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1- Linguistic survivals The number of words used in Arabic that have a Greco-Roman origin need a very long and detailed research as the number of these words seem to be enormous. The influence of the Greco-Roman languages on Arabic can be easily observed in many fields such as medicine, pharmacology, law, architecture and mathematics. In addition to these scientific, technical and specialized fields, the daily life language is characterized by the use of so many words that can be reduced the GrecoRoman languages.

1-Ultima Sidera This words means in Arabic the last star and was used in the holy book for Muslims Koran and the sayings of Prophet Mohammad. 2- Canis This word in Arabic refers to the act of hunting animals. It also refers to the dogs race used in hunting. 3- Sif This word in Arabic means 'sword'. 4- Orcherstre Two words have been derived from the term orcherstre. The term orchestra refers to the group of musicians while the term rakasa literally dance in Arabic was derived from this term. 5- Agappo This term means love in Arabic. 6- Feudum This word is used to refer to the animal used to plough the land and later on the Faddan in Arabic is a unit of measurement of land. 7- Acre :


This word is the etymology of the word

Akar in Arabic which refers to the land, a house or a

building. 8- Decat This Roman term 'Decat' used to refer to the taxes imposed on the products and commodities. The


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