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Science : • Mathematics and Mechanics; • Geography; • Astronomy; • Medicine; Technology and Production

Science The city of Alexandria with its Bibliotheque and Museum, became the greatest cultural pole. Important were the scientific method which had a technological level equal to that existing in Europe during the XVII century, and the finding of the Antikythera machine.

Mathematics and Mechanics Euclid (Gela; 323 B.C. – 285 B.C): it is well known for his work of geometry , the Elements, thanks to which he rigorously influenced the greek mathematical thought.

Apolonnius of Perga(Perga, 262 B.C. – Murtina, 190 B.C.) he was an ancient Greek mathematician and astronomer, he is famous for his works in which he studied the conic sections and, in astronomy, he introduced the epicycles and the deferentials.

Mathematics and Mechanics Archimedes of Siracusa (Siracusa, about 287 B.C. – Siracusa, 212 B.C.): he was an ancient Greek mathematician, an engineer, a physician and an inventor (Siceliot). He was one of the greatest scientists of the history.

Hero of Alexandria (also called Hero the Old): he was an ancient Greek mathematician, engineer


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