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343 CANDLES The Romans invented the first modern candles. Their candles were sticks with a wick in the center, rather than a wick placed in a container. They made their candles by dipping a wick in liquid tallow, a type of animal fat, repeatedly until enough fat has hardened around the outside. This candle could then be placed in a holder and lit.

THE JULIAN CALENDAR Julius Caesar had the Julian Calendar invented to streamline government and understanding. The calendar implemented advances that are still in place today, such as the 365-day year, leap year, and the number of days we currently use in months. The names of our months are also derived from Roman mythology. This calendar is the main calendar used in Jordan. INDOOR PLUMBING The aqueducts carried water to maintain indoor plumbing similar to modern standards. Homes of the nobility had running water, toilets, and even showers. Apartment blocks, commoner housing, had communal baths and fountains. Much of the Roman Empire had underground sewers for drainage

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