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"Macedonian" tomb III: The doorway to this single-chamber funerary monument, discovered in 1955 not far from "Macedonian" tomb I, had an enormous lintel and was sealed by three stone blocks placed one above the other. "Macedonian" tomb IV: the single-chamber tomb excavated in 1980 to the west of Karitsa, below an artificial earth tumulus, had a distinctive feature found mainly in similar monuments in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace: a built dromos.The monument was probably constructed about 200 B.C.. Bibliography (last visit June 2012) Παντερμαλής Δ., "Δίον", Αρχαιολογία 33 (1989), 6-48 Παντερμαλής Δ., Δίον: η ιερή πόλη των Μακεδόνων στους πρόποδες του Ολύμπου, Αθήνα 1987 Παντερμαλής Δ., Δίον: αρχαιολογικός χώρος και μουσείο, Αθήνα 1997 Παντερμαλής Δ., Δίον: η ανακάλυψη, Αθήνα 1999 (last visit June 2012) (last visit June 2012) (last visit June 2012) (last visit June 2012)

DELOS ISLAND Site: Delos Island Location: Cyclades Aegean (Greece) Period: Hellenistic


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