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Volume 2, Issue 3

Logic Puzzle - Rescue that cat! The charming cats, including Ratchett, of Kingfisher Avenue caused the local fire brigade to be called out five times one night last week. They had all become stuck up a tree. Which fireman rescued which cat from which tree? Trees: Ash, Beech, Elm, Oak, Willow 1.

Fluffy, the giant ginger tom, became stuck up the willow tree; his rescuer was not Ken.


Jock did not rescue a cat from the willow tree, did Boris?


Slater, the tortoiseshell moggy, was rescued by Dirk.


Rick rescued the cat from the ash tree, this was not the adorable black and white kitten called Percy.


Tiddles was not stuck in the ash tree.


Ken did not rescue a black and white cat, but he climbed a tree whose first letter was directly after the initial of the name of the fireman that climbed the beech tree to rescue one defenceless little kitty.

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