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ATHENS Site: Athens Sub Sites: Acropolis South slope, Olympeion, Gate of Hadrian, Roman Baths, Tower of the Winds, Roman Forum, Library of Hadrian Location: Central Greece Period: Hellenistic, Roman

44 Description THE CITY During the hellenistic period Athens is governed by Kassandros, who had earlier occupied Aegina and Salamina. The Athenians sent the philosopher Demetrius Phalereus to negotiate with Kassandros, who named him governor of Athens in 317 B.C.E. Demetrius realized a lot of important work for his city. Athens changed many governors and finally, from the beginning of the 2nd century B.C.E acquired some freedom. The city maintained her fame and her philosophical schools and became the artistic and philosophical centre of continental Greece. Many hellenistic sovereigns studied there and when they rised in power they gave to the city lots of buildings and excellent species of fine arts. The most known personalities are Attalos II (159-138) and Eumenes II of Pergamon (197-159) that built the homonymous stoas and Ariarathis V (162-130) who built the Middle Stoa in the Agora. Also the king of Cappadocia Antiochus IV who ordered the construction of the temple of Zeus Olympios

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