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three-story building stage, orchestra paved with marble slabs and hollow that extends above the lanes, covered with a vaulted construction. During the 3rd century. AD the theater is transformed into an harena for games with beasts (venationes), by demolishing the scene and removing the first rows of the auditorium seats. Around the orchestra rises a wall 1.20 m high, to protect spectators from the beasts. In fact, for the easier transfer of the beasts in the arena, a large rectangular basement was created on the southern edge of the orchestra. Information taken Maria Nikolaidou-Patera, archaeologist Bibliography Collart P.,"Le theatre de Philippes",BCH 52(1928),P. 74-124


SAMOTHRACE ISLAND Site: Samothrace Island Sub Site: Sanctuary Of Great Gods (KAVEIROI) Location: NE Aegean (Greece) Period: Hellenistic - Roman

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