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Sub Sites: Acropolis South slope, Olympeion, Gate of Hadrian, Roman Baths, Tower of the Winds, Roman Forum, Library of Hadrian Location: Central Greece Period: Roman


Description In 88 - 85 BC, most Athenian buildings, both houses and fortifications, were leveled by the Roman general Sulla, although many civic buildings and monuments were left intact. After its destruction, Athens finally came fully in the hands of Romans. Α period of reconstruction immediately began. Many Roman generals, emperors and poets visited or studied in Athens (Julius Caesar, Pompeius, Brutus and Cassius, Marcus Antonius, Augustus, Horatius, Ovidius, Cicero...) and benefited the city. Thanks to these benefactions, Athens recovered her old glory and became an important philosophical and cultural centre in Eastern Mediterranean, because of its widely admired schools. The Roman emperor Hadrian, in the 2nd century AD, constructed a library, a gymnasium, an aqueduct which is still in use, several temples and sanctuaries, a bridge and financed the

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