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group of Croton fled to Thebes, that had become in the first half of the fifth century BC the main collection center for political refugees from Magna Graecia. Thebes offered to Philolaus and fellows class solidarity and a cultural environment

that was supportive to the opening of a school of

philosophy. Soon his school became popular, so that Philolaus was able to profess his philosophical principles. Philolaus organized in a systematic way Pythagoras' philosophical and scientific doctrines and divulged them, by setting them free from the sectarian character that had been adopted before. He, venturing upon the relationship between the interminable and terminable in the structure of the cosmos, asserted that the terminable is not outside the universe, separated from it with clear boundaries, but inside it, penetrates and interacts with it in a relation

that can be

represented by numbers, which are rational and irrational. Philolaus is also remembered in the history of scientific thought to have submitted to close examination the Pythagorean cosmological conception, based on the sphericity of the earth and geocentrism. He argued that there is a fire at the centre of universe, motive power, and that all elements of universe revolve around it,fixed stars included. The philosophical doctrine of Philolaus soon engaged in with the ancient medicine, especially with the medical school of Croton, and Alcmaeon and Democedes ,top exponents.

Bibliography: Arpàd Szabò, “Le scienze in magna Grecia”, in Megale Hellas. Storia e Civiltà della Magna Grecia, Milano 1986, 557- 584.

The Croton's medical school Originally it was commonly believed that the diseases were due to the influence of malignant and obscure divinities and their recovery was assigned to magical rites executed by magicians and priests. It was in ancient Greece of Asia that in archaic age medicine acquired the title of a science based on degenerative phenomena and related interventions for healing purposes. In ancient times one of the most renowned and famous medical school took place in Croton, and its origin seems to have been before to Pythagoras of Samos arrival, founder of the most important philosophical and scientifical experience of the achaean city and entire Greek West. Herodotus used to describe it this way:”doctors of Croton are the first in the world, the seconds are the ones from Cirene”(Storie,III,125 ss) talking about the one which was certainly the best medical school in the entire ancient West during the V e VI century B.C. from which originated medicine as active science and scientifical research and that included big shots of medicine such as Calliphon, Alcmaeon and


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