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This ancient Roman road is one of the most historic and scenic roads in the world; it starts in Jerash, goes via Amman and twists and winds its way south through the heart of Jordan, connecting the historic centres of Madaba, Kerak, Tafila, Shobak and Petra, and runs all the way down to Aqaba. As early as 1,200 BC Moses addressed the Adomites saying, “Let us pass…we will go by the King’s Highway” Two highways run north-south through southern Transjordan. The King’s Highway runs through the important cities of Heshbon, Medeba, Dibon, Kerak, Bozrah and Petra. The Way of the Wilderness (of Moab and Edom) runs parallel to the King’s Highway but to the east, on the seam between the Arabian desert and the arable Transjordan Plateau.

Site: Petra-Jordan Sub Site: Location: Petra Period: 1st century CE.

Description: Petra Road was the main road of the ancient city of Petra in Jordan built by the Romans in the 1st century CE. The road is characterized by the great gates that served as the entrance to the ancient city.


Final study of CulMe-WeOnCT project  
Final study of CulMe-WeOnCT project