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and the goods 3.

The Aqueducts. As said, the transportation of the water and the irrigation of the arid places

was a major question for the time. 4.

The lighthouse of Alexandreia, consedered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world ,

constructed on the island of Pharos, in front of the port of Alexandria, All these inventions are still practiced.

Items of current use that originate from that time are the roman concrete the dewatering machine the watermill and a type of cattle mill the glass blowing mettalurgy pottery candle making calendar water clock and many others, that is quite difficult to locate and recognize. In addition to the above, there were inventions in Mathematics, Medicine, Astronomy, Geography and Physics. The main terms still use the greek or latin origin. The Philosophical Schools of Athens, share with the whole known world the ideas of life and death, about the divinity and its nature, about the happiness and eudaimonia, the greek word of well being. There is the birth of the literary man, who had intellectual interests, and who composed his own work writing and addressed it to a large public. The progressive affirmation of the book had been possible thanks to this transition; There are also influences in the Law system, especially in the modern Greek law. The Private, Customary and Family Law are directly originated from the latin one.


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