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HISTORY Arrian and Plutarch were literate men. Their education had footholds both in the Greek and the Roman world. They were not housebound thinkers. They were people with interests both practical and theoretical in both the Greek and the Roman world. Due to this, they contributed to the development of the Greek-Roman culture and they showed how the Greek culture could reconcile with the Roman. “The happiness of person consists in literacy and the education, and no the goods that gives and takes the chance.�(Plutarch)



Arrian also known as Flavius Arrianos was a historian, philosopher, geographer politician and a warier. He was born in Nicomedia in Asia Minor around 95 AD where he died around 180 AD. He was governor of Cappadocia for six years and ruler of Athens for two. However, his contemporaries regarded him basically as a philosopher. Arrian honored his teacher Epictetus, whose lectures he attended in Nicopolis in northwest Greece. All the information we have about the work of the philosopher is based on the notes Arrian kept and used as material for his early work "Dissertations of Epictetus". Hadrian, who met him in Athens, appreciated his virtues made him governor of Cappadocia, gave

Final study of CulMe-WeOnCT project  
Final study of CulMe-WeOnCT project