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mechanical device, as well as finds from Ampelokipi, several of which copy famous Classical works, such as the Discobolus of Myron. All the finds date to the Hellenistic and Roman periods. The is also a collection referring to the Egyptian and Near Eastern Antiquities. The collection contains a section for the Greco-Roman period This unit covers the Ptolemaine period and the Roman conquest of Egypt (fourth century BC-AD 395). The exhibits include sarcophagi, mummies, the statue of Isis from the temple at Marathon in Attica, and three remarkable Fayoum death-portraits. Most information of this text is gathered in the official site of the National Archaeological Museum, where the relative articles are written by Elisabeth Stasinopoulou, Eleni Kourinou, Roza Proskynitopoulou and Eleni Tourna , all being archaeologists Bibliography Kaltsas, N. The National Archaeological Museums, Latsis Foundation, 2007


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