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Archaeological Sites: Kom el Dikka. Roman period. City Center Sarapeion (Pompey’s Pillar). The Acropolis of Greco-Roman Alexandria Mustapha Kamel Necropolis: Hellenistic Period Kom el Shoqafa Necropolis: Roman Period Fort of Qait Bey (the site of the ancient Pharos) The Nelson Island: the earliest Hellenistic settlement in Egypt, situated next to Alexandria Other Media Negative Glasses Archive of the Graeco-Roman Museum of Alexandria, including Artefacts, Sites, Excavations (AlexMed) Reconstructions (models) of major Alexandrian monuments and sites (AlexMed) Video Material from the archaeological missions and discoveries in Alexandria Drawings, impressions related to the sites, historical events and figures Historical Sources Diοdorus of Sicily, Strabo, Arian Plutarch, Dio Casius etc 314

Final study of CulMe-WeOnCT project