles in certain locations. That’s where Identified Recruit really stands out,” said Debbie.

“Identified Recruit has quickly become an indispensable tool for us and should be A PART OF EVERY RECRUITER’S ARSENAL.” — Deborah Eberenz, Recruiter, Trilogy Health Systems


THE RESULTS Identified Recruit is now an essential part of the Trilogy recruiting tool kit. In fact, within the first three months of using Identified Recruit, Trilogy has already seen results. “In 3 months, we have made 3 hires for hard-to-fill positions. Identified Recruit just works.”

As Trilogy continues to trust Identified Recruit to source and engage with quality candidates, they are confident that they will hit their goals of placing quality candidates across all of their facilities. “Identified Recruit has quickly become an indispensable tool for us and should be a part of every recruiter’s arsenal.”

These hires have been a key factor in helping improve the staffing health of some of their struggling campuses. “We constantly monitor high risk locations to figure out how to improve their hire and attrition rates. In three months, Identified Recruit has helped us pull over 35% of our poor performing facilities out of the red.”

“In 3 MONTHS, we have made 3 HIRES for hard-to-fill positions. Identified Recruit just works.”

Join some of the nation’s leading companies and staffing organizations using Identified Recruit to find new candidates. Get pricing and more details at Call us at 415-800-8721.

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