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Equipped with benches and enjoying the heated atmosphere of the space B 36, Room B 40, for his place in the circuit seems to have been bathing room used as an intermediary between the cold sector ("Atrium") and hot ( Rooms B 36 and 41) baths. The floor of Room B 40 and the space B 36 of the hypocaust of this space was composed of "brick tiles" and the presence of two superimposed levels of terracotta elements. The lower level consists of reclaimed tiles ( tegulae ), some still have graphiti more or less understandable. Placed on a mortar bed installed directly above the lower level, a second development of clay forms the basis of the hypocaust. South, opening piercing the wall full thickness corresponds to the mouth of a home, the only vestige of a praefurnium used in the primitive state destroyed during the construction of the Saint Theodore in 495 AD . Receiving indirectly AD hot air produced by the praefurnium B 42, this room can be considered as a tepidarium . However, it is likely that this space has also acted as destrictarium in which activities took place cleaning body essential in the practice of the bath.

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Final study of CulMe-WeOnCT project  
Final study of CulMe-WeOnCT project