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PERSONNALITIES Philolaus Since the fifth century BC and until the Roman conquest the Magna Greece has remained an important center of scientific development, along with centers such as Athens, Alexandria and Pergamon. The development of ancient science is tied

in an

essential way to progress in

philosophical speculation. In Ancient Greece the philosophical development after the mid-sixth century. B.C. is due to the figure of Pythagoras who moved from Samos in that period, in order to flee from Polycrates' tirannic persecutions. He moved to Croton, where he founded a school of thought, which was also a political association, composed of men and women, famous for its culture and athletic ability of its members, exercising a great influence in the political life of the city. We owe to him and to his school the great impulse to mathematical studies, which culminated in the formulation of the theorem that bears his name, the Pythagorean theorem. Among the followers of the philosopher, the so-called Pythagorean, Philolaus a medical philosopher and astronomer of the fifth century BC,

who had the great merit of having spread the philosophical concepts of the

Pythagorean doctrine over the West, stood out. To escape the bloody repression, the Pythagorean

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