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APPENDICES I. List of Illustrations Fig. 1. Alexandria from Satelite (Google Earth) Fig. 2. Alexander the Great as Builder (British Museum) Fig. 3. Alexander laying out the city of Alexandria by Andre Castaigne (1898-1899) Fig. 4. Map of Graeco-Roman Alexandria (Falaky 1865) on the present day city’s plan (AlexMed) Fig. 5. Map of Greco-Roman Alexandria (AlexMed) Fig. 6. Reconstruction of the Lighthouse (Hellenistic to Ottoman periods). AlexMed Fig. 7. Statue of Ptolemy Soter (Louvre) Fig. 8. Statue of a Ptolemy found in Pharos water area. Bibliotheca Alexandrina Fig. 9. Pharaonic Antiquities found in Pharos water area (Kom el Dikka Open Air Museum) Fig. 10. Finds from the water are of the Royal Quarters (Sunken Egypt Exhibition) Fig. 11. Mosaic with Hunting scene from an ellite Hellenistic House Fig. 12. The Dog Mosaic discovered during the construction of Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Fig. 13. The wrestling scene mosaic discovered during the construction of Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Fig. 14-15. The so-called Cleopatra Needles. AlexMed Fig. 16. Kom el Dikka genral view (AlexMed) Fig. 17. Plan of Kom el Dikka (Majcherek 2009) Fig. 17b. Reconstruction of Kom el Dikka site Fig. 18. The Odeon (Roman theatre) Fig. 19-20. The Lecture Halls Figs. 21. Villa of the Birds Fig. 22. General view of the bath complex Fig. 23-24. Mosaics from elite Roman houses under the Roman Odeon portico


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