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VILLA IN THE DISTRICT 'PALACES OF CASIGNANA' The Roman villa in the district Palaces of Casignana,situated between Bovalino and Bianco,along the Coast of Jasmines is one of the most important complex of the imperial era of southern Italy.The building was 'discovered' almost casually in 1963, during the construction of an aqueduct. The excavations, after some interventions limited at the beginning of the eighties, started again in 1999 and are still ongoing.The villa, in use between the I and the IV century A.D. , probably belonged to a Roman senator or a wealthy landowner. Following the fall of the roman empire of the west and the successive barbarian invasions, the villa was progressively abandoned; but there were found traces of use until the VII century A.D. ,The structure has, in addition to a residential area, large thermal environments, lined with mosaics, which constitute the special features, emphasising the importance and the artistic value. One of the most representative is the socalled”The room of the Nereids” where there is a large mosaic, with large green and white tiles, depicting a 'sea thiasos' marino with four nereids sitting on the back of as many animals: a lion, a bull, a horse, a tiger. And then there is the 'Bacchus Room' paved with a mosaic depicting the drunken god , propped up by a satyr.The side facing the sea consists of a residential complex with some mosaic rooms of outstanding value as the 'The room of the four seasons' and 'The apsed hall', the largest environment so far brought to light.


HIPPODAMUS The term Hippodamian is related to the notorious architect Hippodamus of Miletus. His urban planning scheme is an original way of conceiving the urbanism become so canonical to be used outside of its historical limits and geographical areas, with great ingeniousness. Much of what we know today about the Greek urban planner is due to a famous passage from Aristotle’s Politics (1267 b, 22). According to Aristotle’s description, Hippodamus was the first philosopher not engaged in politics who has dealt with politics (while not in any public office). He also invented the division of cities and planned Piraeus. Hippodamus proposed:


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