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Fig. 153. Averofeio Parthenagogeio

Indeed, Greek Alexandrians seems to feel more than other Alexandrians the connection with the Graeco-Roman past, incarnated by key figures, such as Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, Ptolemies and others. C. P. Cavafy (Fig. 154-155), the great modern Greek poet, who essentially inspired by the Graeco-Roman past, dedicating a whole series to heroes mentioned above, reflecting at the same time a deep knowledge of its subject. Moreover, the Greek community of Scientists, founded in 1890s, named after the founder of the Hellenistic Mouseion and the library, Ptolemy I, whose image became its emblem (Fig. 156). Finally, the collection of antiquities was another popular hobby of the cosmopolitan notables of Alexandria, including Zizinia, Omar Toussoun, Benakis, Antoniadis, Neroutsos, Demetriou and Pugioli, whose interest was more than a rich and famous habit.

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