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Description: In the two looted rooms of the bathhouse, the interior faces of several walls were visible. This includes some portion of the N, S, E, and W walls from the Northern Room and the N and W walls of the Southern Room. Several of the walls still exhibited remains of concrete for the vaulting of the structure. Although much of the structure remains buried in the surrounding dunes, it was possible to discern a plan of the two exposed rooms. The Southern Room of the structure was badly disturbed, but the internal face of its northern wall was still covered in thick plaster extending over three courses of roughly cut stones. The Southern Room’s western wall also maintains its plaster veneer, but it is poorly preserved and still largely buried. There are at least one voussoir in this wall, the Southern Room was barrel vaulted. In the Northern Room, the walls were considerably better preserved. The northern and southern walls of the room are constructed of undressed stones and chinkstones. The southern wall, the central cross-wall between the Northern Room and Southern Room, contains a doorway leading to the Southern room. The western wall contained a row of springers, proving that the barrel vault covered both the Northern and Southern Rooms. Finally, the eastern wall was the best preserved, with at least two visible courses of well-cut stones. Its plaster is in fine condition with many layers, including a finished outer veneer. Two voussoirs (on the south end of the wall) exhibit diagonal


Final study of CulMe-WeOnCT project