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term Zakat in Arabic refers to one of the pillars of Islam. This term refers to the obligation for every rich Muslim to pay a fixed percentage of his fortune for the poor Muslims. 9- Justice


The term Qistat

in Arabic which is referring to the notion of justice and equity was borrowed

from Roman and then phonetically arabized 10- Hergs : Many terms relating to the idea of inheriting and heritage have been derived in Arabic from this greco-Roman term. 11- Balate It is used in Arabic to refer to the floor of the house. 12- Bourg : It means in Arabic the tower. 13- Gelid


It means in Arabic the ice. 14- Calamus


It means the word pen in Arabic. 16- Zoograph In Arabic this word refers to all animal drawings on the walls. 17- Logos :


In Arabic the term

Lugga means language.

18- Cur : The term 19- Arch

karya is designated to refer to the term village. -

In Arabic the verb Arracha means putting a date. This term was borrowed from the Greek language to refer to history and to the work of the historians. 20-

= strada , street

The term Sirat in Arabic means a street. It is obvious that the term has been borrowed from the Greco-Roman languages. 21- carta , card The term Qirtas is mentioned in the Koran which is the holy book for the Muslims. This term is referring to many objects relating to writing and the tools used in writing like papers, pencils etc. 22- calamos It means in Arabic a pen. 23- astrolabios


Final study of CulMe-WeOnCT project  
Final study of CulMe-WeOnCT project