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Description The Praetorium is the largest building of ancient Gortys and founded the first century. BC It is the residence of the Roman civil governor of the province of Crete. The complex consists of three domains. In the west lies the royal hall, in the main baths (baths) and the eastern temple is dedicated to the deified Augustus. The Vouleuterion of Gortys was converted into an Odeon in the 1st century AD. It is located on the northern edge of the ancient forum of Gortys, by the riverside of Litheos. The Odeon was used for musical events, plays and recitals. This is the most important ancient Odeon in Crete and one of the best of its type. It consists of three parts like the theatre, but it had a roof. the koilon (auditorium) (1), where the audience sat. The carved stone stepped seats of Gortys are still preserved, evidence of the city's economic and cultural prosperity. the orchestra (2), a semicircular area paved with white and blue marble.

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