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- Hellenistic sculpture (Rooms 29-30) The works of important workshops of the Hellenistic period from mainland Greece, the Aegean islands and Asia Minor, are presented here. The exhibits, which cover a time span of about three centuries, include statues and reliefs with a remarkable sense of realism and movement. Outstanding are the colossal statues from Lykosoura in Arkadia, the Poseidon of Melos and the picturesque group of Aphrodite, Pan and Eros from Delos. - Roman sculpture (Rooms 31-33) Statues, stelai, relief and sarcophagoi dating from the second century BC to the period of Theodosius the Great are exhibited here. Remarkable are the imposing portraits of Roman emperors and the finds from the Gymnasium of Diogenes in Athens. Perhaps the most important finding exhibited here is the Antikythera mechanism. 1st cent. B.C. According to the conclusions of the Antikythera Mechanism Research Project, the device faithfully reproduces the moon’s motion across the sky and its phases during a month, forecasts eclipses, counts time and operates as a multi-faceted calendar based on circular or spiral scales. It should have been a useful tool for astronomic observations and teaching. Furthermore, it should have eased mapping and navigation, since it counts latitude (and possibly longitude). There is also a private collection donated, the The Eleni and Antonios Stathatos Collection The collection contains , among others, the following findings, concerning the periods discussed here : Karpenisi Hoard This hoard from Karpenisi contains thirty-five masterpieces of Hellenistic jewelry. - Hellenistic period This unit includes beautiful jewelry, vessels and minor objects of the Hellenistic period. - Roman period This unit contains remarkable objects, especially precious jewelry, such as the gold rings and earrings, a gold and pearl necklace and a gold and emerald bracelet. Finds from Antikythera and Ampelokipi This unit comprises finds from the Antikythera shipwreck, such as figurines and the famous


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