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CROTON Heraion of Capo Colonna/ Capo Lacinio Hellenistic and Roman

The ionian coast of Calabria,from Punta Stilo as far as to Taranto,in Puglia,looks very regular with rare landing or semaphoric points for navigation.The promontory of Capo Colonna,due to its prominent position,towers above these ones.The sickle-shaped of the headland that plunges into the sea with a gentle slope creates a small bay that was used since antiquity as a safe and protected haven against the billows. The mythical story of the origins of the city of Croton, located 12 km to the north, informs about the oracle consulted by the oecist Miskellos Ripe who received the geographical limits of the new colony, located between the sacred Krimis north and Lacinio south.From the seventh century BC, on the promontory is implanted a cult dedicated to Hera. The ancient name of the cape, therefore the epiclesis of divinity, is due, according to the mythical narrative of origins, to a character named Lacinio who tried to steal the cows that Erakles had abstracted to the giant Geryon in order to take them to graze

on the land of the cape . Erakles offended by this gesture, will kill Lacinio

and by mistake even his guest Crotone.To remedy this,Erakles will dedicate,on the promontory,a shrine to the mother of all gods and will predict the establishment of a polis whose name will be the one of the guest unfairly murdered (Diod., IV, 24,7; Ovid., Met.XV, 12 ss.). Alongside this tradition, which is the main, we find another (Lycophron, Alex., 856-865) that assigns ownership of the promontory to Thetis, mother of the hero Achilles, who fell in the Trojan War. Thetis, in memory of


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Final study of CulMe-WeOnCT project