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Description Maroneia is located in the area of Ismaros in Southern Thrace, at the shores of the NE Aegean. As founder hero of the town was considered to be Maron, the priest of Apollo at Ismaros. According to Homer, the region was famous for its wine, a gift that Maron presented to Odysseus; he made a stop at Maroneia upon his return to Ithaka. Throughout the Greek and Roman antiquity, the ‘Ismarikos Oinos’ was well known and distributed in various places. The ancient Maroneia was founded by Chian colonists on the SW slopes of Ismaros, in the mid-7th century B.C. and soon it was developed into a prosperous and densely inhabited city-state. The archaeological excavations of the site started in the late 1960's and among others, they have brought to light: The theatre of the city, in which two architectural phases are distinguished. It was constructed during the Hellenistic period and it was remodeled in Roman times. It has been under a restoration and conservation. They are preserved three rows of stone seats of the cavea, the central and the horseshoe-shaped conduit of the orchestra, and the building of the Roman stage (skene). A sanctuary, probably of Dionysos, that dates to the 4th century B.C. It is built on a terrace supported by a retaining wall. Parts of two more buildings have been revealed to the north and south of the sanctuary, also dated to the 4th century B.C.


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