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22 May Check your local library for session details.

Flying gyroscope A piece of A4 paper

Lay paper on a flat surface. Make a fold ½ inch wide along the landscape side of the paper. Keep folding until you have the desired amount of unfolded paper. Make a cylinder. Slide the lip of one side into the slot of the other. The sides should stay in the ring shape and be sturdy. To throw – hold your ring heavy side to the front and spin it as you throw. Flying gyroscope A piece of A4 paper

Stained Glass Autumn Leaves. What you need: Contact Tissue paper Scissors

Cut a length of contact and peel back half the backing paper. Tear the tissue paper into small pieces. Stick the tissue paper to the contact. When covered, peel back the rest of the backing paper and carefully fold the contact over the tissue paper covered side and press to seal. Cut out a leaf shape.

Holiday Activities Holiday Activities Holiday Activities Holiday Activities

Can you find your way from the top to the bottom of these maze towers?




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