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Democedes. Alcmaeon and Democedes were the first scientists-physicians who preached the absolute dependence of the disease by purely natural and chemical processes.They practiced the dissection of human bodies and animals to discover the causes of diseases and the relationships between them and the outside world.He discovered the nerves and the elementary functioning that these could have, he realized that the brain was the engine of human activities, and that health is preserved in the balance of opposing forces, as hot and humid. The dominance of one of the opposing forces over the other, causes the disease, which is treated as a result of natural processes. The Croton's medical school was the first to preach new scientific theories based on observation and experimentation in the field. From this anatomy and physiology arose later, and above all, originated an innovative medical school that counted Philolaus among the great doctors, and Eurifone Europhile who in turn founded the famous medical school of Knidos. The revolutionary influence of this school implied a process of development of scientific medical speculation all over the greek world that was transferred to future generations by Hippocrates to Eleatic school.

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Thanks to the development of Christianity, a cult linked to the Virgin Mary began on the place dedicated to the worship of Hera Lacinia, worshipped as goddess of fertility and life. The small church which stands on the headland, cyclically hosts the sacred image of the Virgin. The SyrianByzantine style icon is still revered and dates back to the 10th-11th century AD. According to an ancient tradition, the sacred image was brought to Crotone by St. Dionysius, converted by Saint Paul and first bishop of Crotone. Replacing the pagan cult of female deities with the Marian one occurs frequently, but the few changes due to the replacement does not cancel rituals handed down from the classical Greek tradition. The link of the pagan goddess with the feminine element present in the main stages of the woman’s life is transmitted unaltered to the cultural function of the Virgin Mary. The role of liberating goddess and warrior attributed to Hera Lacinia, perpetuates itself in the historical traditions of myths relating to the protective function of Christian icon. According to legend the icon was stolen by the

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Final study of CulMe-WeOnCT project