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DION Site: Dion Subsite: The city, Hellenistic Theater, Great Thermae, Necropolis, Macedonian Tombs Location: Macedonia Period: Hellenistic, Roman


Description THE CITY The majority of the finds yielded by excavations to date naturally belong to the Roman and the later Byzantine periods: the small depth of earth deposit and the continuous occupation of the site have, with very few exceptions, obliterated the remains of earlier periods. The main stret, about 670 m. long, that traversed the city from north to south, was paved with large slabs of conglomerate in the imperial period, and was undoubtedly designed apart of the Classical-Hellenistic urban tissue. The secondary streets at right angles and parallel to this main artery belonged to this same, possibly original grid, and were laid out on the "Hippodameian" townplanning system. Shops, luxury residences, public thermae (baths), workshops and vespasianae (public toilets) have been uncovered in the building blocks (insulae) formed by these streets. These are stuctures of the 2nd and 3th centuries A.D., attesting to the wealth and prosperity of the inhabitants of the city, one of the earliest Roman colonies in Macedonia.

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